Wrestler Kenny Omega on Gaming Inspirations and Gamers Choice Nomimation

first_imgProfessional wrestler Kenny Omega was recently announced as a nominee Favorite Celebrity Gamer (Athlete) in the inaugural 2018 Gamers’ Choice Awards. Among others like Ronda Rousey, Austin Creed (AKA Xavier Woods), and Gordon Hayward, Omega has been chosen for his undeniable spirit for gaming and absolute passion for the medium.From his signature “One Winged Angel” move from the Final Fantasy series to his love for fighting games, Omega has always been an indomitable force in the world of gaming, Geek.com had to pick his brain. Here’s what Kenny had to say about his favorite Smash character, his inspirations, and his game of the year.Geek: What are your thoughts on being nominated for Favorite Celebrity Gamer (Athlete)?Kenny Omega: It just goes to show how accessible everything and everyone is. I spend most of my time in Asia, but no matter what stream I turn up on, people from around the world can see me. It’s a wonderful thing and I’m glad I can be amongst the rest of these other famous dudes from all walks of life.Geek: What do you think about Kirby being the One True Smash Hero?KO: Much like the conclusion of the last Avengers movie, I never could have prepared for shocking events to precede ‘World of Light’’s story mode. As a huge Kirby fan, however, I’ve always believed in his infinite power and it really makes the most sense for him to be the chosen one. If not him, then Sonic (which would have been cool in a different kind of way).Geek: Which games are you rooting for out of the various award categories?KO: I make a yearly top 10 for Giant Bomb, so I’m kinda biased towards the entries on my list. Rooting for Monster Hunter World, Dead Cells, Spider-Man, Celeste, and The Missing.Geek: Who are your video game heroes?KO: Wow, now that you mention it, most are in Smash Bros.! Kirby, Ness, Luigi, Mega Man, Zack Fair, maybe Sans!Geek: What video games inspire you the most? You’re obviously a Final Fantasy fan, but which others have truly set your soul alight?KO: For wrestling, I had some obvious Street Fighter ties. Most of them might be from Street Fighter, actually. Hmm, but there are actually a few moves based off of Mother as well. I take inspiration from all sorts of games though –Resident Evil for example. Even though it’s a horror game, I’ve found inspiration in Albert Wesker’s character. Persona and Chrono Trigger too. I tend to try to draw inspiration from games that are timeless,  so that way when I apply it to matches they may (hopefully/luckily) end up that way too.Geek: Is there a certain game you’re playing right now that you can’t get enough of?KO: Right now it’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!Geek: What’s your top game of 2018 so far?KO: Undertale – but if that’s cheating, Monster Hunter World.Geek: Could we ever look for Bullet Club/Elite members in Tekken in the future given the Tekken DLC/merch collab?KO: I think we’ve unfortunately moved on to Soul Calibur 6, but you never know if the demand gets high enough!Geek: Gaming has a bit of a stigma attached to it still (sadly), but you set a great example that you can do anything you put your mind to. What advice do you have for your fans who want to break into wrestling who look up to you, see your love for gaming, and think they can do the same thing you can do even if they think they’re viewed as “lame” by their peers?KO: Once you focus on your dreams, really home in on your goal, the negativity around you just becomes faint background noise. The journey may be lonely at first, but you’ll meet new friends with the same motivations and the world of ridicule and doubt that you came from won’t even exist anymore.Geek: Who’s your Super Smash Bros. Ultimate main?KO: It was always Kirby, but the new characters really excite me, especially King K. Rool, Incineroar, and Joker.last_img

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