Environmental Conference to Examine Population Issue

first_imgShareCONTACT: Lia Unrau PHONE: (713)831-4793E-MAIL: [email protected] RICE ENVIRONMENTAL CONFERENCE TO EXAMINE POPULATIONISSUEHuman population and sustainabilityis the topic of the seventh annual Rice Environmental Conference, which will beheld Feb. 6, 1999, at Rice Memorial Center on campus.The conference, “How Many is Too Many? Human Population and theSustainability of Our Planet,” is free and open to the public. Conference events include keynote speaker Judith Jacobsen, aU.S. delegate to the 1994 United Nations Conference on Population in Cairo, andthree panel discussions debating different facets of overpopulation. Paneltopics include women and population, religion and population, and population asan environmental issue.The conference will open with remarks by Nobel laureate andRice chemist Richard Smalley. The day’s events will also feature a career fairand expo as well as the winners of a student paper competition.The conference goal is to inform Houston citizens and sparkdebate in the environmental community. The conference strives to encourageopen-minded debate, and, as such, the Rice students who organize and manage theconference are committed to presenting as many diverse viewpoints on each topicto conference attendees as possible.In years past, the student-run conference has hosted speakerssuch as “Ishmael” author Dan Quinn and Texas land commissioner GarryMauro.Conference events for students only begin on the afternoon ofFeb. 5 as the culmination of “Get Trashed Week,” a weeklong function on the Ricecampus to raise environmental awareness. For example, students are asked to saveall the nonrecyclable waste that they generate for a contest to see whichstudent can use the least amount of trash, with the weigh-in occurring thatafternoon.Rice Environmental Conference Feb. 6 Schedule of Events10 a.m. Opening Remarks–Richard Smalley, Nobel laureate andthe Gene and Norman Hackerman Professor of Chemistry and professor of physics atRice University10:30 a.m. Panel: Women and Population11:30 a.m. Panel: Religion and Population 12:30 a.m. Paper Contest presentations1 p.m. Lunch and career fair and expo2 p.m. Keynote Speaker–Judith Jacobsen, U.S. delegate to the1994 United Nations Conference on Population in Cairo3 p.m. Panel: Population as an Environmental Issue4 p.m. Future Studies Presentation4:30 p.m. Closing RemarksFor more information or to register, contact student organizersKathleen Corr at (713) 630-8007, [email protected]; or AlexBain at (713) 630-8128.### AddThislast_img

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