Instagram adds customizable nametags for IRL profile sharing

The idea here is that you probably come in contact with people you want to share your profile with in person. Telling them your username — particularly if it is unusual or has any numbers — can be awkward. Nametags eliminate the awkwardness and speed up sharing by presenting a custom name tag for the other user to scan.Users can try the nametags feature by opening their profile, then tapping the three-line button located at the top of the screen. From there, choose “Nametag” and then personalize it with whatever colors, designs, emojis, and more are desired. When viewing your own nametag, you can scan someone else’s by tapping the “Scan a nametag” option.Alternatively, users can scan someone’s nametag by switching right into the camera, then pointing the camera at the nametag and pressing down on the screen. The nametags can be used to simplify digitally sharing profiles with others, as well, by texting it or sharing it on Facebook. AdChoices广告As well, Instagram is testing a new school communities feature that lets users connect with others who attend or graduated from their college. This option is in testing with various schools in the United States, according to Instagram. Users who join a community can choose to share relevant info about themselves, including the sports they play and their major.SOURCE: Instagram Instagram has introduced a new feature called nametags that makes it easy for new people to quickly follow a user’s profile. The feature is exactly what it sounds like — a nametag generated for the profile that can be presented to other users. These identification cards, as Instagram calls them, are customizable and can be scanned.

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