Headphone wires modded to display rainbow lightshow set to music

first_imgIf you’ve been searching for a way to make your headphones a little more distinctive, you should know that whatever you were planning on is less cool that you thought. Accomplished maker Yardley Dobon has put together a project called Level Headed – EL Wire Headphones. The effect is awesome — loops of glowing wire pulse and flash in time with the music. There is even an Instructables page so you can make them yourself (maybe).The materials needed include a pair of headphones (or two if you’re not careful), five strands of colored electroluminescent (EL) wire, a T-qualizer inverter, some ribbon cables, resistors, and various tools. Dobon suggest ordering some extra parts in case you have a small accident.The EL wire used in this project is the same type often used in those snazzy t-shirts with lightup designs. You can find it in various places online on the cheap, and you only need a few feet of each color. You’ll just need to strip the ends of your wire and attach them to a 7+1 housing that can be plugged in later.The EL wires are supposed to light up based on the sound in the headphones, and you make that happen by modifying the T-qualizer inverter just a bit. This part is designed to react to sound waves, but you need it to react to the audio signal coming to your headphones. This part of the mod requires some work with a soldering iron and the swapping of some components. Check out the instructables link for details on how to find the right parts of the inverter. You’ll also want to add a resistor to the audio line to reduce electrical noise.The audio cable is routed through the inverter, and the EL wire is coupled with the transistor amplifier to produce the effect. It’s a lot of work to make your headphones glow, but it’s also downright impressive.via Hackaday ans Instructableslast_img

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