CAPAM delegates impressed with Guyana’s Smart Classroom

first_imgDelegates of the Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management (CAPAM) were impressed after a demonstration of how Guyana’s Smart Classrooms work. The delegates are currently in Guyana for the 12th Biennial Conference.They were given a hands-on tour of the operations of one of the classrooms by the National Centre for Educational Resource Development’s (NCERD) Information Technology (IT) Coordinator Marcia Thomas. The IT Coordinator informed theInformation Technology Coordinator Marcia Thomas (center standing) addressing the delegates of the Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management (CAPAM) on how the Smart Classroom worksdelegates that the smart classroom was born out of a need to meet the needs of the people, especially those in the hinterland regions. Thomas explained that it is also in keeping with Guyana’s green agenda since the room is powered by solar energy.Many of the delegates were amazed by the system which can effectively contribute to the education process for a large population. Thomas explained that prior to the system’s implementation, teachers were trained to effectively deliver lessons to their students using the new technology. She also indicated that the teacher conducting the lessons has full control of every student’s device.“With the help of the e-Governance unit, we have started connecting all the schools in Guyana. So, every child will have access to education. Every day we have master teachers in here teaching, every child who missed school can into smart class Guyana and pull up that lesson,” she is quoted by the Department of Public Information as explaining.Thomas also highlighted that shortly, an application (APP) will be launched to further enhance the smart classroom. This APP will provide access to hundreds of textbooks, free of cost, for students.last_img read more

Fort St John Senior Flyers hold Annual Barbecue and Awards Celebration

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Fort St. John Senior Flyers held their Annual Barbecue and Awards Celebration on July 20.This event was to celebrate the accomplishments made within the previous 2018-2019 hockey season.According to Flyers President, Paul van Nostrand, the BBQ saw a great turnout with well over 40 players, spouses, and off-ice volunteers in attendance.- Advertisement -Here are this year’s award recipients: Rookie of the Year:Brandon PfeilAdvertisement Most Gentlemanly Player:Sam BrennanTop Defensive Player:Reid CampbellAdvertisement Rod Fontenye Memorial Mr. Hustle Award:Joey Massingham Top Scorer:Rick CleaverRegular Season MVP:Reid CampbellPlayoff MVP:Advertisement Adam HorstMost Dedicated Player:Travis McLeanMost Popular Player:Jeff ShiptonAdvertisementlast_img

Stars promised Sh180,000 for CECAFA win

first_img0Shares0000Harambee Stars players celebrate Whyvonne Isuza’s goal against Burundi during the CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup semi-finals at the Moi Stadium in Kisumu on December 14, 2017. PHOTO/Timothy OlobuluNAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 16- Football Kenya Federation has promised each member of the 37-man Harambee Stars technical bench Sh180,000 if they win Sunday’s CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup final against Zanzibar in Machakos.FKF boss Nick Mwendwa says they will divide the Sh6.5mn cash collected for the team between every member of the contingent as a way of boosting their motivation for the final. According to Mwendwa, half of the Sh3mn cash prize from winning the tournament will go to the team and the rest will come from Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi and his Machakos counterpart Alfred Mutua who have given Sh1mn each and Sh3mn from federation partners SportPesa.“We have already paid them all the allowances up until the game against Burundi on Thursday. We gave the team Sh500,000 for winning their semi-final and for the group stages, each player earned Sh50,000. It is now up to them to do their bit on the pitch,” said the federation chief.Kenya is looking for its seventh CECAFA title with their last conquest coming all the way back in 2013 when the tournament was hosted in Kenya.Zanzibar are in only their second ever final, their first and last being in 1995 when they won it against hosts Uganda.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

FIFA confirm investigation into Paul Pogba’s £89m Man United move

first_img1 Paul Pogba FIFA has announced it is investigating Paul Pogba’s £89million transfer from Juventus to Manchester United last summer.A FIFA spokesperson told Press Association Sport that the world governing body was looking at the deal through its Transfer Matching System (TMS), the online platform that monitors cross-border transfers.“We can confirm that FIFA TMS has been requesting information on this matter. We have no further comment at this stage,” said the FIFA spokesperson.This is understood to be linked to claims that agent Mino Raiola will earn £41million from the world-record deal that saw the French player return to Old Trafford.Those claims will be explained in greater detail in a forthcoming book called ‘Football Leaks: The Dirty Business of Football’, written by two journalists from German newspaper Der Spiegel.The book will allege that the Italian-born, Dutch-based agent will receive payments for acting for the buying and selling club, as well as the player.Acting for all three parties in a transfer is unusual but allowed under certain circumstances, and all details must be logged with FIFA TMS.Neither Pogba nor Raiola has commented on the latest developments.A spokesman for Manchester United said on Tuesday: “We don’t comment on contracts.“FIFA have had the documents since the transfer was completed last August.”The 24-year-old Pogba, who left United to join Juventus in 2012, has been a regular in the Red Devils midfield this season, scoring seven goals in all competitions.FIFA’s interest in the transfer emerged on Tuesday night, shortly after sweeping changes were announced to its audit, ethics and governance committees.The replacement of its chief ethics investigator and ethics judge was always likely to be a controversial move and so it has proved, with the ousted pair claiming their exit is “politically motivated” and “the end of the reform process” at FIFA.last_img read more

Steph Curry on playing with D’Angelo Russell, opening Chase Center and new era of Warriors

first_imgSAN FRANCISCO — When it was brought up that he is now the oldest player on the roster, Stephen Curry looked down to black tablecloth at the Warriors’ new San Francisco facility, rubbed his forehead, and cracked a joke. “Stop reminding me,” he said. “Just hearing it is weird.”It’s also true. After all the turnover from a summer that saw Kevin Durant go to Brooklyn, Andre Iguodala get traded to Memphis and Shaun Livington retire, Curry is the team’s “elder spokesman” — as he prefers to call …last_img

I.D. vs. Evolution Rhetoric Continues Unabated

first_imgThe surge in articles and editorials about intelligent design vs. evolution, prompted by President Bush’s remarks (08/13/2005) often seems to track the political philosophy of the person or group: Republican vs. Democrat, conservative vs. liberal – but not always.  Recent salvos:Irish Scream:  Bill O’Reilly had Dr. Richard Sternberg on his O’Reilly Factor show on Fox News Aug. 24 (see Washington Post background story and Discovery Institute fact sheet).  O’Reilly was clearly animated over the “brutal” tactics of the “fascist” anticreationists as Sternberg described how he was treated at the Smithsonian for allowing an I.D. paper to be published.  With incredulity expressed in two-hand gestures, O’Reilly asked “Why?” they were doing this to him.Concerned Women for Human Events:  The debate over ID was discussed both by Concerned Women for America and Human Events, which reprinted David Limbaugh’s essay (see below).Larry King Jive:  Larry King moderated a heated discussion between pro-ID panelists John MacArthur, Jay Richards and Senator Sam Brownback, and anti-ID panelists Barbara Forrest, Depak Chopra and Senator Christopher Shays.  Larry King’s opening questions seemed off point.  The first thing out of his mouth was asking MacArthur if he believed the earth was only 5000 years old, and then asking Forrest if we came from monkeys, why there are still monkeys.  Both respondents seemed to wonder what those questions had to do with the item under discussion.  The anti-ID side seemed the most intent on making their case that ID isn’t science, while MacArthur wondered why evolutionists seem to be in such a panic over the obvious evidence for design.  Jay Richards stuck to his guns that the Discovery Institute does not advocate mandating ID, despite Forrest’s persistent attempts to prove that ID people are religiously motivated.  Chopra, who accepts ID as a source of consciousness, was more vicious against MacArthur than the evolutionists.  Senator Brownback calmly asked that the nation engage in a vigorous discussion over evolution, bringing the best arguments together.  Let’s identify facts that are facts and theories that are theories, he repeated.Frist in Line:  Senator Bill Frist (R-Tenn), though recently breaking ranks with the President over stem cell research, announced his agreement with Bush over intelligent design in an AP story (see MSNBC News).  Frist has an M.D. from Harvard Medical School.  He said that exposing children to both views “doesn’t force any particular theory on anyone.  I think in a pluralistic society that is the fairest way to go about education and training people for the future.”  The article mentions a voice from the other political persuasion: Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean called President Bush “anti-science” over his remarks.OhIDo:  Governor Bob Taft of Ohio, a Republican, threw his hat into the ID ring, according to the Chillicothe Gazette.  He’s not sure what intelligent design means, but at least feels students ought to be able to hear criticisms of Darwinian evolution.  The “teach the controversy” approach will provide the best compromise, he feels, between opponents who have differing ideas of how evolution should be taught.Dykstra’s Law:  David Limbaugh answered the critics who called him an idiot for this editorial, proving that everyone is someone else’s weirdo.Hidden Motives:  Why did Science reproduce the following quote without comment?  Utah state senator D. Chris Buttars, in a USA Today editorial August 9, said, “The trouble with the ‘missing link’ is that it is still missing! … The theory of evolution … has more holes in it than a crocheted bathtub.”Who Speaks for Space?  In an ostensibly nonpartisan editorial on Space.Com, SETI Institute Director of Education and Public Outreach Edna DeVore spoke out against the President’s remarks.  Though written as the statement of a scientific rather than political organization, and quoting the positions of scientific societies, DeVore nonetheless employed arguments common to liberals: “Teaching creationism is in violation of the separation of church and state, and has been ruled illegal by the US Supreme Court in several cases.”  DeVore mentions in passing that Bush’s remarks have generated about 120 reactions per day in print since he spoke in favor of intelligent design August 2.Name-Calling:  William Safire in the New York Times looked at the scorn heaped on “creationism” in a brief and simplistic history of anti-evolutionism, and quoted several vehement anti-ID polemics, mostly liberal but with one conservative joining the scorn fest.  Noting the new attack word “neo-creo” invented by anticreationist Philip Kitcher to counter the “marketing genius” of the label “intelligent design,” Safire left his own views unclear.  He gave the last word with a Nobel laureate at Brown University, Leon Cooper: “If we could all lighten up a bit perhaps, we could have some fun in the classroom discussing the evidence and the proposed explanations — just as we do at scientific conferences.”Getting Warmer:  The New York Times printed two more articles on the intelligent design controversy Sunday and Monday.  Though the articles still lean heavily against I.D., the Discovery Institute president Bruce Chapman gave them credit for making progress on toning down their bias.  He thinks the articles have gone from 90% negative to about 60%.Separate, but Equal?  Lee Harris at Tech Central Station wrote a long essay that basically takes a “non-overlapping magisteria” position, hoping peace will be attainable if Christians throw creationism overboard and stick with theology, and science leaves them alone with their beliefs.  He calls Darwinism part of the “normal science” consensus of our day.Censorship:  The conservative internet news source World Net Daily has published an issue of its Whistleblower Magazine devoted to the issue, entitled, “Censoring God: Why is the science establishment so threatened by the intelligent design movement?The pro-I.D. Discovery Institute, on its Evolution News blog, keeps harping on reporters to get the definition of I.D. right.  I.D. is not about supernatural design, but about intelligent design.  The I.D. movement remains agnostic about the designer.  Slowly, some reporters are getting their wording right, but many, like the New York Times, keep defining I.D. in sentences like, “[intelligent design claims that] some organisms are too complex to be explained by evolution alone, pointing to the possibility of supernatural influences.”  The wording should be, according to a Discovery Institute statement, “certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause, not an undirected process such as natural selection.”The wording may seem subtle but is significant.  Anti-ID reporters are determined to portray intelligent design as inherently religious, so they employ the word supernatural to make their point: “See?” they gloat, hammerlocking their straw man;  “This can’t be science, because it’s about the supernatural!”  But if the reference is to intelligent causes, those are already employed in scientific explanations in many fields.  Science can investigate whether the cause was planned or unplanned without making any statements about who the Planner was or what the motive for the design was: this is done all the time in archaeology and criminology, for instance – even in SETI itself, which makes DeVore’s position all the more ironic.  Caught in a logical trap, all she can do is fall back on arguments from authority and bandwagon.    It’s good that evolution and intelligent design are getting debated in public more and more these days, but not all comments are well reasoned or informed.  Some writers who think with their gall bladders instead of their cerebra are saying the most bile things.  Investigating I.D. with uninformed prejudice, they ask, “what’s that awful smell?”, unaware it is their own breath blowing back in their face.  Their acerbic remarks may some day come back to sting them when the Darwin idol, like that of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad, falls and is dragged around the scientific square by cheering, liberated minds.(Visited 11 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

PRETTYSHOP Scrunchy Scrunchie Bun Up Do Hair Piece Hair Ribbon Ponytail Extensions Wavy Messy Wine red # 118 G27B : Lovely scrunchie

first_imgVersatile Scrunchie and easy to styleIt’s called ‘Dark Blonde’ but it’s not. It’s a mid blonde.High quality hairpiecePRETTYSHOP Scrunchy Scrunchie Bun Up Do Hair Piece Hair Ribbon Ponytail Extensions Wavy Messy Wine red # 118 G27Bhigh quality synthetic heat-resisting (120°C)fibres, which looks like real human hairVery easy to fit with a elastic Hair tie, 30 gramwashable and very comfortable and easy to usePerfect for adding volume and length. For glamour, fashion and elegance, and at any occasionsOther colours and style available in shop As good as the expensive versions. Great value, as good as the more expensive ones. Good quality scrunchie – bought two slightly different shades. Looks like real hair and blends perfectly with mine. Delivery and service from supplier excellent. Can’t go wrong at the price too. Brilliant product and price. Really pleased with this, keeps my hair neat and quick to do ready for work in the morning. The colour was a perfect match and had loads of positive comments about how it looked. Amazing matching in colour really love it ??. Very good quality and value for money. Very good quality and value for money. My hair is pretty fine so needed to twist around my ponytail three times as it is quite a full hairpiece but still looked good and colour match was good too. Good but be careful of what colour you order otherwise you will waste your money. Love this scrunchie, its more or less an exact match to my own hair. I think i might order a few more and just keep swapping them as i use them as i think they might become tatty over weeks or months. Useful looks fairly realistic a tighter curl would also be welcome. Very realistic and comfortable to wear. Very realistic and comfortable to wear.More then enough hair to add depth to your own. I have very fine hair which is thinning due to thyroid issues (getting better though). I got this hoping to create a more volumised look to a messy side bun look i want for an upcoming black tie event. Usually i wouldn’t be brave enough to attempt an up-do like that myself but the event is on a sunday, hairdressers all closed, so it’s diy. For this price and based on the good reviews i figured i would give these a go. I ordered 2 colours, the 10a medium brown (shown in the pictures) and another one called brunette. They are almost identical in colour but the brunette isn’t the same style at all, it’s much shorter and curlier. If you have a look at the pictures you can see the medium brown is not a bad match for my hair at all. Slightly lighter than my own hair but hair tends to be naturally lighter at the ends anyway. Wonderful products, only criticism is the scrunchi elastic band is not wide enough so are unable to be twisted plenty of.Amazing solution and selling price. Definitely happy with this, keeps my hair neat and speedy to do ready for perform in the early morning.Matched my hair colour so very well could not notify it was falselook & feels realrecommend to anyone seeking rapid & ease type updo.Superior excellent scrunchie – bought two a little bit diverse shades. Appears to be like serious hair and blends properly with mine. Supply and assistance from supplier excellent. Are unable to go completely wrong at the selling price as well.Matched my hair colour so very well could not notify it was falselook & feels realrecommend to anyone seeking rapid & ease type updo.Had to minimize out a huge chunk of dazzling ginger. Experienced to slash out a massive chunk of vivid ginger, so not as purely natural looking as it need to have been. Good but be careful of what colour you order otherwise you will waste your money. Love it very natural in colour and style. I want to wear it every day,colour is true to picture,highly recommended. Worth every penny have had lots of compliments. Amazing matching in colour really love it ??. last_img read more

Coming To A Restaurant Near You: Online Food Delivery

first_img8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… adam popescu Related Posts This week’s eyebrow-raising $49 million round of funding for German food-ordering site Delivery Hero as well as a flurry of similar recent deals, indicate that consumers and restaurant owners want digital delivery. The U.S. restaurant industry is enormous — $632 billion in annual sales, according to the National Restaurant Association — but also cruelly efficent. The rate of business failure is legendary. But, online food delivery is growing again after furtive entrepreneurial efforts during the Internet boom. And one of the safer bets in the food business has to be on the automation of putting food in American stomachs.According to a study by the National Restaurant Association, 39% of consumers say they would use electronic ordering to buy meals if it were available. That, perhaps prompted 55% of restaurant owners in the same study to say electronic payment systems, essential to online ordering, will become more important to the industry. While some restauranteurs choose to build their own systems, third-party systems vendors, like U.S. market leaders Living Social, Seamless and GrubHub, are a more popular choice as most businesses don’t have the time or ability to create their own options for customers. A host of similar, smaller services are gaining restaurant clients, too, and the reason is clear: They’re easy to use, and that functionality keeps customers engaged. Chris Webb, chief executive at Venice, Calif.-based delivery site ChowNow says his company is succeeding because online customers order “again and again and again.” ChowNow allows customers to order from restaurants via its site and mobile app, and also creates custom menus as well as websites to host restaurant’s content and promote them. In addition to custom client menus and sites, ChowNow provides restaurants with the spending and eating trends of their customers. “If they (restaurant managers) know what a customer is worth to them, a restaurant then knows how much they should spend to acquire more customers,” said Webb.The National Restaurant Association’s recent study reported that 36% of Americans have placed an order online, with 46% saying they would order via a smartphone app if that option was offered. Webb’s service seems to be confirming this trend. “The average customer orders $46 worth of food every month at restaurants using ChowNow.” Webb said he is confident about his industry’s future. “GrubHub, the so-called market leader, will do about $500 million in gross billings (orders taken through its system) this year,” he said. “That is a fraction of one percent of the overall market. When the market leader holds less than 1% of the market, it makes me obviously very bullish.”Photo by Markteecenter_img Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Tags:#apps#web last_img read more

Hyperlapse for Filmmakers

first_imgIn the future, all shots will be smooth.By now, you’ve probably seen some of the amazing examples of timelapse imagery created with iPhones using Instagram Hyperlapse from Facebook. Many of these videos are stunning, even more so considering they are coming from a free app on a smartphone:For the uninitiated: a hyperlapse is timelapse plus camera movement. Traditionally, a camera would be set up with an intervalometer to snap the shutter every minute (for example) – that’s the timelapse part. Place the camera on a motion control rig, move it to a new position with each shutter snap, and voíla, a ‘hyperlapse’.While photo purists will argue whether or not a hyperlapse is a true “hyperlapse” (which they will certainly argue it is not), it is undoubtedly a very cool app, and not because it plays back your footage really fast. There is so much more going on under the hood than high speed playback of video footage. The secret sauce to hyperlapse is in the image stabilization function.Using your smartphone’s accelerometer and gyroscope data, hyperlapse smooths out the jiggles and shakes of your handheld motion:Because it can’t create something from nothing, hyperlapse scales your image to create enough spatial data to compensate for motion without seeing the edges of the frame. This is very similar to how After Effects Warp Stabilizer works, but rather than using pixel data to determine motion, hyperlapse uses real world motion data from the camera sensors. The scaling is adaptive, which means that if you have very little movement, then the scale is minor. If you have a lot of motion, then it will scale more. It’s a really smart way to do this.This is one of those times in no-budget indie filmmaking where you realize that everything just got cheaper and easier. Rather than just making cool timelapse + motion shots of your daily commute, just ditch the speed up function and play everything back at 1x and make some movies!Why not block out scenes using an iPhone with no tripod?You could easily do long, mediums and close ups, covering a scene very quickly with a handheld phone. Just hold it relatively steady and shoot with hyperlapse — the shots will be solid. Tracking shots, booming up and down, dollies are all within arms reach, so to speak. While the video quality of the final product is relatively low-res (hyperlapse produces 720P/30 h264 files), a director and a couple of actors could easily block out actor and camera movement.The LimitationsThere are real drawbacks to using this tool to get a stable shot. For instance, scaling a 1080P image with heavy motion will soften and degrade an image, and may introduce motion blur artifacts. Particularly in low-light this may render a shot unusable. Hyperlapse, and really every piece of software image stabilization can’t fix, introduces motion blur. In shots with relatively little motion it’s not that big of a deal, but shots with a lot of motion blur look really strange — there is smooth motion, but the pixels dance with a constantly shifting and obvious directional blur.Also, hyperlapse doesn’t give you many options when it comes to deciding the “smoothness” of a shot. The great thing about After Effects Warp Stabilizer is that you can decide on a degree of smoothness, how much to crop, etc. I get that an app like hyperlapse is about ease of use, and it is absolutely easy to use, but it would be nice to have a few sliders to tweak. It would also be great to be able tto shoot high bit rate video at 24 frames per second. And how great would it be to get a file that contained the original video clip, the motion data and the final smoothed clip all as separate elements that could be tweaked infinitely?!The Future of HyperlapseWith 4K smartphone cameras just around the corner and things like “Reduce Camera Shake” algorithms already in use, it is really easy to see where all this is headed. My guess is that within a year or two, the motion sensor + image data mashup will become standard not only on smartphone cameras, but also on DSLRs and Mirrorless.As a bridge to that future, developers in France are creating a box that slaps right onto your existing camera, along with a stand alone piece of software that builds the final shots in post. It is called SteadXP. They are about to crowdfund it and say the unit will cost less than a GoPro when ready for market.There are a couple of drawbacks to an attached device and post process, which I hope they figure out. One of the coolest things about hyperlapse (and physical stabilizers) is that you can review a shot right after you take it. Leaving that up to a post process means you never really know what you’re getting on set. Second, having an external device connected to your camera means some kind of calibration and syncing to get motion data and image data to line up. These are things that can go wrong and won’t be noticeable until you get back to a computer to crunch it all together. In the end, you may end up back in After Effects and Warp Stabilizer anyway.If this is real, and it works like advertised, I expect the flood of brushless gimbal 3 axis stabilizers to subside. And I suspect there are some smart developers working right now on an app that lives on a smartphone and we’ll all be strapping an iPhone 6 to our DSLRs. And in no time, all pro cameras may have motion sensors built in and we’ll have to use an Instagram filter to simulate the authenticity of a “Shaky Shot”. Ok, ok, maybe that’s going too far.last_img read more

Goa Congress legislators stage walkout

first_imgPanaji: The Congress legislators staged a walkout on the second day of the Assembly’s Budget Session on Thursday, condemning Governor Mridula Sinha’s decision to not invite the party to form a government, even after it had emerged as the single largest party in the recent elections.All 16 MLAs of the Congress were wearing black armbands as a mark of protest. When the Governor began her customary address to the members of the Assembly, Congress Legislative Party leader Babu Kavlekar stood up and said Ms. Sinha’s decision to invite the BJP to form a government, despite the party coming second in the elections with 13 MLAs in the 40-member House, was against the spirit of the constitution, and also a condemnable act. Some of the Congress’s MLAs backed Mr. Kavlekar and staged a walkout.However, the Nationalist Congress Party MLA Churchill Alemao remained seated during the walkout. Mr. Alemaon has been served a show-cause notice by his party for backing the BJP-led coalition government in the confidence motion in the House last week.In her address, the governor said that her government was committed to eliminating open defacation in Goa by October 2, 2019, the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.Mopa airportMs. Sinha said the Greenfield international airport project at Mopa, North Goa, will have a potential of 28 million passengers per annum. She said the government will also ensure that the Dabolim airport remain functional for civilians.last_img read more