“Rodrigo is on the table”

first_imgRodrigo does not have the profile of Suarez by far, but it may be the only viable option to reinforce the lead with a real player. The Lautaro option is complicated and there is silence regarding other names such as Aubameyang or Giroud. Bartomeu’s words confirm that Barça and Valencia speak for the striker, although the agreement will not be easy. Barça would like the transfer not to include a mandatory purchase option while Valencia wants 60 million for the international striker now or in June. Josep Maria Bartomeu, president of Barça, admitted Monday at the World Sports Gala that the Barça club considers the signing of Rodrigo: “It is on the table of the technicians to replace Suárez”.last_img

Tuchel, on Neymar’s birthday: “It’s not the best way to prepare a match”

first_imgThe Borussia Dortmund’s technician, who has plenty of support among the Paris fans, also tried to subtract iron from the matter, aware of the atmosphere surrounding the club: “Is it the worst thing that could happen to us? Nor is that. It’s a shame because we give opportunities to talk badly about us.”. “We are a mentally strong team,” added the German, “We have to get used to this situation, but not leaving players on the bench or at home because they were partying”. Related to the latter, Tuchel He dropped that both Neymar and Mbappé could be from the game against Nantes: “If they are in good shape, if they train well, we will do that.” The German tried to close the matter by explaining that the situation “is not black or white”: “The context is bigger. Everyone should train seriously and show tomorrow that they are able to play as they know.” We will have to follow closely the development of events in the French capital. It seems impossible to spend a quiet quarter at Paris Saint-Germain. To the last row starring Thomas Tuchel and Kylian Mbappé, which sounds again loudly to arrive at the Santiago Bernabéu, we must add the comments of the German coach about Neymar’s birthday party, which the Teuton technician did not like precisely. In the previous game that will measure the capital against Nantes, Tuchel was not too happy that the celebration of the twenty-eighth anniversary of the Brazilian was two days after the clash against the Bretons: “Is this the best way to prepare for a match? Clearly not.”.last_img read more

Bale follows his air

first_imgZidane replaced Bale in Pamplona in the 71st minute.JESUS ​​ALVAREZ ORIHUELA Maybe it was just that, seeing himself in a fast and hard-legged encounter, which caused him to withdraw thinking that in two weeks the Manchester City in the Champions catwalk. “Bale is afraid of getting injured again”, commented Dani Garrido in Sports Carousel. The Welshman was cheating on the sprints, leaded under the socks. Only two shots (none at Herrera’s arch), the least you have a good time (twenty-one), not a dribble and many, many losses (14, more than Isco and Benzema) … Zidane’s defense That is why or because they had agreed, Zidane replaced him in the 71st minute. “He is an important player, he has shown, he has made very good minutes defensively and offensively, “was the response of the Marseillaise when asked about Bale in the flash interview. “I do not agree with Zizou, I thought it was another Bale match … “Jorge Valdano added immediately in Movistar + LaLiga. The week of Bale did not end in full reintegration. Your agent (Jonathan Barnett) tried to reconcile Welsh with Real Madrid through this newspaper in pursuit of the four months he has left in the club (“Gareth loves Real Madrid, the city and his life there”) and Zidane gave him a complex match in Pamplona that was more a challenge than a real pardon. Well, Bale left The Sadar without winning any of those two particular matches. He was seen cold and not very participatory, that is, a standard match under the parameters of Welsh, unalterable even in a game as revolutionized as yesterday. Since Madrid returned from the Saudi Super Cup, Bale had only been taken out of the dungeon before Unionistas in Copa, party that also did not complete, but Zidane goes to the old resource of the external threat to corner the debate. “They want us to have a problem with Gareth, but there isn’t one.”he insisted. The highest paid player of the team stayed in July when he had the suitcase made, he has only completed five games throughout the season and his production is limited to three goals. Not to be a problem, Bale seems.last_img read more

Diego Martínez: “In the second part we deserved to pass”

first_imgWhat taste in the mouth leaves the elimination ?: “We have had a very high level of play. I can only thank and congratulate the players. Honestly, I don’t change to the final in another way and with other players. Thanks to the team and the fans for what they have made us live. It has been unforgettable. This hobby has brought us on volandas. We have made a second part where we deserved the pass to the final. That goal in 81 ’slows the reaction. It was the only mistake we made. ”Can you take a toll on wear and tear before Levante ?: “Today is not a day to talk about Levante, but to enjoy. That ball that we get from under the goal in the first half would have changed everything. But this is football. It is time to get positive things from this year and a half that we have. Today is a day to be very proud and happy to have lived all this, even if we are screwed. ”Can you fall asleep tonight ?: “What I do know is that nobody is going to take it away tonight. That is worth more than a sporting result. Granada has been an example of how to compete, with respect, honesty and honesty. We have faced an opponent with whom by trajectory and budget we have nothing to do. But in the green, Granada has been better today. ”They have been less than 15 minutes from playing a final: “The result contaminates everything. We had the game very well controlled. We would have liked to do the third. The details are made by the great players, that is why Yuri has played at Paris Saint Germain. But you have to accept it. The level of play has been very high. In the second part, honestly, I think we were better. But this is football. They seized their opportunity, a mistake. That is why it is so difficult to reach a final. ”Do you consider the elimination unfair ?: “In the first game they can say they were better. Today Granada has been better. I am proud of my team. We leave, after winning, by this double goal rule. I go with my head up, let’s not forget where we come from, who we are and the example we have given of emotion, of Granadaism and of how a party is lived from competitiveness and respect ”. How did you find the locker room ?: “It’s a hard and sad moment. They are annoyed, but this is going to make us much better. Just as it has made us better each and every one of the experiences that we have had to live in this year and a half. I don’t change one. The dream and the illusion that this team has infected us … This is a game, a sport, and if we have to not be in a final, let it be this way. The team match has been very good. ”Do you think the change of format of the competition has been a triumph ?: “I totally agree. In the Premier the unique match is something habitual. And in football in 90 minutes more discount everything can happen. This format is much more attractive and makes it more interesting. Everything can happen. I see it a success. You have to adjust things, but this format is a total success. ”Of all that you have lived in these last days, what time do you stay ?: “It’s a bad time to choose a good time. See a city delivered to your team, see those buses, see the club employees dump for adding to the team, thanking everyone … We would have loved it and we fought to the fullest to be in the final. Words come to mind that my grandmother said to me today: ‘we will win’. And he said “Grandma, ask us to pass, not to win.” In the end we won, but we didn’t pass. You leave with your head very high, with your boots on and with the feeling of having deserved more. ”Very recently there were barely 4,000 members and today there were almost 21,000 people in the stands: “Seeing the stadium like this is our progress, our growth. That is the best image. The Granada-born heart has been beating stronger than ever and we hope this is a seed and a germ for children. They can say they have lived it. ”How has the team lived the reception upon arrival at the stadium ?: “The reception has been impressive. Extraordinary. Fascinating. Exciting There are no words. I cannot describe with words the emotions that have made us live today. When we turned the bus to enter the stadium, there were no more people. We thank you. Yes, I go with the thorn not having corresponded with the final. It could not be, I’m sorry, but we have given everything. We can’t ask the team for anything else. ”last_img read more

The cracks that Lorenzo Sanz signed

first_imgThe first summer, 1996 when the Gallaghers were still together and Wonderwall was one of the themes of the year, He was the first to design the squad and undertook signings to revolutionize the team for an equivalent price that exceeded 50 million euros., a real fortune at the time.As for transfers, the best known of his career, that of Pedja Mijatovic, closed. The Titograd forward, current Podgorica, signed on July 1 after Real Madrid deposited with the LFP the termination clause that tied him to Valencia: 1,489 million pesetas. Sanz negotiated with Pedja during the entire previous campaign when he was in Mestalla without Francisco Roig, president of Ché, knowing about it, which sparked a crossing of statements in the media and strained the rivalry between the two clubs when he left.The move would go well for Lorenzo Sanz as a Montenegrin goal would end a 32-year drought without winning the European Cup only one season after arrival.That same summer he brought in another club legend, Roberto Carlos, who would remain on the team until 2007 without anyone moving him from the Bernabéu’s left wing. Inter released him in exchange for six million euros. Lorenzo Sanz passed away this Saturday in Madrid at the age of 76. The businessman had different businesses throughout his life but became famous when he occupied the main seat of the Santiago Bernabéu’s presidential box since Ramón Mendoza’s resignation on November 26, 1995. His legacy is history. He returned the European Cup to the club 32 years later with the Seventh (1998), added the Eighth (2000), also won a League, an Intercontinental and a Spanish Super Cup and signed players who marked an era in the white club. In addition, he also dressed Suker, Seedorf, Illgner, Panucci and Zé Roberto in white. The Croatian and the German triumphed at Real Madrid while the 10, the Italian and the Brazilian demonstrated their best level further from the Bernabéu. Seedorf shone for a decade at Milan, Zé Roberto did so at Bayer Leverkusen and at Bayern and Panucci in Rome.There was no other summer like itLorenzo Sanz kept looking for stars to reinforce the team but there was no other summer like the one in 1996. In the winter of ’98, they finally managed to bring to Karembeu, after a tug-of-war of months with Sampdoria. The New Caledonian left two marks for white history in the achievement of the Seventh against Leverkusen and against Borussia Dortmund. That same year Savio came from Flamengo, and two Spaniards who would spend some years in the white discipline leaving a good memory: Fernando Morientes and Aitor Karanka.The third season was more dedicated to sales, with the departures of Zé Roberto, Dani García, Amavisca or Santi Cañizares to add touches to the European champion squad with less-than-blinding signings.In the last of Sanz, the 99/00, spending soared with a very powerful investment (more than 30 million) in Nicolas Anelka, at that time, promising French striker for Arsenal. Another 21 were spent at Elvir Baljic and up to 8 at Ognjenovic. In the end, the ones that came out the best were the cheapest: Michel Salgado, for which 6 million were paid to Celta, Iván Helguera, which cost 2.5 million and Steve McManaman, who came free from Liverpool.That was a year of staff reform in which they came out Seedorf (€ 24m to Inter), Mijatovic (€ 12m to Fiorentina), Panucci (€ 9.3m to Inter), Davor Suker (€ 5m to Arsenal) and Samuel Eto’o, which did not materialize in Madrid and was sold for € 4.5 million to Mallorca at just 18 years old.On May 24, 2000, Lorenzo Sanz’s Real Madrid won the Eighth in Paris against Valencia and on July 16 called elections, in which he fell in front of Florentino Pérez, current president of the club ending his stage at the head of the white entity.last_img read more

Espanyol readies 27 players for Dani Jarque’s bunker

first_imgNot in vain, the exams with which everything will resume, presumably between Wednesday and Thursday, its about PCR tests (to detect if someone has the virus) and ELISA tests, a blood test to confirm that those who passed the disease are immunized. Any positive will obviously be sent home immediately and will not return for at least two to three weeks. Along with the footballers too may attend, separately and in stages (which will coincide, always with extreme security measures, as the different phases of training: individual, group and collective), the members of the technical staff commanded by Abelardo Fernández (who also had two positives in his ranks), of the medical services, the utilleros, the sports director, Francisco Joaquín Pérez Rufete, the delegate, Guillermo Calzón, and a small retainer of communication personnel of the club.Management, gardening, maintenance, cleaning and securityThey add between all the previous ones a fifty of people related to the first team who are authorized to cross the door of the Ciudad Deportiva. And they include only the minimum essential and essential for the development of training in these exceptional circumstances: management, gardening, maintenance, cleaning, security and, after the first phase, a cook.Among all make up 68 people until new order. AND no one else will be allowed to access the premises as soon as this week begins, the protocol will be launched. If for example it arrives sports or food material, will remain in the gatehouse and will be disinfected in the base football locker room closest to the entrance of the Sports City.All this compendium, and the numerous safety and hygiene measures that all workers must follow will be carried out strictly under the continuous supervision of a LaLiga delegate. He will start football again, except for a counter order or medical prescription, the week that begins. AND Espanyol, which already had to cancel the tests that it had planned to carry out last Tuesday, April 28 by the general recommendation of Health to LaLiga, has the theoretical part ready. Dani Jarque Sports City will be a real bunker to be as isolated as possible from a spread of coronavirus. So will be the return to activity.For the return tests and the subsequent training phases 27 footballers are listed: the 24 with professional records plus the three that, even with a subsidiary record, have been in the first team dynamics all season: Víctor Gómez, Pol Lozano and Víctor Campuzano. This means that Sébastien Corchia will attend, injured right knee since December, and the up to eight players who tested positive on COVID-19 (Wu Lei, Matías Vargas and Leandro Cabrera were the only names that came out), which made the Espanyol in the most affected club in all LaLiga.last_img read more