Outlook 2013 drops support for xls and doc

first_imgAs Microsoft prepares for the next update of Outlook, there are several components being added and removed from the email client as we know it. On the chopping block for Outlook is the ability to import and export the .doc and .xls file formats.Microsoft has been paying special attention to its email services recently, though most of this has been directed at the new Hotmail. Despite many skeptics, Microsoft knocked one out of the park with their refresh of Hotmail, and now are turning their focus to an update for Outlook. There are so many features baked in to Outlook that have existed forever even though no one uses them. Chief among them is the ability to import and export things inside of Outlook using Microsoft’s file formats. It made perfect sense for a Redmond when they wanted to keep everything in house, but the fact is no one uses these features anymore.According to Microsoft, these features are being removed so the team can focus on ones that their customers use the most. You will still be able to import and export using .csv and .pst, and the contact manager tools in ACT! and Outlook Express will remain intact.Also removed from Outlook 2013 will be VPN and dial-up preferences, which were also labeled as seldom used features by the team.Much like their new Hotmail, Microsoft seems interested in a leaner and generally performance optimized mail client as opposed to one that supports every imaginable use case moving forward.Microsoft will also be upgrading all Outlook users currently using the Classic Offline mode to the new Cached Mode for Office 2013, where previously users were able to choose between the two modes. The key difference here is the way information is stored. Cached Mode stores messages without writing them to the disk, as the name suggests, as opposed to storing chucks of the Inbox for use when offline. For the majority of users, Microsoft is confident there will be no change in daily use.Outlook blog via WinBetalast_img

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