Google runs 900000 servers uses 001 of worlds electricity

first_imgAfter reading the title to this article you may have had the same reaction to me: “is that all?”Google is after all one of the biggest internet companies and runs the most popular search engine by some margin. It also sets up Google accounts and gives free access to an office suite for anyone who wants one, offers a business package, has 20+ million people on Google+ already, and then there’s the small case of YouTube and that 48+ hours of video that gets uploaded every minute.Maybe we should be looking at it from the other way around. In order to run all those services online only requires 900,000 servers. And servers are so efficient they only used 0.01% of worldwide electricity. If that’s the case the future is very bright for cloud computing, and the argument to let people stay at home and work online is a very environmentally-friendly one.That percentage figure looks even better for Google if you consider data centers as a whole account for up to 1.5% of worldwide electricity use, and as much as 2.2% in the U.S. alone.Realistically though, this is just a best guess made by Stanford professor Jonathan Koomey. He was provided with an upper bound by Google for electricity use, which came in at less than 1% of all data centers around the world. In fact, his wider report looking at data centers in general says energy use is lower than expected based on projections in 2007.Unfortunately it’s difficult to get a handle on Google’s total server use as they build their own. But the very low electricity use has been put down to “higher infrastructure efficiency” at Google’s facilities. That basically means they can do more for less which is a big commercial advantage. Google is also a company that pushes for greener solutions such as using natural air cooling, setting up data centers that run on tidal power, wind, and solar wherever possible, and they recycle whenever possible. The forward-thinking company also invests in green energy research through its green initiatives and investment.If this video from 2009 is anything to go by, Google secret seems to be shipping containers:Read more at Koomey’s Blog and Data Center Knowledgelast_img

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