FAMEII to offer incentives for EVs from next month

first_imgNew Delhi: From April, up to 10 lakh electric two-wheelers will get subsidy of Rs 20,000 each while 35,000 fully electric cars can avail benefit of Rs 1.5 lakh under the newly notified FAME-II scheme, reducing their prices for buyers. The second phase of the Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles in India (FAME-II) will be implemented for three years starting next month with a Rs 10,000 crore outlay. It has also envisaged providing support to 7,090 e-buses (having an ex-factory price of up to Rs 2 crore) with an incentive of up to Rs 50 lakh each, according to a notification issued by the Heavy Industries Ministry. Also Read – Maruti cuts production for 8th straight month in SepMoreover, 5 lakh e-rickshaws having ex-factory price of up to Rs 5 lakh are set to get incentive of Rs 50,000 each. As per the notification, incentives of Rs 1.5 lakh each to 35,000 electric four-wheelers with an ex-factory price of up to Rs 15 lakh, and support of Rs 13,000 each to 20,000 strong hybrid four-wheelers with ex-factory price of up to Rs 15 lakh will be provided. The automobile industry has hailed the government’s move to announce the much awaited FAME-II scheme ahead of kicking in of the code of conduct for general elections, as further delay would have meant it could be rolled out only after the formation of the next government. Also Read – Ensure strict implementation on ban of import of e-cigarettes: revenue to Customs”This is a well-timed opportunity taken. There is continuity as there is no break between FAME-I and FAME-II,” Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) Director General Vishnu Mathur said. The FAME-II scheme will have a Rs 1,500-crore outlay in 2019-20; Rs 5,000 crore in 2020-21 and Rs 3,500 crore in 2021-22. It will cover buses with EV technology; electric, plug-in hybrid and strong hybrid four wheelers; electric three-wheelers including e-rickshaws and electric two-wheelers. “Now we have a road map for the next three years. The government has done its part and it is for the auto industry to perform now,” Mathur said. Considering that in FAME-I, the allocation was around Rs 800 crore, in the second phase it is a huge jump, which is a big boost for the industry, he added. Expressing similar views, Ather Energy Chief Business Officer Ravneet Phokela said, “Overall, FAME-II is a well-honed scheme that focuses on the key consumer adoption drivers, and also encourages local manufacturing of high-quality products; exactly what the EV industry needed at this stage.” He further said the decision to link battery capacity to subsidy is a great move since it will ensure influx of high-performance, quality vehicles. “The regulation that mandates players to provide at least 3 years of comprehensive warranty will encourage serious players to invest in the entire component cycle,” Phokela said. This, combined with the emphasis on local sourcing, is bound to aid automakers to invest in building a sustainable production ecosystem, he added.last_img read more

Beyond yoga pants Lululemon concept store in Vancouver offers superfans limited edition

VANCOUVER — It’s part store, part factory, and part design studio where shoppers flick through racks of clothes next to a designer quietly sketching at a table.New ideas for pants and tops are pinned to a cork board in the corner. Rows of sewing machines whirr away behind the cash registers.Lululemon’s Lab store is a bright sunlit space with high ceilings, steps from the Olympic Village and a short drive from where the Canadian athletic wear company opened its first store in Vancouver. It’s where in-the-know fans go to scoop up limited editions of designs that may make it into the retailer’s other stores.But it’s mostly an ideas incubator for the retailer, where the designers go far beyond the stretchy black yoga pants that helped Lululemon become a household name.In addition to the Lab’s take on yoga and exercise clothes, plenty of what is for sale isn’t for stretching or sweating. Elegant pants and skirts are draped over hangers. Dark coloured dresses and tops in neutral colours tempt shoppers. The designers are looking to dress their customers from morning to night.“It offers something different, especially in Vancouver where they’ve had access to the brand for years now,” said Lacey Norton, the Lab’s general manager.“We’re constantly looking at how we create a unique experience.”Norton is dressed top to bottom in Lab clothes — a pair of navy blue crop pants, a collarless black fleece jacket and a linen top.As the company deals with the latest complaints about see-through yoga pants and the quality of its fabrics, the Lab store is meant to push Lululemon beyond the lines of comfortable and flattering exercise clothes.Lululemon recently named Tara Poseley, a former Kmart executive, as its chief product officer, filling a role left vacant by the departure of Sheree Waterson in April. Waterson left after the company was forced to recall its popular Luon pants because some turned out to be see-through.RBC Capital Markets noted at the time of Poseley’s hiring that she did not have “significant experience” with technical athletic apparel.“We realize her job is more encompassing than product design but, in our view, her predecessor’s ability to meld fashion with technical garments was very strong. Hopefully, Ms. Poseley can do the same,” the firm said in a note to clients.The Lab, which opened in 2009, has three designers, 10 retail staff and about 30 on the production side sewing the clothes sold in the store. What isn’t made on site is produced in the Vancouver suburb of Burnaby, B.C.Norton says the designers work to a tight schedule, keeping a sharp eye on fast-moving trends and designing very close to their actual production deadlines. Clothes for sale on the racks in the store in November were on the design board in September.Unlike the retailer’s regular stores that are filled with colourful workout gear, most of the clothes here are black or muted colours. Greys. Burgundy.Norton says part of the reason is practical — the runs of products they make are small, so they are unable to offer multiple colours of designs or custom prints.She also says they are trying to offer something a little different, a little more timeless.Clothes produced by the Lab are only available at the Lab, but sometimes designs, including Norton’s navy blue crop pants, crossover to the mainstream.Once a month, ideas born in the Lab are presented to Lululemon’s main design team which will then take them over, sometimes tweaking the colours and fabric before launching it in the retailer’s other stores and online.But Norton says the Lab is about more than clothes.The store will host a gin tasting later this month, as well as a candle workshop. Next month there’s a book binding event and a onesie dye class.“We’re also interacting with our community in interesting ways by dedicating our windows to local artists, hosting unique events within the space and working on a smaller scale to really create unique products,” she says. read more

Couple arrested for fraud

Her husband, who was also wanted for fraud, had surrendered to the CCD today, the police media unit said.They had obtained over Rs. 7.3 million from the people who they had promised to send overseas. A couple in Rajagiriya have been arrested for deceiving several people and obtaining money after promising to send them overseas.The police media unit said that a lady was arrested from Lake Gardens yesterday based on a complaint received by the Colombo Crimes Division (CCD). The CCD is conducting further investigations. (Colombo Gazette)

Ban expresses deepest condolences to Connecticut Governor following school shooting

In his correspondence with Governor Dan Malloy, Mr. Ban’s spokesperson added late Friday that the United Nations chief said that “the targeting of children is heinous and unthinkable, and extended his thoughts and prayers to the families of the victims and with all others traumatized by this horrendous crime.”On Friday morning, a gunman opened fire at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, killing 26 people – including 20 children – in what has been reported as the second-deadliest school shooting in US history.

Even The Orioles Have A Shot In The AL East

Even The Orioles Have A Shot In The AL East

Ben Lindbergh joins the Hot Takedown podcast to preview the 2016 MLB season. neil (Neil Paine, senior sportswriter): All right — the AL East is perennially one of the most competitive divisions in baseball, but the balance of power has shifted a bit away from the classic Yankees-Red Sox rivalry in recent years. Do we think that will persist this year with Toronto winning again, or do we have reason to think New York and especially Boston will return to their former glories?dszymborski: Well, both teams have a plausible case to contention, though either could come off the rails very quickly. I think it’s truer than ever that there are no great AL East teams or even any great AL teams, period.emmaspan: I’d agree with Dan that the AL East is pretty wide open. It wouldn’t shock me to see any of these teams squeak into a wild-card spot. And I believe SI’s preseason predictions for the AL East last year ended up being an exact inversion of the final standings. So everyone should definitely listen to me.dszymborski: The nice thing about the “all teams are plausible!” prediction is that people end up having to be less specific in their anger at me by the time the season ends.emmaspan: I think Boston will be pretty good this year, although to be fair, I also thought that last year, and, well. But I think the race is likelier to be between the Red Sox and the Blue Jays than the Yankees. All three of those teams have a lot of question marks in their rotations, but I think the Sox and Jays have lineups that can cover for a lot of that, and I’m not sure I’d say the same for New York. A FiveThirtyEight Chat emmaspan: Oh my gosh. I changed my mind: Orioles are going all the way this year. neil: So, to recap: slight edge to the Jays, but maybe the Red Sox, Yankees or even the Rays … And the Orioles will either finish last or recapture the spirit of ’89 in song and performance.emmaspan: That about sums it up on my end.dszymborski: Seems like a reasonable wrapup. And hi, Nate. I see you typing.natesilver (Nate Silver, editor in chief): Thanks, Dan and Emma!emmaspan: Hi Nate! [waves]natesilver: Was gonna say that we really need to work on an oral history of the 1991 Detroit Tigers: Tettleton + Fielder + Deer + Incaviglia = AWESOME.neil: Save it for the AL Central chat, Nate. :)emmaspan: And don’t give me any ideas you don’t want me to steal. dszymborski: I know the whole “Why Not?” song. I had the 1989 team video on VHS. It also included a Mickey Tettleton version of “I Love Mickey.” Boston Red Soxneil: You guys sound high on the Red Sox, despite the last-place finish a year ago. How much of that is the offseason additions (David Price, Craig Kimbrel, etc.) and how much is simply the guys who had down seasons a year ago bouncing back in some way, shape or form?dszymborski: I’m slightly higher on them than the Yankees. I actually picked them as very slight division favorites, but a lot can still go wrong.emmaspan: The latter, for me — the Red Sox played much better the second half of last year than the first. It looked like things were starting to come together. And any time you can add a durable (so far) ace like Price, it’s a big boost.dszymborski: Hard to go wrong signing David Price!emmaspan: I don’t think Hanley Ramirez or Pablo Sandoval will necessarily return to form, but if they can just be decent, there’s still a lot to like in that lineup.dszymborski: Ramirez at least seems to have more buy-in about playing first base. I urged people not to overrate how good he’d be in left field, but I didn’t see that disaster coming. I’m less optimistic on Sandoval. It was such a strange pair of signings. Third base was the logical reason to sign either Hanley or Sandoval going into last winter, but then they signed both.emmaspan: I wouldn’t say I’m optimistic about Sandoval, either, but last year was his worst ever and he’s still only 29, so I don’t think a return to (at least) mediocrity is out of the question. But yeah, those were strange moves even at the time. Personally, I will miss the sheer adventure of Hanley in left. A real adrenaline rush.dszymborski: I think the GM change is good for the Red Sox not just because of any managerial issue, just because it’s easier to walk away from various Sandoval/Ramirez experiments if they go poorly. Dave Dombrowski has nothing personally invested in Sandoval’s contract working out.emmaspan: That “if” is very generous of you.dszymborski: I’m a sunny optimist.neil: Yeah, I wanted to ask about the regime change there — Dombrowski is demonstrably one of the best GMs in baseball, but what is he going to do to succeed where Ben Cherington failed? And what do we make of that story where John Henry backed away from sabermetrics a bit as a guiding strategy?emmaspan: We’ll obviously have to see how it plays out, but I think the John Henry quotes got a little overblown — I think what he was saying is that they want to use a good mixture of analytics and scouting, which at this point is hardly controversial. Or shouldn’t be.dszymborski: Yeah. His comments also came at a slow time in the news cycle, so they got blown up a bit. Though Ruben Amaro and their “secret analytics” was highly entertaining for a few days.emmaspan: One of the most fun aspects of SI’s baseball season preview every year is we talk to a bunch of scouts, anonymously, about every team. They have some really fascinating (and funny) insights that you don’t get from even the best statistical analysis — but, of course, they also are spectacularly wrong sometimes. The Red Sox obviously did very well by sabermetrics and I don’t see them tossing it over the side. Almost all the best teams in baseball right now are teams that have done a good job balancing those perspectives.dszymborski: It used to be you had a serious divide between teams using data well and teams that don’t. That’s so much not the case these days.emmaspan: One thing to watch with Dombrowski is how much freedom he gets from ownership. That was an issue with Cherington, apparently, at several key points in his tenure.dszymborski: Yeah, he never really had the political capital that Theo Epstein did.emmaspan: You can be the best GM in the world, but if the owners insist that you hire Bobby Valentine, well …neil: Fair enough. So if Red Sox fans had any reason to panic, it should be more about maybe, say, the back end of that rotation than any grand shift in organization direction.emmaspan: Yes, although ownership meddling is something to be wary of in that and other areas.dszymborski: As organizations have more complex management structures and ownership groups continue to get more involved, I think chalking moves up to a specific GM isn’t as useful as it once was. New York Yankeesneil: All right, let’s move on to the Yankees. According to the numbers, at least, they might be the most underrated team in baseball — which I never thought I’d actually hear a Yankee team described as.dszymborski: One surprising — and positive — thing about New York is just how young its good pitching is. I do this thing called “contribution age,” in which I weight a team’s age by its projected WAR, and the Yankees actually have the second-youngest pitching staff based on where they’re getting the value from (slightly behind the Mets).emmaspan: Do you think those young guys are ready, Dan? Luis Severino did look really strong last year, but small sample size and all that.dszymborski: Oh, I’m frightened by the downside, but a lot of the contributions that they’re going to get will need to be from those young/youngish guys. I’m bullish on Severino especially, simply because he’s one of the few starters that actually has his arm completely intact.emmaspan: Speaking of which, I worry about Michael Pineda staying healthy. I mean, also every other pitcher in the league, but Pineda has a long list of injury issues.neil: Masahiro Tanaka, too, has his own injury history as well.emmaspan: A good chunk of the Yankees’ season probably hangs on Tanaka’s elbow, which is pretty precarious. And I think at CC Sabathia‘s age, it’s unlikely he’ll get back to his top form, which is too bad, because he was enormously fun to watch.dszymborski: He was one of the great hopes for the next 300-game winner for a while, too. Watching his ZiPS career projection for wins come down year after year is very depressing. It peaked at 274 five years ago. Now it’s down to 231.emmaspan: Aw, CC. At least it sounds like he’s in a good place off the field and that’s great.neil: But is it fair to say the Yankees will probably once again be somewhere between OK and pretty decent on both the runs scored and allowed fronts? That was their formula last season, but it fell short of what are always the ravenous expectations in the Bronx.dszymborski: That seems about right. It’s an old risky team that can still patch together enough of a run to remain solid.emmaspan: That’s what I think. Their lineup is still overly reliant on old (by baseball standards) players but they shored it up a bit this offseason. I think it’ll be serviceable, and like the last few years, probably enough to put them in contention for a wild card. Money can’t buy you a championship, but it can keep you from totally sucking.dszymborski: I find using “old” a more loaded term these days, given how quickly baseball is running out of players that are older than I am.emmaspan: You should love the Yankees, then, Dan. Speaking of old, I thought for sure A-Rod would be cooked last year, but he was one of their best players. Is there any way he manages that again?dszymborski: I think he could. The question before last year was whether, after injuries and missing a year, he’d be able to do it at all. That he did it once should make us slightly more optimistic.neil: A-Rod’s regression potential, though, is another limiting factor for that lineup that probably keeps them more “OK” than “great.”dszymborski: Some of the issues in the offense would look less urgent if not for the Greg Bird injury.emmaspan: Yeah, not a great idea to go in without a good Mark Teixeira backup plan.neil: And what do we make of this bullpen Death Star they’ve built when Aroldis Chapman returns from suspension?emmaspan: It could make up for some of those rotation question marks — you don’t need to rely on length from that group of starters. For me, it would be more fun to watch if their buy-low on Chapman while he was under investigation for domestic violence hadn’t been so discouraging. But yes, from a pure baseball perspective, it’ll still be a spectacle.One of the more impressive aspects of the Yankees’ recent history is that for all their issues, they’ve done a good job replacing Mariano Rivera, which is a tall order. None of these guys are Mo, don’t get me wrong, but the bullpen hasn’t really been one of their problems. Toronto Blue Jaysneil: Well, let’s talk about the team that won the division last year, the Blue Jays. They were arguably the best team in baseball last season (sorry, Royals), but neither FanGraphs nor Baseball Prospectus’s projections think they’re the frontrunners this season. What do we think? Was last year their peak, or can they be as good this time around?emmaspan: The Blue Jays are my pick to win the division this year. Like last year, their lineup should be terrifying, but their rotation is less steady than you’d like. They’ll miss David Price. But when you can outscore everyone on the planet like that, it makes up for a lot.dszymborski: I think they come back to earth a bit. Not a lot went wrong last year. They’ll score a ton of runs, but there’s certainly some downside risk there. Though they’re still competitive, like the rest of the AL East.emmaspan: Even assuming that Josh Donaldson, Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion won’t all have 40-HR seasons like last year, they can still bludgeon a lot of pitchers. They should also have a full year of Marcus Stroman, which could be huge (though I do worry a little about putting so much pressure on a kid who only had five starts last year).I covered the Blue Jays in the playoffs last year, including that crazy ALDS Game 5, and it was something else. I actually might be overestimating them a little because of how insane that moment was.neil: It was an incredible moment. But at that stage of the season, they’d also been buoyed by deadline pickups (in addition to actually playing to their run differential). Do they need to go out and get pieces again?emmaspan: I think they need a pitcher. Though there probably won’t be another David Price lying around.dszymborski: And even if there was, trading for a second David Price is tough.emmaspan: Yes. And their new GM has expressed reluctance to make those huge moves, which I know has some Jays fans worried.dszymborski: Yeah, say that the Nats are terrible and Stephen Strasburg is available. That’s all well and good, but it will be harder for the Jays to come up with another trade package in 2016.emmaspan: But one other thing in their favor — their offense was that good without Troy Tulowitzki hitting very well. He’ll help their defense regardless, but if he can return to even kinda his usual form, that’s huge. Even if you don’t get another ace at the deadline, even just a solid mid-rotation guy can be enough when you score 18 runs per game. (Slight exaggeration.)neil: Only slight.emmaspan: They also could use another reliable bullpen arm or two, I think. That might be easier to come by.dszymborski: But they have the mid-rotation guys. It’s the ace-type that you can confidently start six times in the playoffs they don’t have.emmaspan: I think Stroman can be that guy, though they’ll want to watch his innings this year.dszymborski: It’s a lot to put on a guy who just came back from one injury.emmaspan: Also, I personally am ready for the R.A. Dickey renaissance. Is it likely? OK, no. But it would be wonderful and you never fucking know with knuckleballers. (Please feel free to edit out my profanity — I get very worked up about knuckleballs.)neil: Profanity is fine, but only in the context of knuckleball pitchers.dszymborski: Dickey hasn’t been disappointing even, just not super inspiring: a slightly above-average pitcher that never misses a start. He’s also only 41 — he can be around for another decade or so.emmaspan: Right, but I vividly remember his Cy Young season for the Mets. That was crazy fun.dszymborski: That mid-year stretch when nobody scored on him ever!emmaspan: And he had a few great starts last year, too, if I recall correctly. It’s still in there, somewhere, maybe!dszymborski: 2.80 second-half ERA!emmaspan: There you go. In my mind the AL Cy Young is already sewn up. Everyone else can go home.neil: You said it, Emma — you never (fucking) know with guys like that. But barring some kind of Dickey renaissance, the Jays’ only really question mark is the rotation, it seems. Emma said she’s picking Toronto as favorites; what say ye, Dan?dszymborski: Slightly picking Red Sox. But again, this is a year in which I can just project everybody to have a fun time.emmaspan: Red Sox were a close second for me. We pretty much agree, which means this is probably the Rays’ year. Tampa Bay Raysneil: Maybe the real wild card in this division (not literally the AL Wild Card, just the figure of speech — although maybe the literal Wild Card, too) is the Tampa Bay Rays. PECOTA is picking them to win the division, on the strength of a really outlier-ish fielding performance. What do you think? Are the Rays back?dszymborski: Yeah, ZiPS had the opposite: Rays at 80-82.neil: I think most other sources were more in line with ZiPS. Vegas pegged them with an over/under of 78 wins.emmaspan: I don’t think the Rays are back quite yet, but they’re better, and if a few things went right for them, the Wild Card is pretty realistic. I do think they’ll have good defense (Kevin Kiermaier by himself is basically a good defense), and potentially a strong rotation.dszymborski: Yeah, it could happen for sure. They’re a non-terrible team in a wide-open division.emmaspan: I just don’t see them hitting enough. But a few surprise performances and a couple of trades and who knows?dszymborski: You’re really seeing some of the effects of their recent drafts not bearing fruit yet. Only a single drafted Ray since David Price in 2007 has five WAR in the majors: Kiermaier.emmaspan: I’m pretty fascinated to see if Kiermaier’s insane defensive stats hold up. I mean, he’s obviously an excellent, excellent centerfielder — but worth five wins on defense alone?dszymborski: There’s gotta be some regression on that. Defensive stats are just so volatile. But even at +15, he’s a valuable player.emmaspan: Yeah, generally you take a single season of defensive stats with large grains of salt. That said, you watch him field, and he really is awesome. Obligatory plug — check out last week’s issue of SI for more on Kiermaier and his crazy centerfielding.dszymborski: I prefer “centerfieldery.” Sounds better after “feats of.”emmaspan: You’re right. Let’s go with “crazy feats of centerfieldery.” I won’t tell the SI copy desk if you don’t.neil: But it sounds like you both are somewhat skeptical of that +56 fielding runs above average PECOTA is spitting out for Tampa. Do they have much of a plausible path to the division crown if that doesn’t end up happening? Looking at the rest of their roster, it doesn’t seem like there’s enough else there.dszymborski: To establish +56 as a baseline, you gotta do it longer. (It’s like projecting Bonds in his 73-homer season. Even though he did hit 73, you probably shouldn’t have projected it beforehand.) And without that +56, it’s tougher for the Rays. But remember, I don’t see them being quite that good defensively and still think there’s a path — just not the most likely one.emmaspan: Right. I don’t think it’s likely but, again, it wouldn’t be shocking. Chris Archer is awesome. Matt Moore’s looked great. I think Drew Smyly can be good. Combine a really good rotation with very good fielding — even if it isn’t +56 fielding runs above average — and stranger things have happened.neil: In fairness, I should also say their catchers — specifically, Hank Conger and René Rivera — are really good framers. So some of that is being factored into PECOTA.emmaspan: Evan Longoria going back to his star levels would go a long way towards helping. I don’t know how likely that is. And even if it did, I still think they need a couple bats. But I don’t think they’re far away from contending.dszymborski: No, just need some things to go right. Like when you don’t want to do your homework and there’s a 40 percent chance of snow in the forecast. In honor of the 2016 Major League Baseball season, which starts Sunday, FiveThirtyEight is assembling some of our favorite baseball writers to chat about the year to come. Today, we focus on the American League East with Sports Illustrated senior editor Emma Span and ESPN analyst Dan Szymborski. The transcript below has been edited.Toronto Blue JaysBoston Red SoxNew York YankeesTampa Bay RaysBaltimore Orioles Baltimore Oriolesneil: You guys have just told me why any of the Jays, Red Sox, Yankees or Rays could win this division without anything too crazy happening. Does it stand to reason that Baltimore, who won this division as recently as two years ago, also fits that description?dszymborski: Pretty much. Although there’s something depressing about the fact that the Os had to increase their payroll to $150 million just to essentially maintain last year’s roster. (Which went 81-81.)emmaspan: They would surprise me the most of any AL East team, but even for them I would say they still have a shot. They’re gonna clobber a ton of home runs. That pitching, though.neil: The rotation looks especially shaky.dszymborski: It’s essentially four soft-tossing righties and Kevin Gausman, who they spent all of last year trying to use in the most awkward way imaginable.emmaspan: We did a big article on Jake Arrieta this week. Between what he said about his time in Baltimore and what the scout we talked to said about Gausman, yikes. Developing pitching prospects is risky for any team, but the Orioles desperately need to break this pattern.dszymborski: I think the Os lead the league in home runs, go 81-81, and the organization can’t quite figure out why.emmaspan: Their path to success is similar to last year’s Jays: out-slug all comers. But, again, for the Jays that involved picking up one of the best pitchers in baseball at the deadline, and that’s a tall order.dszymborski: Baltimore’s closer to a rebuild than any of the other AL East teams, I think. The farm’s dried up, they can’t increase payroll any more, and Manny Machado’s only got three years to free agency now.emmaspan: I feel awful for Orioles fans if the team doesn’t extend Machado and he goes elsewhere. Oof.dszymborski: I’m from Baltimore! I’m slowly coming to terms that he’s signing somewhere else for $300 million.emmaspan: I do think they have kind of a secret weapon in Buck Showalter, who can win you a few extra one-run games. And Yovani Gallardo should be pretty solid. It’s not an inspiring signing, but it’s something.dszymborski: Despite the doom and gloom, they do have a playoff scenario. It’s just that they’re going to have to face some tough questions quicker than the others.emmaspan: Your 2015 Baltimore Orioles: “Well, It’s Something.”neil: Better or worse than “Why Not?” More: Apple Podcasts | ESPN App | RSS | Embed Embed Code read more

Review Asus Eee PC Seashell 1215N 121inch netbook

first_imgPros+ Very fast, a netbook for people who don’t like waiting+ Excellent touchpad, soft and responsive+ Large, bright screen which should be the new standard for netbooks+ Keyboard keys are well laid out, pleasure to type on (but check cons below)Cons– Overall look and feel is a bit plasticy– Keyboard has a worrying amount of flex– Display viewing angles aren’t great– Can get quite hot with extended use so not great for on your lapDetailed SpecificationIntel Pinetrail 1.8GHz dual core processor12.1-inch 1366×768 LED-backlit displayIntel GMA 3150 and a Nvidia ION 2 (1.2GHz 16-core GPU) switching controlled by Nvidia Optimus250GB hard drive2GB RAMWindows 7 Home Premium 32-bitWiFi 802.11b/g/nBluetooth0.3MP webcam6-cell Li-Ion 5200 mAh, 57W/h battery (rated 7 hours, realistic: 5 hours)1.46Kg / 3.22lbs3 USB 2.0 portsVGAHDMIMicHeadphone outEthernetChiclet keyboardMultitouch touchpadNote: The 1215N netbook used for this review was provided by Asus as a test unit and has since been shipped back to them. Choosing a netbook over a laptop used to mean making a compromise in order to save some cash. Screen size would be limited to 10-inch, the processor was a single-core 1.6GHz solution, and graphics came from a just-good-enough Intel integrated solution. This was done to protect the laptop market as much as it was to allow a lower price point to be offered to consumers.The gap between netbook and laptop continues to blur, though. Screen sizes are getting bigger, Nvidia ION is now used as a more powerful graphics solution in many netbooks, and the Atom processors are being updated and now include a dual core option.The Asus 1215N reviewed here is definitely a cross-over machine rather than a pure netbook offering. This is made clear from the basic specs:Intel Pinetrail 1.8GHz dual core processor12.1-inch 1366×768 LED-backlit displayIntel GMA 3150 and a Nvidia ION 2 (1.2GHz 16-core GPU) switching controlled by Nvidia Optimus250GB hard drive2GB RAMWindows 7 Home Premium 32-bitAs you can see, this is not a typical netbook, and the price Asus set reflects that at $485. It’s more common to see a netbook priced around $300, but then they don’t have the screen size, processing, or graphical performance on offer here. In that regard you may see the extra $185 as worth it, particularly if you’ve been struggling to watch HD video on your current netbook.And that’s clearly one of the reasons Asus has decided to release its latest update to the Eee PC Seashell line. This is a netbook aimed at users who want to use it for entertainment purposes as well as a device for surfing the web.As well as sporting an updated dual core processor, and plenty of RAM, the 1215N uses Nvidia’s ION 2 platform along with Optimus. This is significant because it means the 16-core GPU running at 1.2GHz allows for playing games. At the same time, Optimus, which turns off the power-hungry GPU automatically when not required, means battery life is increased significantly. The only quirk to this system is your battery indicator will jump around depending on what you are doing with your machine. One minute it will say you have an hour of battery left then the next it will say two hours because you stopped watching that HD video stream.Asus quotes a 7-hour battery life from the 57W/h 6-cell Li-ion battery. On extended, heavy use doing a range of tasks including surfing the web, playing Flash games, watching HD video, and listening to music, I achieved just under 5 hours. Quite respectable considering the hardware running and the screen size. If you intend to use it for gaming then expect that figure to drop to more like 2 hours.The battery life of this netbook is even more impressive considering how fast it is. Not once have I been left tapping my fingers waiting for content to load in a browser. Video playback is without fault, and the games it can handle put most netbooks to shame. If you are an avid World of Warcraft player then you’ll have no problems here. I installed Bioshock and Portal with both racing along at very playable frame rates when set to 1024 x 768 resolution. On a 12.1-inch display that’s more than acceptable.As far as the build-quality and connectivity options go the 1215N is a bit of a hit-and-miss affair. There’s 3 USB 2.0 ports, VGA and HDMI out, mic and headphones, and Ethernet ports are included. The casing overall is solid if a little bland and plasticy in feel. It does fall down in two areas, though. The lid does not feel very strong at all and flexes easily under your finger. That’s a common issue in netbooks that can be forgiven. What is more concerning is the flex in the keyboard.Usability-wise the chiclet keyboard is great. It hasproperly spaced keys, a full-size keyboard, and a layout that is easy to get used to. But try tapping any of the keys near the center of the keyboard and the whole area starts to flex. Worse still, you get a secondary plastic-hitting-plastic tapping sound when you release a key. This doesn’t stop the keyboard being a pleasure to use from a typing standpoint, but the sound does get annoying and the flex makes you wonder as to how long it’s going to be before something breaks. I’m hoping this is just a fault on the unit I received, but suspect the flex will be present on all 1215N units even if the secondary sound isn’t.Asus has done a very good job with the touchpad. It’s large so you never find yourself hitting the edges, and it’s very responsive while being soft to the touch. This combination gives you very accurate movement with your finger flowing easily across the pad. The multitouch feature also works well, especially when you want to quickly resize a web page to make the text easier to read.The buttons below the touchpad are overly stiff. You can’t just tap one and expect to get a response. You need to push them down until you hear a click. Fast mouse button tapping is not something you’ll achieve with these buttons. It may be something that gets better as the buttons get used more, but this is something Asus need to work on for the next Seashell netbook. It’s a real shame as it takes away a little from the great touchpad.We musn’t forget about sound on the 1215N, which is definitely above average. The speakers are mounted on the underside of the case near the front. The small feet allow enough room for the sound to escape with both speech and music coming across clearly.As someone who appreciates more screen real estate the 12.1-inch display was very welcome. I cannot use a 10.1-inch netbook without getting very frustrated, and my current Compaq netbook has an 11.6-inch screen. The 12.1-incher is just better and seems like the perfect size that all netbooks should be. At a resolution of 1366 x 768 it can handle HD content, and the image is very crisp and bright. Unfortunately the viewing angles let it down a bit, and anyone trying to view the screen from the side is not going to have the best experience. But this is a netbook and such considerations are secondary.It’s a testament to the performance of this netbook that I would forgive the keyboard flex and choose this model if I was in the market for a new machine. I have not used another netbook that’s as capable for web browsing, media playback, and games while at the same time having good battery life. The larger screen is icing on the cake while the whole unit remains very portable. At 3.22lbs it’s quite heavy for a netbook, but then not so heavy you will mind carrying it around.last_img read more

Omate TrueSmart The next step in wearables or another smartwatch disappoinment

first_imgSmartwatches have been on the minds of nearly everyone in the tech world lately. Kickstarter success stories, like Pebble and MetaWatch, have paved the way for a new generation of high-tech watch concepts geared towards the noble goal of enabling the us to do just a little bit more. Omate is a contender in the next wave of smartwatches, promising a standalone product that will play nice with your phone when you want it to, but is perfectly capable of being the only device you take out of the house (sometimes).The problem with the current generation of smartwatches is the lack of reciprocal functionality. They work great as dumpsters for your phone notifications, and some of them play nice when it comes to delivering small bursts of information like the next step in a line of directions or the weather, but they don’t really provide anything of use back to the phone. You don’t really lose anything by leaving your watch at home, and the only thing you gain by having it is a tiny bit of convenience.Omate TrueSmart is approaching the smartwatch from a different perspective, by making your smartphone the thing you occasionally leave at home instead of the watch. They accomplish this by making the watch a standalone Android device, complete with the ability to make phone calls and access WiFi or 3G networks from your wrist.Smartphones are getting bigger with every release, Android phones more than anything else. Good luck going for a jog with the Samsung Galaxy Mega in your pocket, or worse yet strapped to your arm. Much in the same way the Google Glass can be used to reduce the time spent fumbling with your phone, Omate wants to offer a stylish waterproof watch that plays nicely with your phone when you want it to, but can be used to make calls, take photos, and generally provide the user with a scaled down Android experience whether or not your phone is around.On paper, it sounds like an incredible idea. Unfortunately, there’s quite a few steps in between concept and delivery in order for that to “just work” the way Omate wants it to.When I sat down with Nick Yap of Omate, he tried explained the TrueSmart concept with a little more depth. Omate wanted the TrueSmart to be capable as a standalone watch, but not a replacement for your smartphone. Instead, the watch would be seen as a companion to the phone instead of an accessory. The microphone on the watch would allow voice commands or message replies without needing to involve the phone, but the content would sync between the two devices.This is a concept that has been tested by Omate, and is already available to view on YouTube.Yap explained that Omate has already started working with developers to create an SDK that will allow for apps to cooperate between the watch and the phone, or to exist as standalone apps for users who have that preference. Omate has also begun working with a large group of users interested in integration with Google Glass features, but currently there’s not a lot in the way of details surrounding that idea. These all sound like great features, but the one thing he couldn’t explain was how your watch and your phone would work together.The TrueSmart is not an accessory, it’s a separate Android device. It’s a smartphone that you wear on your wrist, which is a cool enough concept for any geek to wrap their head around but there’s a lot of software that hasn’t been explained yet. There are no functioning versions of the Omate TrueSmart, their demonstrations never show the active screen and the case at the same time. The company has turned to Kickstarter to fund the hardware, but there’s not nearly enough talk about software to go along with that.As a standalone device running Android 4.2.2, Omate will receive its own notifications separate from your phone. This essentially means that unless you have disabled the notification tone on one device or the other, you’ll get every notification twice. When you dismiss a notification on one Android device, it doesn’t necessarily go away on the other by default. That function is app-specific, and TrueSmart has no current plans for dealing with this. It’s possible that they will come up with a solution, but currently that doesn’t exist.What you’re looking at with the TrueSmart is a dual-core Android phone mounted on your wrist with a 600mAh battery. Omate hopes to implement a gesture that wakes the screen when you want to just see the time or glance at notifications, but otherwise you’ll need a button press to wake the device on your wrist.Ultimately, the Omate TrueSmart is an impressive idea in need of some serious software guidance. If they get that software guidance before shipping, it has to the potential to be a really great smartwatch. If all you are getting from this Kickstarter is a $200 Android phone on your wrist.last_img read more

Conor McGregor pleads not guilty after Miami arrest

first_img Share1 Tweet Email1 A photo of McGregor after his arrest. https://jrnl.ie/4586596 Image: Miami Beach Police 42,767 Views Apr 10th 2019, 10:40 PM By Cormac Fitzgerald A photo of McGregor after his arrest. Image: Miami Beach Policecenter_img Short URL No Comments Wednesday 10 Apr 2019, 10:40 PM UFC STAR CONOR McGregor has pleaded not guilty to robbery by sudden snatching and criminal mischief.The plea comes after McGregor was arrested last month in Miami Beach, Florida, for allegedly smashing another man’s phone.Police said McGregor slapped the phone out of the man’s hand and then stomped on it several times.McGregor then grabbed the phone and left the area, they said. Police later found McGregor at his local address.The Miami Herald reported this evening that Miami prosecutors announced in court that they had charged McGregor. Lawyers acting on his behalf entered a not guilty plea. Following the charges, prosecutors released footage of the incident. McGregor was not present at today’s hearing. A trial is scheduled for next month.  Conor McGregor pleads not guilty after Miami arrest McGregor was not present at today’s hearing. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Health minister Harris seeks to crackdown on alcohol promotions

first_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 10,589 Views HEALTH MINISTER SIMON Harris has revealed plans to ban a range of alcohol promotions in a bid to reduce binge-drinking and to make alcohol less affordable for young people.The minister said that are “real risks and harms” associated with alcohol so promotional activity should not be allowed.The regulations would clamp down on a range of promotional activity including: Fri 2:39 PM Health minister Harris seeks to crackdown on alcohol promotions The awarding of loyalty points and short term price promotions would be banned under the new regulations. 47 Comments Share4 Tweet Email Alcohol is a drug and one which has real risks and harms associated with it and as such, should not be a subject of promotional activity.Retailers will have a one-year lead in time following the signing of the regulations. By Ceimin Burke The awarding and use of loyalty card points or similar benefits on the purchase of alcohol.The sale of alcohol at a reduced price or free of charge on the purchase of another product or service.Price promotions on alcohol lasting three days or less.Minister Harris has informed the European Commission about the measures. In order to ensure that the regulations don’t impinge on the wider European Union market the union’s  executive branch must approve the regulations before they can become law.“Alcohol is not an ordinary grocery product. By restricting access to alcohol products through promotions or loyalty card programmes, the regulations align with the objectives of the Public Health (Alcohol) Act 2018, which are to reduce alcohol consumption and reduce the harms caused by the misuse of alcohol,” Minister Harris said. Friday 13 Sep 2019, 2:39 PM https://jrnl.ie/4808083 Image: Shutterstock/Radu Bercan Short URL Image: Shutterstock/Radu Bercanlast_img read more

On education candidates for governor have different priorities and styles

first_imgRepublican Mike Dunleavy, left, and Democrat Mark Begich are the two main candidates for governor. (Photos by Rashah McChesney/Alaska’s Energy Desk)One of the major issues separating the leading candidates to become governor is education. How they approach the issue may also reflect their leadership styles.Democrat Mark Begich and Republican Mike Dunleavy come from different backgrounds. Begich has been outside the education system, relying on experts to shape his approach to the issue.Listen nowBegich’s central educational proposal is a plan to put half of the state draw from Permanent Fund earnings into schools – the other half would pay out Permanent Fund Dividends. He said at a recent debate this would prevent school funding from being on the chopping block every year.“We need to protect it,” Begich said. “It’s the greatest equalizer for everyone in this state, if we make sure it’s funded properly and protected for generations to come.”Dunleavy’s perspective comes from working within the system, as a teacher, school administrator and school board member. Along the way, he’s built up strong views on how education should be delivered.Dunleavy also laid out his plans during recent debates. He wants to require that all third-graders read at grade level, all ninth-graders learn algebra, and all career and technical students reach higher standards.“We have to reallocate resources to make sure we’re focused on those three core areas,” Dunleavy said. “If we do that, you’re going to see our scores go up, and you’re going to see kids have more of an opportunity.”Dunleavy supports allowing more rural students to attend regional high schools. He said he wants to expand students’ options, and doesn’t want to close schools in villages.“It’s to enhance, not to take away,” Dunleavy said.It’s not clear how he would pay for his proposals while also cutting the state budget overall. When he chaired the Senate subcommittee that proposes education funding, Dunleavy proposed eliminating all state funding for pre-K. He also backed cuts to other state funding for programs that prepare young children for school, such as Head Start.In an emailed response to questions about these proposals, Dunleavy said of his approach to cuts: “Government needs to be managed better. As governor, I will find efficiencies and eliminate duplication and waste, focusing on results, not inputs.”In contrast, Begich wants to provide universal pre-K.“There’s no question early education is the best investment we can make,” he said.Dunleavy has supported a constitutional amendment to allow public money to go to private or religious education, though he said in August he wasn’t planning to push the amendment now.When he was on the Matanuska-Susitna School Board, Dunleavy supported expanding support for home schooling. He hasn’t focused on that in his campaign for governor.Begich opposes vouchers, saying that public education is a foundation for communities and the economy.Kenny Gallahorn has known Dunleavy for more than 20 years, since Dunleavy started teaching in Kotzebue schools. Gallahorn’s a former member of both the Kotzebue and state school boards. He is a big supporter of regional schools.Gallahorn said he trusts Dunleavy more than Begich on handling rural education issues.“As a state, we pump a lot of money into education and we’re not getting very much bang for our buck, honestly,” he said. “The results shown by our test results and many other indicators, actually, are not well.”Others who’ve worked with Dunleavy have a different impression.Susan Crane was the local teachers union president when Dunleavy was superintendent for the Northwest Arctic School District. She said he had a top-down leadership style and predicts that will cause problems when dealing with the Legislature.“If he’s anything like he was as a principal, or  even when he was working over in the district office and working with teachers, he’s not going to listen to the people, he’s going to have his own way of doing things and he’s going to try to control us, control decisions based on what he wants, rather than what the people want,” she said.Bethany Marcum disagreed with Crane’s assessment of Dunleavy. She worked for him on education issues as a legislative aide, and she said he treated his staff with respect.“We had a team structure, whereby we all had open access to him,” she said. “We were able to engage with him at any given time of day.”Begich’s career hasn’t had the same focus on education as Dunleavy’s. But he’s still impressed some who’ve worked with him.Carol Comeau worked with Begich as superintendent of Anchorage schools when Begich was the municipality’s mayor. She said Begich was a leader on education issues even when it wasn’t a central responsibility for him as mayor.“When he’d go to Juneau to lobby for the city of Anchorage, he also was very much willing to support our requests and our needs,” Comeau said.There’s a third candidate running for governor: Libertarian Billy Toien. He said the government shouldn’t play a role in education. And he doesn’t think students should be required to go to school.last_img read more

Sara Ali Khan looks refreshing as ever in her latest magazine cover

first_imgSara Ali Khan on Harper magazine coverPR HandoutSara Ali Khan has been in limelight since she made her Bollywood debut. Now, the actress shines as the cover girl for Harper’s Bazaar for the month of June.The actress looks absolutely gorgeous in a yellow mustard wrap around dress with ruffle sleeves. The look is accessorised with a classic metal watch, metal bangles and messy hair.The magazine took to their social media handle and announcing Sara Ali Khan as their cover girl shared, “Our June cover Sara Ali Khan (@saraalikhan95) has found a home in an industry she loves. With two films already under her belt, she has earned critical acclaim and social media stardom. And she’s finding a way to live and work by her own rules. It’s no wonder she can’t stop smiling.”Sara made a promising debut with Kedarnath and her second film Simmba went on a huge roll in the theatres with a commendable box office collection.Sara, who is just 2 films old in Bollywood, has become the sensation within such a short span of time with marketers betting big on her. The actress already has 11 brand endorsements in her kitty, with an estimated annual revenue of over Rs 30 crore this year alone right from a sports brand to jewellery brand. The range of her brands is varied.Sara is on cloud nine with back to back success at the box office. Recently, Sara made her debut on yet another leading magazine’s cover for its March feature. The absolute beauty has left us jaw-drop, and we cannot simply take our eyes off from the picture.Amongst the many actresses who made their debut in 2018, Sara had won several accolades for her debut, including ‘best debut’ for the year, 2018. Sara is the only actress to win Instagrammer of the year for the presence she holds across social media.Ever since she made her Bollywood debut with Kedarnath, Sara is a much talked about diva in the industry for her great sense of humor and charming personality. The audience is looking forward to see the actress on the silver screen again.Sara Ali Khan will be next seen in recently announced Imtiaz Ali ‘s film alongside Kartik Aaryan and with Varun Dhawan Coolie No. 1’ both are slated to be released next year.last_img read more

25 killed in Senegal road accident

25 killed in Senegal road accident

first_imgTwenty-five people were killed on Monday when a packed minibus and a bus collided in northern Senegal, emergency services said.The minibus had been heading to the central city of Touba, taking people to an annual pilgrimage of the Mourides, a Sufi Muslim brotherhood.The vehicle had an official capacity of 14 people but was carrying 27 at the time, 24 of whom were killed. The 25th fatality was the driver of the bus.The state-run news agency APS, quoting hospital sources, said at least 25 people had died.last_img

3 of a family injured in gas cylinder blast

3 of a family injured in gas cylinder blast

first_imgLogo of fire IllustrationThree members of a family sustained burn injuries as a cooking gas cylinder exploded at a house in Bipail area of Ashulia, on the outskirts of the capital early Saturday.The injured are Akram, 35, his wife Lovely Begum, 25 and the couple’s eight-year-old son Md Ashik.The injured were admitted to the burn unit of Dhaka Medical College Hospital, said DMCH police outpost in-charge Bacchu Mia.The cylinder went off around 5:00am leaving the three injured, he added.Quoting physicians, Bacchu said that Akram sustained 90 per cent injuries while his wife Lovely sustained 60 per cent injuries and Ashik 5 per cent.last_img

Harvey Victims Leave Shelters But Face Dire Housing Needs

Harvey Victims Leave Shelters But Face Dire Housing Needs

first_img Share David J. Phillip, APGaston Kirby, right, and Juan Minutella leave Kirby’s flooded home in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Monday, Sept. 4, 2017, near the Addicks and Barker Reservoirs, in Houston.While the number of evacuees seeking refuge in Houston’s emergency shelters dwindled 10 days after Harvey struck, many people who had left by Monday still faced dire housing needs.Some returned to public housing complexes inundated with sewage and mud. More than 50,000 went to government-paid hotels, some far away from homes and schools. Others moved in with family and friends.Harvey did not discriminate, inundating exclusive neighborhoods and low-lying apartments for the poor, and was blamed for at least 60 deaths. Most of the evacuees at the George R. Brown Convention Center were lower-income, but some were from wealthier areas.Now, about 1,500 remain at the convention center, and several said they were homeless, disabled or from public housing. About 2,800 were at the NRG Center, another convention center that opened after George R. Brown reached double its original capacity.Harvey struck Texas on Aug. 25 as a Category 4 hurricane, but brought the worst flooding to Houston and other areas as a tropical storm. The rain totaled nearly 52 inches (1.3 meters) in some spots.Mayor Sylvester Turner has declared Houston “open for business,” and offices and restaurants across downtown are expected to reopen Tuesday after the Labor Day holiday.Concerns about further explosions at a damaged chemical plant eased after officials on Sunday carried out a controlled burn of highly unstable compounds at the Arkema plant in Crosby. Three trailers had previously caught fire after Harvey’s floodwaters knocked out generators.Authorities said it was safe for residents of a 1.5-mile (2.4 kilometer) evacuation zone around the Arkema plant to return. They were forced to leave Aug. 29.The Federal Emergency Management Agency said 53,630 residents displaced by Harvey are currently staying in government-funded hotel rooms.FEMA says it has about 560,000 families registered for its housing assistance program.The temporary housing has been provided for 18,732 households, said FEMA spokesman Bob Howard. Once people are granted the assistance, there is a minimum allotment of 14 days, but that can be extended on a case-by-case basis.FEMA officials also are weighing other options such as mobile homes should the need arise.After Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans in 2005, FEMA bought thousands of mobile homes for people left homeless, but the program was plagued by problems. Some victims who lived in the homes were exposed to high levels of formaldehyde, which was used in building materials.On Monday night, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced that FEMA had granted his request for Community Disaster Loan assistance for areas hard-hit by the storm. Cities can obtain loans to help keep their operating budgets intact.While there were signs of hope for some displaced by Harvey, others were not so lucky. Some residents of the Clayton Homes returned to apartments filled with water and floors caked in mud and sewage.Clayton Homes residents were among the first to arrive at the convention center last weekend, many riding in the back of city dump trucks. The complex is bounded on one side by an interstate highway and on another by Buffalo Bayou, the muddy waterway that jumped its banks and sent water rushing into people’s homes.Piles of garbage and soggy furniture sat next to the gnarled remains of a fence separating the bayou from the complex. The rotting stench was present in parts of the complex.“We didn’t have anywhere to go but back here,” said Laquinna Russell as she stood in the complex’s laundry room with her husband, Antonio Washington, and one of their three children.Russell and Washington spent one night in a hotel room instead of going to the convention center, but they came back after they ran out of money.Russell used bleach to scrub the bottom floor of their two-story home as well as she could, but fears about mold and bacteria have forced the whole family to sleep on the second floor.The children’s newly purchased school clothes, however, were ruined. So was the family’s TV, their couch and many of their belongings, including their two cars.They registered for assistance from FEMA, but Russell and several other people said they couldn’t find a hotel nearby. And they’re still responsible for paying their rent.Rosie Carmouche spent two days at George R. Brown with her two children, walking almost a mile to the convention center as floodwaters slowly pushed toward her home. She showed photos of high water over parked cars on her street.The reason she came back home was what she saw on her way out of the complex.“You had looters swimming back, breaking into these people’s houses,” she said.She didn’t want to stay at the convention center for too long, fearing for her possessions.“They made you feel as comfortable as they possibly can. I will give them that,” Carmouche said of the convention center. “But when your mind is — you know what kind of community you live in? It’s hard.”D’Ona Spears and Brandon Polson managed to get a FEMA-funded hotel room near downtown but got kicked out after one night for lack of state identification. All of her paperwork had been lost in the floodwaters, Spears said.The family went to the Toyota Center, the basketball arena near the convention center that’s also housing evacuees. Then they were taken to a motel in Humble, a small city near Houston’s international airport about 20 miles away.Spears said they have no transportation and no way of getting the children to school when it resumes next week.“You can’t just pick the hotel,” she said. “You have to go further out, further out, further out.”Morris Mack sat outside the main entrance to the convention center, sharing a cigarette with another person as a military band played in the background.Mack arrived there Aug. 30 and hadn’t been able to re-enter his home in a public housing development in northwest Houston.While he registered for FEMA assistance, Mack’s cellphone was wrecked by floodwaters, and he didn’t have a working email address, making it difficult for the agency to get in touch with him or send him a check for assistance. He was waiting for government offices to reopen Tuesday so he can get a government assistance card that he could then use to get a cellphone to communicate with FEMA.“I’ve gotten to a point where it is what it is. There’s nothing I can do about it. Just trust in God.”___AP journalists Claudia Lauer and Adam Kealoha Causey in Dallas and Jeff McMurray in Chicago contributed to this report.last_img read more

At 13 I protested gay rights as a Mormon at 23 Im

At 13 I protested gay rights as a Mormon at 23 Im

first_imgThis is what it is like to be a closeted gay Mormon and to fall in love with your companion on your mission GAYSTARNEWS- Many people have been brought up with the idea being gay is ‘evil’, and LGBTI Mormon people are no exception.Some, brainwashed by their families and church, even protest against their very own rights. Sarah, a 23-year-old from California and now living in Salt Lake City, was one of those who fought against same-sex marriage.At 13, she rallied with other teens against marriage equality in California. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints famously bankrolled a lot of funding for Prop 8, the law that banned marriage equality in the state.But now, 10 years later, she is free, she’s gay and she’s happy.Protesting against gay rights as a MormonBack then, Sarah remembers feeling like a ‘young soldier fighting for a righteous cause’.‘At the time, I didn’t believe that being “gay” was real. I thought everyone was born straight by default, and Satan lured certain people into believing they weren’t,’ she tells Gay Star News.‘Because homosexuality was labeled as a “temptation”, I assumed that everybody else must have had these same “temptations” as me, and they were successful in warding them off.‘I was told homosexuality was evil, deviant, sickening, and perverted. The church taught us that same-sex marriage was an attack on God’s intended family unit because it was destroying the “natural” order of things. They called it a “war on family”.’Sarah was born into the church, into a large Mormon family. She describes herself as being an ‘extremely devout’ teen.But even then, she had feelings for women when she was young.‘I had this funny feeling whenever I saw Ellen DeGeneres on television,’ she said.‘Cuddling with boyfriends was a chore, and I hated kissing them. In high school, one of my female friends kissed me on the cheek and I couldn’t stop replaying it in my mind for weeks.‘I thought there was something wrong with me, but didn’t dare tell a soul.’‘I thought this was just a cruel test God inflicted on me…’Like many young Mormons, Sarah became a missionary. It was during this time she realized she could feel things for a woman she would never feel for a man.She said: ‘It was simultaneously the most beautiful and most horrible thing that had ever happened to me. It should have been a moment of celebration, instead I was sick with horror.‘I thought this was just a cruel test God inflicted on me to see if I could overcome it. “I’m not gay, I told myself, “I can be with a man and have an eternal family. Satan is putting these thoughts in my head.”Sarah thought she was being punished. But she wasn’t, she was just realizing who she is.After her mission, she rushed into a heterosexual Mormon marriage. She hoped, believed God would provide the ‘missing pieces’.After about a year, Sarah stumbled onto a diary extract. It was by Fanny Alger, the Mormon church founder Joseph Smith’s first plural wife out of his dozens of polygamous unions. He had married her when she was 16.  In the diary, Alger compared herself to a ‘fettered bird’ pining for freedom. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… ‘It hit me all at once,’ Sarah said. ‘I was that bird.’Discovering repressed sexualityMore research led to criticisms of the Mormon church, and Sarah said she felt the ‘rug was swept from under’ her feet.Her ex-husband filed divorce papers immediately, and she stopped attending church.When she decided to start dating again, years of internalized homophobia stopped her from dating women.But then she watched Carol, the 2015 film starring Cate Blanchett, on Netflix.‘All the beautiful feelings I had thought were lost to me came back again,’ Sarah said. ‘I had an epiphany, and tearfully called up some close friends to confide, “So, I think I’m gay.’Sarah decided to change her Tinder preference to women, and matched with a beautiful girl named Abby.The two hit it off instantly, having a date at a movie theater and eating frozen yogurt. The two talked so long and so late they turned the lights out on them.‘That first kiss was fireworks,’ she remembers. ‘That was everything I had been missing. We’ve been inseparable since then.’Life can change enormously in a single decadeLooking back at the picture of her campaigning against marriage equality brings back mixed emotions.‘I can hardly recognize the person in that picture,’ she said. ‘I’m sad for all the people I hurt through years of homophobic and selfishness.’She adds: ‘I’m sad for all the difficult lessons I hadn’t yet learned. I wish I could tell myself that everything would be OK in the end.’But, most of all, Sarah recognizes the growth in those two pictures.‘My life has completely changed from what it used to be. It’s a night and day difference,’ she says.‘I’ve found so much freedom, autonomy, and happiness. When thinking about my old life, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, all I know is that I’m so grateful it’s over with, and I’ve learned to be a much better person since then.‘I stumbled across these old pictures of myself campaigning and had to laugh at the irony of it all.‘Putting them side by side reminded me of how enormously life can change in a single decade.’Read moreWATCH: Mormon girl, 12, gives testimony: ‘God gave me freckles, he gave me brown eyes, he made me gay’ eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . Read the full article on Gaystarnews:  :https://www.gaystarnews.com/article/protested-against-gay-rights-kiss-girlfriend/last_img read more

Googles new Chrome extension Password CheckUp checks if your username or password

Googles new Chrome extension Password CheckUp checks if your username or password

first_imgGoogle released a new Chrome extension on Tuesday, called the  ‘Password CheckUp’. This extension will inform users if the username and password that they are currently using was stolen in any data breaches. It then sends a prompt for them to reset their password. If a user’s Google account credentials have been exposed in a third-party data breach, the company automatically resets their passwords. The new Chrome extension will ensure the same level of protection to all services on the web. On installing, Password Checkup will appear in the browser bar as a green shield. The extension will then check the login details against a database of around four billion usernames and passwords. If a match is found, a dialogue box prompting users to “Change your password” will appear and the icon will turn bright red. Source: Google Password Checkup was designed by Google along with cryptography experts at Stanford University, keeping in mind that Google should not be able to capture a user’s credentials, to prevent a “wider exposure” of the situation. Google’s blog states “We also designed Password Checkup to prevent an attacker from abusing Password Checkup to reveal unsafe usernames and passwords.” Password Checkup uses multiple rounds of hashing, k-anonymity, private information retrieval, and a technique called blinding to achieve encryption of the user’s credentials. You can check out Google’s blog for technical details on the extension. Read Next Google Chrome announces an update on its Autoplay policy and its existing YouTube video annotationsMeet Carlo, a web rendering surface for Node applications by the Google Chrome teamGoogle Chrome 70 now supports WebAssembly threads to build multi-threaded web applicationslast_img read more

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first_img AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by Mark Kennedy, The Associated Press Posted Dec 10, 2018 9:34 am PDT Review: Too much Spider-Man? Not in the Spider-Versecenter_img You might be forgiven for feeling superhero overload this holiday season. Had enough of, say, of Spider-Man for a while? Well, this may sound nuts, but consider watching not just one web-slinger but five of them in the animated “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.” Instead of overload, you’ll be begging for more.The film gleefully scrambles the notion there can be only one friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man and offers the exciting idea that he can be anyone. He can be a girl, he can be a middle-aged dude with a paunch and he can even be a cartoon pig.It’s hard to underestimate what this means. “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ” does what comics and graphic novels have long experimented with, but this time makes the leap to the big screen. It literally opens up a universe of possibilities. “Anyone can wear the mask. You can wear the mask,” we are told.The result is a film that’s fantastically fresh, both visually and narratively, trippy and post-modern at the same time and packed with intriguing storytelling tools, humour, empathy and action, while also true to its roots — still telling the story of a young man learning to accept the responsibility of fighting for what’s right.Our main hero here is one plucked from a spin-off from the main Spider-Man comic book universe: Miles Morales, a half-African-American, half-Puerto Rican teen from Brooklyn who has a Chance the Rapper poster on his wall. He looks and acts nothing like previous Peter Parker types — Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland — and that’s great. Hey, if Cate Blanchett can play Bob Dylan in a movie, why not offer us a new look on Spidey?Produced by Phillip Lord and Christopher Miller, the duo behind the acclaimed “The Lego Movie,” this Spider-Man saga pops with outstanding animation, constantly changing its styles. At times, it can be hyper-real, then surreal. It includes anime, slo-mo, colour distortion, Pop art, hand-drawn elements, CG animation and even tweaks its own origins by adding dialogue in little panels.The animators place their story in a wonderfully gritty New York, complete with screeching, graffiti-streaked subway cars and charmless pedestrians, (one of whom turns out to be voiced by Post Malone, who contributes to the soundtrack.) One quibble: Their ability to have things in the foreground appear in sharp relief while objects in the background bleed away makes it seem as if you’re watching a 3D film without those weird glasses.Our hero Miles (Shameik Moore) is trying to navigate life between his cop dad (Brian Tyree Henry) and his cooler uncle (Mahershala Ali). After being bitten by a radioactive spider, he witnesses the death of Spider-Man (smaller viewers, beware). But Miles soon learns there are many other Spider-People, freed from their realities by the hulking Kingpin (Liev Schreiber), who has built a nuclear collider that allows access to alternative universes.“New Girl” star Jake Johnson voices a flabbier and depressed Peter Parker who wears sweat pants and is going through a divorce to Mary Jane. There’s a fedora-wearing, black-and-white Spider-Man Noir (Nicolas Cage) who has been teleported from battling Nazis. There’s also a cool-girl Spider-Gwen played by Hailee Steinfeld, and Kimiko Glenn voices an anime schoolgirl from the future. And there’s Spider-Ham (John Mulaney) who is rooted in Saturday morning kiddie cartoons, including the use of a dropping anvil.This odd family unites to take down Kingpin and return to their universes, winking forever at themselves and the viewer, not a little like the “Deadpool.” Directors Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey and Rodney Rothman — Rothman and Phil Lord wrote the story — also ground the tale with a great soundtrack that includes Elliphant, Run-DMC, The Notorious B.I.G., James Brown and Nicki Minaj.Marvel icon Stan Lee makes his expected animated appearance, but this time there’s sadness attached. He mourns Spider-Man’s passing. “I’m going to miss him,” he tells Miles. Lee died Nov. 12 and we’re going to miss him, too. But this film somehow sums up a lot of what he tried to do over his career: Pack fun, action and sweetness into a story and then watch it soar.“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” a Columbia Pictures release, is rated PG for “for frenetic sequences of animated action violence, thematic elements and mild language.” Running time: 117 minutes. Three and a half stars out of four.___MPAA Definition of PG: Some material may not be suitable for children___Mark Kennedy is at http://twitter.com/KennedyTwitsMark Kennedy, The Associated Presslast_img read more

Paphos confident of beating Napas Guinness record

Paphos confident of beating Napas Guinness record

first_imgThe Paphos municipality and the Archangel Michael hospice are confident the ‘Dancing Hasapiko’ event held on Sunday will get the city into the Guinness Book of Records.Some 912 people met at 4pm at the square of the medieval castle, ready to dance the popular Greek folk dance.Up to now, the world record is held by the Ayia Napa municipality which gathered 748 people in 2014.“Two local judges were assigned by the Guinness office, and the count is official”, head of the Paphos hospice Mona Skordi explained. “Now the paperwork is in the process of being sent to the UK offices which will issue the award in due time.”The dance is meant to support the palliative care facility as well as setting a new record.Primary, secondary and dance schools took part and participants and spectators donated money for the hospice.“It is also about promoting the facility and educating people,” Skordi said.The Archangel Michael hospice is located on a large plot with a garden in Mesa Chorio in the Paphos district. It has nine spacious rooms and offers a free stay for people who need it regardless of nationality, race, religion and the nature of the illness. A large terrace with sea views also enables patients and their families to enjoy the fresh air.It was opened in 2015 after a long struggle to obtain the necessary funds and licences.You May LikePlarium I Vikings: Free Online GameMen over 40 Would Consider This Game a Must-TryPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GameUndoLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsThese SUVs Are Leading The Pack. Research 2019 Luxury Crossover SUV DealsLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsUndoYahoo SearchMobility Reimagined – Research Stair Lifts Rowland Heights CaliforniaYahoo SearchUndo Turkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoThe Deniz boat incident showed clearly the intentions of the Turkish sideUndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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