Its Sonys fault the Xbox exists

first_imgWe all know the story of how the PlayStation came to be. Sony decided to go it alone after things didn’t work out producing a CD-ROM unit for the Super Nintendo. Well, it seems a very similar situation happened that inevitably saw Microsoft decide to develop the Xbox, only this time it was Sony who forced Microsoft’s hand.Joachim Kempin, former vice president of Windows Sales (1983-2002), has explained how the original Xbox came to be. It turns out it was Sony’s fault, simply because the Japanese company wasn’t very friendly towards Microsoft, and Microsoft eventually decided they had to “stop Sony.”Apparently, long before the Xbox was even an idea, Microsoft was trying to collaborate with Sony in a number of areas they thought there was overlap. That collaboration was sought before even Sony had a games console coming to market, and would have focused on products for the entertainment sector.Sony didn’t want to know, though, seeing Microsoft simply as a company they were licensing Windows from. Therefore as soon as it became clear Sony was going to make an assault on the living room with the PlayStation, Microsoft decided it had to react and ultimately try and beat them. They’ve been fighting for space under our TVs ever since.Microsoft was new to the games hardware market, and Kempin even admits the company copied Sony’s model of trying to make the money back from the hardware investment on software royalties.So Sony only has itself to blame for having such a strong rival today in the games market. If they’d just been a bit friendlier to Microsoft a couple of decades ago we may have never seen an Xbox console. Maybe Microsoft just wanted to provide the operating system on Sony’s entertainment devices? But we all know how that worked out for another Japanese company who no longer produces games consoles, don’t we?last_img

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