Minecraft Lego gets official concept development has started

first_imgAt the beginning of December last year hopes were high that Minecraft would be getting its own line of official Lego products. If there was ever a better match in the history of Lego collaborations I can’t think of it, and it seems Lego think so to as it is going to happen.Last year a submission was requested from developer Mojang for the Lego community and crowd sourcing site Cuusoo. Cuusoo allows new ideas to be shared for Lego models and the community gives feedback. If 10,000 people support an idea then Lego review it and consider turning it into an official product. If it gets that far, Lego gives the idea’s owner a 1% royalty on sales, a royalty Mojang has already said would go to charity.As you’ve probably guessed, it didn’t take long for Minecraft Lego to get the required 10,000 supporters and Lego started an official review. Yesterday, the news everyone wanted to here was announced via the Cuusoo Blog. Lego has passed the idea in review and is now working on concepts for the official Minecraft Lego products. No details have been released yet as to when Minecraft Lego will go on sale, and Cuusoo has stated “these things take time.” So it could be a while before they appear. Hopefully we’ll get to see the final range in picture form long before it launches, though.Lego accepting the idea should have been an easy decision. Minecraft has in the region of 20 million registered players and 4 million game purchases recorded so far. It’s pretty much guaranteed a decent percentage of those players will buy some Minecraft Lego.More at the Lego Cuusoo Bloglast_img

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