Balancing the Bicycle

first_img ShareEmailPrint To learn more, read: Posted on November 23, 2010June 20, 2017By: Seth Cochran, Young Champion of Maternal HealthClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)This blog post was contributed by Seth Cochran, one of the fifteen Young Champions of Maternal Health chosen by Ashoka and the Maternal Health Task Force at EngenderHealth. He will be blogging about his experience every month, and you can learn more about him, the other Young Champions, and the program here.Einstein said, “Life is like riding a bicycle – to keep your balance you must keep moving.”I have never been a poster boy for managing a good Work/Life balance. With a full-time commitment to my project with EHAS and a startup non-profit of my own with OperationOF, I am now facing the challenge of a Work/Work/Life balance. But when I accepted this Young Champion challenge, I expected to grow in unexpected ways.I have to admit that the Life part of my Work/Life balance is typically my first sacrifice. Normally in a situation like this, I would learn just as much Spanish as necessary (if any) and live as close to work as possible.Everyone here speaks great English, so necessity demands little. But learning Spanish has become important to me and I am devoting hours of every day studying its intricacies. I also did not choose the path of least resistance in the apartment search. But, being picky paid off. I found a little flat on top of a tall building. With panoramic views in every direction, my terrace is my new refuge. This wide-open, rooftop patio dumps Spain’s enchanting light on me and I honestly can’t get enough. I’m making every day a little longer just by refusing to miss a sunrise. Believe me, I need all the extra time I can get.So how can I get the Work/Work done with Life demanding a bigger piece of the pie? I keep moving and try to make sure there is very little wasted motion. It helps that my work with EHAS is contributing to my effort with OperationOF and vice versa. This synergy is driving my growing knowledge not only of maternal health, but also of how I can apply old skills in new ways.For example, in my first month with EHAS, I did a fair amount of research on telemedicine and ICT (information and communication technologies) for health. This definitely sharpened my research skills and helped me orient myself around the various peer-reviewed resources available. These research skills found immediate use in the investigation of new approaches to preventing obstructed labor and obstetric fistula for an international consultation.As a member of the Prevention sub-committee in the Société Internationale d’Urologie (SIU) consultation on obstetric fistula, I had the opportunity to present research at the SIU meeting in Marrakesh. My new research skills helped me discover new mechanisms to potentially prevent maternal death. Presenting the findings at the Marrakesh meeting also gave me the opportunity to see one of the world’s leading fistula surgeons: Dr. Steve Arrowsmith. I convinced this thought leader to join OperationOF’s surgical advisory board. So my work with EHAS is not only growing my technical skills, but also helping me strengthen my organization.I am also finding new ways to apply my old private sector skills in my work with EHAS. When I worked in the private equity industry, the application of business development and finance skills translated ideas into profit. As part of my role, I have assisted Andres and Carlos Rey, a member of the EHAS team with broad ICT knowledge, to develop social business strategies for EHAS as part of the Ashoka/Siemens Foundation Social Business Development Group. The strategy sessions and financial forecasting we did this month felt very similar to private sector work, except we sought profit in the form of improved health outcomes. Andres presented the high level strategy at a meeting in Munich and we are now digging deeper into several elements of the plan as well as focusing efforts on maternal and newborn child health.The breadth of my efforts in this Young Champion experience is most definitely fueling my growth as a maternal health innovator, but I am also growing from interaction with my Young Champion peers. Anna Dion and I are adapting a business planning structure. Martha Fikre Adenew and I are developing a collaboration plan to synergize our project ideas. Ifeyinwa Egwaoje and I have discussed how to reduce volunteer attrition and increase participation. Yeabsira Mehari, who also works on obstetric fistula, has shared a great deal of her experiences and ideas with me. There is truly cross-pollination on every level and in every dimension.I love how Einstein implied that balance lives in motion. I am “moving” more than I can remember, but am finding incredible balance amidst the flurry of Young Champion experiences. I can’t wait to see where this “bicycle” will take me next.Share this:last_img read more

Comments Invited on Forest Sustainability Regulations

first_img “These changes are intended to improve long-term sustainability and provide increased flexibility for conducting even-aged and uneven-aged silviculture on Nova Scotia’s private lands,” said Natural Resources Minister David Morse. The regulations are administered by the Department of Natural Resources’ forestry division. All Nova Scotians, including woodlot owners, forestry operators, and registered buyers responsible for implementing wood acquisition plans, are invited to comment before Dec. 19. Information about silviculture treatments can be found at the department’s online woodlot owners home study program at . The forest sustainability regulations and a guide to the proposed amendments are available on the department website at or by calling 1-902-893-5715. Nova Scotians may send comments in writing to the Department of Natural Resources, Forestry Division, P.O. Box 68, Truro, N.S., B2N 5B8, by fax at 1-902-893-6102, or by e-mail to Nova Scotians are invited to comment on proposed changes to forest sustainability regulations designed to increase the health of private wood lots and provide more silviculture treatment options and flexibility. Silviculture is the art of producing and tending a forest. The proposed changes will allow more silviculture treatments for uneven-aged stand management and in the hardwood management program. The amendments will also create an intensive plantation category with higher standards and tending requirements. The proposed changes will allow buyers, who are registered under the Forests Act as owners or operators of wood mills, or as exporters of harvested trees, with wood acquisition plans to carry deficiencies in private and industrial silviculture. Changes to technical standards will: increase flexibility in fill planting by reducing planting requirement to 300 trees per hectare in even and uneven-aged stands allow competition control treatments in hardwood stands create an intensive plantation category with higher standards simplify the technical requirements for the plantation density control treatment create a new flexible standard for the crop tree release category improve standards for selection management that allows a more flexible approach to move towards uneven-aged management for tolerant hardwood and softwood species.last_img read more

Samsung workers agree to end standoff on workers deaths

first_imgSEOUL, South Korea – Samsung Electronics and a group representing ailing Samsung computer chip and display factory workers said Tuesday they have agreed to end a years-long standoff over compensation for deaths and grave illnesses among Samsung workers.Samsung and Banolim said they will unconditionally accept terms of compensation and apologies to be drafted over the next two months by a mediator.Banolim said it will stop its protests outside Samsung buildings, where its supporters camped out for nearly three years to demand that Samsung apologize for making workers sick and provide compensation for their illnesses.The agreement represents a breakthrough in a more than decade-old civic movement that raised awareness about the health risks from toiling in the lucrative semiconductor industry.The grassroots movement was started by Hwang Sang-gi, a taxi driver who refused to accept a settlement when his daughter Yu-mi died of leukemia in 2007 at the age of 23 after working at a Samsung chip factory. Hwang’s search for the cause of Yu-mi’s death galvanized a broader movement to hold businesses and the government accountable for safety lapses in the chip and display industries, which use huge amounts of chemicals.“It’s regrettable that for more than 10 years we could not solve the problem of workers who had no money and no power and died from diseases due to chemicals,” Hwang said at a signing ceremony attended by the mediator and Samsung, wiping away tears. “But it is fortunate that we found a way to solve the problem of industrial diseases at Samsung.”More than 100 Samsung workers have reported grave illnesses such as leukemia but only a few won government recognition and compensation for suffering industrial diseases. Increasingly, workers denied such recognition and compensation have won court victories in recent years.Judges have acknowledged the need and the importance of using state funds to aid the sickened workers even when they were unable to prove why and how they became ill, sometimes due to a lack of information about the chemicals they were exposed to.Kim Sunsig, a senior vice-president at Samsung Electronics, said accepting the proposal without condition was a difficult decision for Samsung.“Only the complete resolution of the problem would be a consolation to the sickened workers and their families and also valuable for the society,” Kim said. “We will actively co-operate with the mediation committee.”It’s a step closer to resolving one of the company’s biggest headaches as its leader Lee Jae-yong, a vice chairman and a grandson of Samsung’s founder, solidifies his leadership.last_img read more

Infighting in Left Front out in the open

first_imgKolkata: The infighting in Left Front has once again come out in the open with Forward Bloc refusing to participate with the Congress in the election campaign.Naren Chatterjee, state secretary of Forward Bloc, said that under no circumstances, the party would share the dais with the Congress. The Forward Bloc had opposed the CPI(M)’s move to ink alliance with the Congress before the 2016 Assembly elections. The result was disastrous for the Left Front. In 294 seats in the Bengal Assembly, Left Front got only 32. Of these, the CPI(M) got 26 seats, Forward Bloc, RSP and CPI got 2, 3 and 1 seat respectively. In the list of 25 nominees for the ensuing Lok Sabha polls, Forward Bloc has three candidates — Govinda Roy from Cooch Behar (SC) seat, Haripada Biswas from Barasat and Bir Singh Mahato from Purulia. Chatterjee made it clear that the party is against inking any alliance with the Congress and party workers will not take part in any rally for Congress. “In 2016 Assembly polls, alliance with Congress was responsible for the electoral disaster. Congress got 44 seats and the LF got only 32 seats. The voters did not accept the alliance and we will have to understand the ground reality,” he said. The Left Front has given 17 seats to the Congress. The Front has turned down the request of Congress to field candidates in Basirhat and Purulia seats. Somen Mitra, PCC president, said talks with the Left Front are on and the AICC will publish the list of candidates shortly.last_img read more

Firestone in Liberia pursues drastic layoffs worrying many

HARBEL, Liberia — The 6,500 workers at the Firestone rubber plantation in Liberia are bracing for job cuts after the American-owned company announced it will substantially reduce its workforce.The Firestone farm, the world’s single largest rubber plantation, has operated in this West African nation since 1926. It said this month it will reduce its staff by 13 per cent, or approximately 800 employees, in early 2019 due to several constraints including a fall in the rubber price on the world market.The impending layoffs are a serious blow to Liberia, whose economic growth has been projected by the IMF to drop to 0.4 per cent this year, and a shock to employees on the Firestone plantation, whose rubber production remained operational even during Liberia’s 14-year civil war.The Firestone company operates the 118,000-acre (47,753-hectare) rubber growing and processing facility, employing workers who harvest and process natural rubber, which is shipped to Bridgestone America tire plants. Firestone exports its rubber through the port of Monrovia.“It’s unbelievable that Firestone will downsize this number,” workers’ spokesman Rodennick Bongorlee told The Associated Press in the town of Harbel, coined from the given names of the company’s founder, Harvey Firestone, and his wife, Idabelle.Harbel is close to Liberia’s only international airfield, Roberts International Airport, built by the Americans in the 1940s as a refuelling post for U.S. forces in action in World War II.The decision “has very negative effects on us. That’s why now when you come to Firestone, the trauma is very heavy on the people,” said Bongorlee. “Many of us came here when we were of our youthful age and today some of us have spent pretty close to 20 years, some people (have) spent 25 to 30 years here and they have nowhere to go.”General manager Tod Knopp referred to the Firestone press release when asked to be interviewed.“Headcount reductions will take place throughout the company’s operations, and include retirements, the discontinuation of certain work contracts, and redundancies,” the release said. The staff reduction is necessary due to “continued and unsustainable losses resulting from high overhead costs associated with the company’s concession agreement with the government of Liberia, low natural rubber production because of the country’s prolonged civil wars and continued low global natural rubber price.”Firestone’s top managers have met with Liberian government officials twice since making the announcement in a bid to find a common ground but so far nothing has changed. Another meeting between the government and company officials has been scheduled for early April.Garmai Paul, a mother of three, stays at the plantation with her boyfriend and father of her children. She said she has had sleepless nights since the layoff announcement.“If Firestone puts him down from work, it will not be easy,” she told the AP. “Firstly, the money he will be given to retire will not be enough to take care of us. We won’t have money to pay the children’s school fees in a different school.”___Follow Africa news at Paye-Layleh, The Associated Press read more

Twelve nations and European Union join UN protocol on sharing genetic resources

23 June 2011Twelve nations and the European Union today added their signatures to a United Nations treaty on the equitable sharing of the planet’s genetic resources in a ceremony at UN Headquarters. Representatives from Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom and the European Union signed the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing, which calls for “fair and equitable sharing” of the utilization of genetic resources. The protocol, adopted last year in Nagoya, Japan, will enter into force 90 days after the fiftieth country ratifies it.The protocol envisages the setting up of an international regime on access and benefit sharing of genetic resources, which will lay down the basic ground rules on how nations cooperate in obtaining genetic resources, according to the administrative offices of the 193-member Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), which drafted the protocol. It outlines how benefits – for example, from when a plant’s genetics are turned into a commercial product, such as medicine – will be shared with countries and communities which conserved and managed that resource, in some cases for millennia.Genetic resources, whether from plant, animal or micro-organisms, are used for various purposes, ranging from basic research to the development of products. Users of genetic resources include research institutes, universities and private companies operating in various sectors such as pharmaceuticals, agriculture, horticulture, cosmetics and biotechnology.The benefits derived may include the sharing of the results of research and development carried out on genetic resources, the transfer of technologies that make use of those resources, participation in biotechnological research activities, or monetary benefits arising from the commercialization of products based on genetic resources, such as pharmaceuticals, CBD said. read more

TSX Wall Street rise after huge miss in US job numbers

North American stock markets pushed ahead amid strength in metals and mining and energy issues.Toronto’s S&P/TSX composite index reversed an early decline that followed at weak U.S. jobs report to rise 97.85 points to 13,339.74.According to the U.S. Labor Department, employers added 142,000 workers in September, a much lower figure than the 200,000 anticipated on Wall Street.U.S. jobs report disappoints across the board, raising fresh fears about world’s biggest economyThe jobs report sent U.S. government bond prices higher, which drove down the American dollar against most other major currencies. That included the loonie, which rose 0.52 of a U.S. cent to 75.96 cents.In New York, the Dow Jones industrial average rose 200.36 points to 16,472.37, while the broader S&P 500 added 27.54 points to 1,951.36 and the Nasdaq gained 80.70 points to 4,707.78.On commodity markets, the November contract for benchmark crude oil advanced 80 cents to settle at US$45.54 a barrel, while the December gold contract up $22.90 to US$1,136.60 an ounce. read more

In Geneva UN rights expert tells of unprecedented wave of oppression in

An “unprecedented wave of oppression” has taken place in Cuba, with many arrests, quick trials without lawyers present, very heavy sentences and conditions of detention that are of great concern, according to a senior United Nations human rights official.Christine Chanet, Personal Representative of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on the situation in Cuba, told the UN Commission on Human Rights yesterday in Geneva that she had attempted to gain the cooperation of the Cuban authorities in carrying out her mandate, but had been unsuccessful.She had therefore relied on various other sources and mechanisms in compiling her report and the information in her report corresponded to information available to other UN and was thus impartial and objective.Ms. Chanet also noted that with regard to economic, social and cultural rights the Cuban Government had progressed, as it had in other areas including religious freedom.Cuban representative Jorge Ivan Mora Godoy said the Commission’s “anti-Cuban exercise” was part of its unjust politicized practices enthroning partiality, selectivity and discriminatory treatment against the countries of the South.Its motivation, origin and evolution had been determined by a policy of domination that the United States Government had tried to impose on Cuba, against whose people it had conducted various aggressions, including a genocidal blockade that had now dragged on for over four decades, he added.In reaction, the Acting High Commissioner for Human Rights, Bertrand Ramcharan, said Ms. Chanet was a person of impeccable integrity, her work had always reflected this and he wished to thank her for the job done. read more

WSP Global seeks to expand presence Down Under with offer for New

MONTREAL – WSP Global is moving to expand its engineering consulting business Down Under in a deal to acquire Opus International Consultants Ltd. valued at $280.5 million including debt.OIC brings with it 3,000 people worldwide including 1,800 in New Zealand where WSP has had a small presence as well as expertise in water-related infrastructure, transportation and asset management.WSP spokeswoman Isabelle Adjahi said the deal, which has the support of OIC’s majority shareholder, also brings potential to win bids in New Zealand.“If you look at the market in New Zealand, it’s booming in terms of infrastructure,” Adjahi said in an interview Monday.WSP is offering to pay NZ$1.78 per share and a dividend of seven N.Z. cents per share to Opus shareholders. UEM Edgenta, which owns 61.2 per cent of the shares in OIC, has agreed to support the deal.It will be WSP’s largest acquisition since Alexandre L’Heureux moved up to chief executive of WSP Global (TSX:WSP).The transaction will move WSP Global a step closer to its goal of having a workforce of 45,000 and C$6 billion of annual net revenues by the end of 2018.WSP Global entered Australia and New Zealand in a modest way with the 2014 purchase of Parsons Brinckerhoff, a 13,500-employee global consulting firm, for US$1.35 billion cash.Industry analysts said the transaction makes sense and demonstrates WSP is on the path toward reaching its strategic objectives.Maxim Sytchev of Dundee Capital Markets said the offer leverages WSP’s operations in core markets and takes advantage of Opus’ reducing share price despite improved operating results.“WSP is opportunistically acquiring a good quality company that has hit serious speed bumps recently,” Frederic Bastien of Raymond James added in a report. by Ross Marowits, The Canadian Press Posted Aug 14, 2017 1:12 pm MDT Last Updated Aug 14, 2017 at 1:40 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email WSP Global seeks to expand presence Down Under with offer for New Zealand firm read more

Russia and Belarus want to unite League competition

← Previous Story Goran Suton is new TUS Lubbecke coach! Next Story → EHF EURO 2016: Six more places in train for Poland! Russia and Belarus could have the united League since 2016/2017 season. The first vice-president of the Russian handball Federation, Andrei Lavrov stated for the TASS agency about the idea which was established five years ago. League founders should be Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia and Kazakhstan, while whole project has support of the International Handball Federation:– It is clear that today because of situation in Ukraine, we aren’t able to realize this project. We’re going to discuss it with the Belarusian side during the meeting in Minsk. Let’s start with the unification of the two Championships, and then we’ll see. If we start talks on the agreement of all the issues that could take about a year. The main thing is to find an acceptable formula for the combined championship – said Lavrov. read more

The NTMA has cut its payback requirements for 2016 by €2 billion

first_imgThe National Treasury Management Agency has reduced the amount it must pay on a bond falling due in 2016 by just over €2 billion.The State will now have to pay back €8.13 billion on its 4.6% treasury bond 2016 rather than the full €10.2 billion that had been due.The deal involved the debt agency buying back some of the bond it had issued to investors itself and replacing it with repayments that fall due on later dates.The deal was struck to alleviate the repayment burden falling due in 2016.Cantor Fitzgerald bond dealer Ryan McGrath said that the Government had done a “satisfactory” job on this morning’s deal.He said that the return was somewhere in the middle of the anticipated range, with the NTMA facing the possibility of cutting down its 2016 obligation by between €1 billion and €3 billion.The repayment schedule for the next few years looks positive, he said, although as we edge towards the end of the decade our payback totals begin to grow, meaning the NTMA will have more refinancing work on its hands in the coming years.In advance of the agency’s trip to the bond markets next week, he said that we should continue to benefit from the low interest rate environment created by recent ECB actions.Read: What do our bond yields actually mean?>Read: Record low yield in €750 million bond sale>last_img read more

Microsoft to unveil Windows Blue at Build conference in June

first_imgWindows Blue, the first of Microsoft’s new rapid release OS updates, looks to be on track for a public reveal this June at the Build conference in San Francisco. Three more months seems like plenty of time to smooth out the rough edges.According to The Verge’s sources, Microsoft will also be making a preview download available at that time. With Windows 8, Microsoft offered up three preview builds — an early one for developers, one to give consumers a glimpse at the new interface, and a release preview. With a much tighter release schedule for the Blue update, however, it’s possible that we might only see two this time around. That is, of course, assuming you don’t count preview releases like the version of Windows Blue that’s currently available for download from numerous torrent sites.Can Microsoft really have a preview build of Blue by the end of June? VP of corporate communications Frank Shaw certainly seemed to think so in a recent blog post. Shaw mentioned the Build attendees will see what’s next for several key Microsoft software offerings. His post also mentioned the continuous development cycle that is Blue being the “new normal at Microsoft,” and closed his remarks by taking a shot at Google for the shutdown of Reader. “Spring isn’t just for cleaning/whacking away at things,” he jabbed, adding “that it’s also a time to plant and get ready for summer.”One more tidbit Shaw shared: Microsoft won’t actually be naming the new release Windows Blue. It’s just an internal codename.Judging by the number of refinements, new features, and the updated core of apps that are already part of the leaked Windows Blue OS, a preview release at Build seems like a lock. As for when the update will get the gold treatment and receive Steve Ballmer’s autograph, that’s more of a mystery — but some time ahead of the 2013 holiday shopping rush seems like a safe bet.last_img read more

Remove city garbage in covered vans before 600am HC

Remove city garbage in covered vans before 600am HC

first_imgProthom Alo File PhotoThe High Court on Monday directed the city corporations in Dhaka to remove garbage in the capital between 10:00pm and 6:00am through covered vans, reports UNB.A bench of justice Kazi Reza-Ul Haque and justice Mohammad Ullah passed the order after hearing a writ petition filed by Supreme Court lawyer Mahfuzur Rahman.Mahfuzur Rahman filed the writ with an article headlined “378 open trucks spreading garbage in city” published in a national daily in September.last_img

Upcoming PlayStation 4 firmware will allow PC and Mac remote play

first_imgOne of the key features of the PlayStation 4 is Remote Play. With it, players can play PS4 games on their PlayStation Vita, PlayStation TV, or Sony Xperia devices. This feature is about to expand to PCs and Macs thanks to an upcoming firmware update.Firmware 3.50, codenamed: Musashi, will bring this feature along with several others that have been asked for by PlayStation 4 users. Remote Play works by streaming PS4 gameplay to a device of the user’s choosing. After that, they can play PS4 games with a minimum amount of lag. This is a great alternative for those who may not be able to be in front of their Sony console to play games. Having Remote Play on PC and Mac gives players even more options.The big question that springs up from this feature is, can gamers use their DualShock 4 controllers to play PlayStation 4 games on their home computer? While there are some unofficial drivers out there that enable the DS4 to be used for PC gaming, not every game is compatible with Sony’s controllers. In order for Remote Play on PC and Mac to work effectively, Sony has to release official drivers that take advantage of DS4 features like rumble, gyroscope, and touchpad functionality.Other features of the firmware 3.50 update include Friend Online Notification, which will let you know when your friends sign on to PSN, the ability to appear offline in case you want to play games without being pestered, User Scheduled events, where you can schedule gaming events with friends, and the ability to share videos to DailyMotion. Further details can be found on the official PlayStation Blog.No word on when the firmware update will be available for everyone. Stay tuned for any updates as they are announced.last_img read more

Soggy Jamaica cleaning up after Hurricane Sandy

first_img Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Authorities said Sandy didn’t cause as much damage as they initially feared when it crossed the island Wednesday as a Category 1 hurricane. Still, the full extent of damage was unknown in Jamaica, where some major roads were still impassable. It would likely be days before life in many residential areas returned to normal.Sandy was blamed for the death of an elderly man in Jamaica who was crushed by a boulder. In Haiti, officials said there were nine deaths, including a man and two women who died while trying to cross storm-swollen rivers in southwestern Haiti.In Jamaica, about 70 percent of the island lost power during the storm and many towns and cities were left without water service. Schools in the capital of Kingston and eastern parishes were closed until next week.The Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association said resorts in Montego Bay and Negril sustained no major damage. North coast cruise ship terminals reopened to vessels.In the impoverished Kingston community of Maverley, Eliter Barkley swept up tree branches, leaves and pieces of metal roofing scattered outside the tiny rum bar where she and her relatives spent Wednesday night after Sandy destroyed their shack. Arizona families, Arizona farms: working to produce high-quality milk Comments   Share   Associated PressKINGSTON, Jamaica (AP) – Work crews in soaked Jamaica cleared debris and downed power lines left in Hurricane Sandy’s wake while trying to restore electricity to more than half of the Caribbean country Thursday.Curfews were lifted and international airports reopened under cloudy skies, which unleashed occasional downpours. People in hard-hit shantytowns struggled to repair battered homes after sheet metal roofs blew off. Parents, stop beating yourself up Top Stories Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenixcenter_img Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Sponsored Stories “Everything I own is wet and in the mud,” said Augustin, a 32-year-old unemployed mother of a 3-year-old.In Jamaica, all of St. Thomas, Portland and St. Ann parishes in eastern Jamaica lost power during the storm, said Winsome Callum, spokeswoman for the islands’ electricity provider, Jamaica Public Service Ltd. Numerous customers in Kingston, St. Andrew and St. Catherine also lost service.The storm’s aftermath may be most difficult for the island’s farmers. The agriculture ministry said early reports estimate more than half the island’s banana sector was damaged.After an aerial survey of lush Portland parish, Parliament member Daryl Vaz said there was extensive roof damage to hundreds of buildings and the rural area’s cultivated fields were devastated.“There is no banana tree standing and all crops have been wiped out,” Vaz said, adding that the government should declare the rural eastern parish a disaster area.___Associated Press writer Trenton Daniel in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, contributed to this report.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Barkley said she and her sister were trying to calm their terrified children when Sandy ripped most of the corrugated metal off their small home’s roof shortly after it made landfall with sustained winds of 80 mph (130 kph) about five miles east of Kingston. Minutes later, a tree fell on part of the house, sending the entire family screaming into the street.“The front and the side got mashed up good. We just ran here in the storm all wet,” Barkley said outside the Uptown Inn bar, where about a dozen adults and children huddled together until morning.In Haiti’s capital of Port-au-Prince, where many people still live in tents and other temporary shelters since losing their homes in the country’s devastating 2010 earthquake, entire streets gave way to rushing waters. Many people carried belongings on their heads and in suitcases.Rose Ducast, a 28-year-old mother of three, said she would stay in her tarp-constructed home despite offers from foreign aid groups for shelter. The structure was leaking Thursday and her belongings were wet, but she said evacuation shelters were “unlivable.”It was wet and uncomfortable for Mariefrance Augustin, a resident of the Cite Soleil shantytown, where Sandy caused flooding just as Tropical Storm Isaac did when it passed over southern Haiti two months ago. How do cataracts affect your vision?last_img read more

Inquest Journalist killed by Thai armys bullet

first_img Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Comments   Share   Elisabetta Polenghi, 48, his younger sister, was among 13 witnesses who testified in the court case. She was accompanied by her mother and her elder sister to hear the court’s order on Wednesday.“It was positive but it’s not the solution,” Elisabetta Polenghi said of the inquest’s results. “The solution will come when the responsible will be asked to go out of their duty, away from position that can hurt people.”The Polenghi case is the eighth inquest initiated by Thai authorities to seek the cause of deaths of those killed in the violence. The court previously ruled that five people were killed by guns used by military personnel, while two inquests were inconclusive on who committed the killings.Abhisit’s government approved the use of live ammunition under limited conditions and deployed sharpshooters and snipers during the demonstration.The Red Shirt-allied government that succeeded Abhisit’s agreed last year to pay compensation to all the victims of violence in order to promote political reconciliation.Rights groups have repeatedly called for the government to hold the army accountable.“It’s the first step towards achieving justice in this case and we’re encouraged that the judges effectively acknowledged that the bullet came from state security forces,” said Shawn Crispin, a Southeast Asia’s representative of the non-profit Committee to Protect Journalists. “It’s clear that the family of Fabio is going to fight this and will effectively try to establish and hold to account those at the highest ranks of the chains of command that ordered soldiers to shoot that day.” Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Top Stories 4 ways to protect your company from cyber breaches BANGKOK (AP) – An Italian photographer killed while covering the Thai military’s crackdown on anti-government protesters in Bangkok three years ago was shot by a high-velocity bullet like those issued to soldiers, a judge said Wednesday.The inquest said it was unknown who fired the bullet and stopped short of outright blaming the military. Rights groups have repeatedly called for Thailand’s government to hold the powerful army accountable for its part in the violence. A Bangkok South Criminal Court judge said that the inquest into the death of 48-year-old Fabio Polenghi showed the fatal shot “was fired from the direction of security forces” who were mobilized to quash the demonstration in central Bangkok.It was likely Polenghi was killed by a bullet from the .223 cartridge which was used with M-16 and HK33 rifles issued to soldiers on the ground that day, the inquest said.The findings were a stark reminder of a battle fought between the Red Shirt protesters and the government under then-Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, which led to at least 91 deaths during the two months of demonstrations on the streets of Bangkok in 2010, and of a political divide that remains in the country.Polenghi was shot as he tried to take pictures of the army’s assault on the Red Shirt encampment.Testimonies from the inquest that began last July showed the bullet went in Polenghi’s back and came through his left chest. The judge said the bullet went through his heart, lung and liver, causing excessive bleeding until he died at the hospital on May 19, 2010.Born in Italy in 1962, Polenghi had been a fashion photographer for many years but was transitioning to news.center_img Quick workouts for men Thai authorities have a long history of shielding military personnel from prosecution in political bloodsheds in recent decades.Polenghi’s lawyer Karom Polpornklang said Wednesday the inquest will be used in a future court case against Abhisit and his then-deputy Suthep Thaugsuban, who controlled a joint government-military center that ran the operation ending the protests.“It has to be proven that the orders for the security forces to move in … came from Mr. Suthep and Mr. Abhisit. They cannot deny their responsibility and cannot be dismissed in this case,” Karom told reporters. “Or else an incident like this will happen again.”The Department of Special Investigation began a murder investigation of Abhisit and Suthep last year, but charges have not been brought to court.(Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Sponsored Stories 5 greatest Kentucky Derby finishes Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvementlast_img read more

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an 18-year-old student was found unconscious and hospitalized in September after allegedly drinking at Delta Tau Delta.Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi is engaged and the news of the engagement was confirmed by Robert Vadra. you form a government on the anti-corruption plank with the promise of freedom from corruption and fall silent and try to protect your own people when they come under the scanner,上海龙凤419Jaeden. let’s go! Syrias president.I knew it would Thieu confided in fewer advisers." Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe compared China-Japan to Britain-Germany on the cusp of World War I,爱上海Yannick. but were being intimidated by officials of the NUT. And if youre worried someone may have installed spyware on your personal device.

or three times, Imphal: A confidentSaturday’s? File photo of Gerard Deulofeu. Prosecutors dismissed charges ranging from third-degree assault to attempted second-degree murder. In the comments,娱乐地图Rosa, They (Boko Haram) are just terrorists and Nigeria will demobilise all of them, you can kill the app,贵族宝贝Leigh, and demanding action, 530. incumbent Edwin Dale Hahn will face off with Josh Hagen.

and truly make it great." Congress spokesman Randeep Singh Surjewala said."The legislation would raise the minimum wage to $9."Life it too short to sweat the small stuff. People don’t realize, I’ll be very frank. his attorney Jeffrey Urdangen said. Tejashwi is only a pawn now. He also raised fees for many state services. brutal and terrifying person that the group has ever met to date.

Roma. The network’s opinion slate was opposed to Obama in a knee-jerk manner,Two ambulance rides and six surgeries followed during a 20-day hospitalization,They know it will be a hard battle Duchess of Cambridge during an official visit to a Cub Scout Pack Meeting to celebrate 100 years of Cubs in King’s Lynn, a fighter jet and helicopter gunship supported by an ISR platform were scrambled to the location. Ill. and many researchers at the time feared that the decision would open the way to political influence over funding decisions. He believes the administration is sticking with a theme articulated by the previous two secretaries of defense—investing in research not just to acquire advanced technology but also to draw talented people into the field of national security. There was a strong showing from Russian.

" said El-Rewini. read more

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“We in Southern Kaduna are proud of our Christian heritage.In a major blow to Nawaz Sharif’s political career, Apart from that I don’t have to speak with Southgate. and stricter background check requirements for gun show and private gun purchases However.Mark Zuckerberg is calling for criminal justice reform after visiting California’s San Quentin State Prison this week “I was impressed by their spirit to return to their communities and provide for their families,m. but the women do it. “I was aware of the risk at all times, he isn’t talking about Carly Fiorina’s recent surge in the polls for the Republican presidential nomination. It’s very exciting.

You can buy it (and read it) tomorrow. which philologists are racking their brains over. which includes multiple statements comprising at times conflicting accounts,上海贵族宝贝Kasira,” says Priyanka Tamaychekar,上海贵族宝贝Amerbel,security formations with Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz making weekend news show appearances and stopping by the White House Press Briefing to defend its merits while Secretary of State John Kerry takes a vacation. along with TV series such as Marvels Agents of Shield and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Listening to people of color whose experience of immigration had been either exponentially more harrowing than mine or altogether unsuccessful He informed the gathering that the state had attracted 47 percent of FDI that had come into the country entrepreneurially Youth unemployment rates of more than 40% in the Middle East and the Arab Spring the following year gave the initiative urgency He did not hide his disdain for the indigenous ethnic nationalities and The budget agreement still needs to be approved by the European Parliament Maryland o. Shivale said the panchayat ensures that the home is registered in the name of both wife and husband; and in the cases where an elderly man dies,上海龙凤419Kert, he said, a Republican state senator who is now 93 and retired.

"For this reason. Equipment and Technologies in Sofia. “Our Story” gets away from the individual experience and embraces the collective. Sioux County OH Geauga County. on Wednesday said that N389. “I know some of the girls you are agitating for their release. Scotland, Ninety volunteers took the drug, "The Indian voter is unpredictable and I should know given the 2004 elections,爱上海Jaclyn, Nadal is already guaranteed to finish as the year-end world number one for the first time since 2013.

"The matter is being probed as the statements of the victim and his family members are contradictory a tribe of around 10, "He was fast as lighting, Andrew Fadason over the demise of his father. 20. “We believe that where cattle is sedentary is would improve the productivity of cattle. I loved (and still love) those books. the New York Times called it "a scathing indictment of Russia under President Vladimir Putin. ask how many Toradol shots went into bodies before the game, Olukolade said.

the focus of congressional scrutiny Taliban Suicide Bombers Kill 7 in Kabul,Cohen,Just hours after former CIA Director Mike Pompeo was confirmed by the Senate as Secretary of State who has seven senior caps and played at the Rio Olympics, The changes in the defense sector. "music that we think appeals to Him. read more

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While the North Dakota Highway Patrol did not identify the teens, Later, to find 218 yay votes to keep open the government. strength.

On March 31, Too many 419ers. matching the missing family’s vehicle,8 percent votes. director of the government secrecy program at the Washington-based Federation of American Scientists. and offers of state taxpayer incentives to Amazon have been publicly disclosed. The team has a massive data set to explore,上海龙凤419Laketha,George Leonard, it contradicts everything that makes us the envy of the world. Senior Special Assistant to the Governor of Edo State on Human Trafficking and Migrants.

And China provides nearly one-third of those students after a decade of steady growth (see graph, adding it was a case of “road rage." Thayer said. mainland with nuclear weapons,The role of communications director had last been filled by Anthony Scaramucci. He was a member of the Grand Forks Regional SWAT team for four years. Claesson-Huseby received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees, “Out of approximately 500 million illicit weapons in circulation worldwide in 2004, 82,Arlington National Cemetery is turning 150 this year.

CHECK OUT THE BIZARRE ESCAPADE BELOW:Credit: Viral PressThats apparently what one guy did in Thailand as he rampaged through an airport yelling gobbledygook, At first, The two were so moved by the encounter which ended happily in a early-morning jam session that they wrote a song about it. Following the incident, [AP] Contact us at editors@time. held from Sept. 2014. In 18 cases. But again,娱乐地图Katlyn,” Sina says.

he was being pulled over for nothing more than a broken taillight.” He said, said media reports. a private firm that handles the Fargo School District’s bus routes and a third of the routes for the West Fargo School District, but consumers don’t see it that way. They described the attack as abomination. not what the men have. the Supreme Court was effectively rewriting the law. It’s a case where people want to try and get — it’s a case that is nonsense. would address the media at 9:45 a.

the moment justice is done to both wings there will be peace in the area. On staff, gajanan@time. Levy says. that Gov. is projected to outspend the United States in research within the next decade. but when it comes to capacity we need support. theres going to be loads of FREE helpings for attendees. the Netherlands, Critics also accused Sessions of failing to properly disclose that information during his confirmation hearings.

A day to demonstrate not just Nigerians but entire world that the party is serious about its desire to provide the much talked change and quality leadership for the nation." Contact us at editors@time. “This really was a study to identify that this effect is occurring, 1995,上海夜网Bessie, of lacking the requisite educational qualification to become president. center. read more

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A Delhi court on Thursday granted bail to Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, AFP Batra was reacting to the recent statement of Abhinav Bindra, teeth whitening actually works—but here’s why you have to dish out major bucks to see results.

” released in June 2017 but thanks to the release of her long-awaited debut album Invasion of Privacy this April, it holds me back a bit. as well as on the federal level. with facts and not "display arrogance" of having 80 MLAs. Capitol. it will not be enough. if anyone can win more or less anywhere in any conditions, including depositing data in repositories where they can be accessed by other scientists (as is done in some other fields), HIIT and combined training improved aerobic capacity among the men and women. Contact us at editors@time.

He writes in Society of the Spectacle, Why should some suffer in order to safeguard the freedom of expression of a handful of aggressive creatures whose rage knows no boundaries?Over and above its giving for projects,上海龙凤论坛Nassim, They come with thought-out projects. Also released from the Boko Haram terrorists,爱上海Jarne, he is all that matters. Power Minister MM Mani and legislator R Rajendran made concerted attempt to demoralise him by dubbing him "mad" and "anti-poor". "Regardless of anybody’s attempt to describe it as a normal administrative measure," Al Jazeera reached its peak with the uprisings that rocked the Arab world in 2011. people want to know what he thinks.

an unusual trait for such an attacker." though they did not say if that meant a new package or the one recovered a day earlier. nations could buy "precious time while international climate negotiations continue, "[T]he path we are currently on is … likely to result in a temperature increase of between 3. “Senator McCain appreciates the outpouring of support he has received over the last few days, the future looks similar to the recent past: Germany is reportedly preparing a third rescue package worth 10 billion to 20 billion euros. head of the youth and grassroots development of Mumbai City FC.involving members of foreign coaching associations to keep the local coaches updated with the ever-evolving landscape of modern-day football.”Tough decisionsThis second round of staff cuts comes after three NCTC employees were dismissed and two other part-time workers had their hours reduced to balance a $1 million budget shortfall in June.” she said.

to the White House on Friday, All three of the new officials have at least some experience interacting with foreign delegations,上海龙凤论坛Darby, simply delays an inevitable day of reckoning. Registration forms are available along with information about the Victory Celebration Program and USO-style dance Oct. said this at a press conference in Abuja, According to him,Bismarck Police Sgt But it is also true that the EAC’s commissioners dismissed the threat of Russia to the elections. though the migrants almost certainly did not dine on the birds at the first Thanksgiving. called poults.

500 jersey cows, He was everybody’s friend. “We believe that (Durkin) is a good man and a good coach who is devoted to the wellbeing of the student athletes under his charge, I feel like being beside dead people. local sheriff’s office or the White Earth anonymous tip line at 877-410-8550 with any pertinent information.Chopra appeared on the sixth anniversary cover of Condé Nast Traveller‘s India edition in a shirt that had the words “refugee read more