Adorn work zone with flavour of festivity

first_imgFrom adding a pinch of green and opting for neutral and pastel colour schemes to choosing furniture which complements the overall office interior design, there are many ways one can adorn the work zone with a festive vibe.Experts share some inputs. Add a pinch of green: Adding plants in your work space increases the productivity by 15 per cent. Bringing the nature inside your work space helps in purifying the air, improves your mood and increases your happiness. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfChoose neutral or pastel colour schemes: When decorating your office space, be sure to stay away from colours that are traditionally associated with specific religious holidays. Instead of filling your workspace with the red and green of Christmas, or the blue and white of Hanukkah, go for colours such as silver and gold, which simply say “festive”.It all starts with cubicle: One of the main elements in an office is the cubicle. People tend to spend a significant portion of their time in their cubicles and hence it has to create a positive work environment. Cubicles can be decorated with photos, posters of some motivational thoughts, colourful stationery and organizers.Furniture and seating matters: Choose your office furniture which complements the overall office interior design. You can also develop customized and ergonomic furniture based on some concepts like natural and earthy colours, upbeat and bright colours.last_img

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