Nintendo 3DS with Super Mario Land 3D available for 170 on Black

first_imgNintendo really wants you to go out and spend $350 on a Wii U this week, but there’s also a certain handheld device the company wants to keep selling, and it’s Black Friday this week. So Nintendo is putting together a 3DS deal that’s worth considering as it could save you $50.If you load up a store like Amazon today you’ll find the Nintendo 3DS Best Price at Amazon on offer without any games for around $179.99. That’s not bad, especially considering some of us paid $249.99 for it last  year. But this Friday the price is going to drop again.Nintendo is set to offer a Flame Red 3DS that ships with Super Mario 3D Land pre-installed. The price? Just $169.99. That’s already $10 cheaper than you’ll typically find the 3DS for today with no games, and yet Nintendo is throwing in a $40 title for free. You don’t get the cartridge, but that isn’t going to upset too many people who just got gifted a 3DS.This is the 3DS and not the 3DS XL, which is still priced at around $220. But if you can do without those 90% bigger screens, or need a gift for a younger member of the family, I doubt you’ll find the 3DS cheaper this side of Christmas. The $50 you’re saving also means more spare cash to buy another couple of games or some accessories to keep them happy over the Christmas break.The Flame Red 3DS is a limited edition bundle, and with a launch on Black Friday chances are stock is going to disappear quickly. I also notice there’s an existing Flame Red bundle available with Super Mario3D  Land for $215. I can only assume that includes a cartridge version of the game rather than a pre-installed copy.via Kotakulast_img

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