Nexus S gets overclocked to 12GHz

first_imgThe Nexus S smartphone is already a very fast Android handset due to the 1GHz Hummingbird processor at its heart. But some people are never happy, and overclocking is a must.Morfic over at the xda-developers forums has just released Trinity v1.1 which can be used on a rooted Nexus S running the stock Android 2.3 ROM. Once applied, that 1GHz Hummingbird chip will be capable of hitting 1.2GHz.Be warned, though, that pushing the processor beyond its intended limits may cause some stability issues and in extreme cases could leave you with a bricked handset. The feedback on the forums so far seems pretty good, however, so you can try this with some confidence your phone will remain stable while getting faster.Anyone worried about the impact on battery life shouldn’t be. The phone is only going to hit 1.2GHz when under load, so for most of the time it should perform as expected with the battery life close to what you are experiencing before the overclock.Read more at xda-developers, via GeekwordMatthew’s OpinionBack in November we looked at whether overclocking your Android phone was worth it. The end result was older handsets saw no real gains, but new hardware did benefit from the processor running faster. This seems to be the case with the Nexus S with forum posters reporting a noticeable performance bump.This is an early stage release of the overclock solution, though. Some people are reporting graphically intensive apps are stalling their phones when it is applied. So it’s best to be cautious if trying it. Some Nexus S handsets just can’t take it and are already near their limit with the 1GHz stock speed.As we move to faster processors with multiple cores I think overclocking is going to become a common option on Android phones. The danger is that the phone overheats damaging itself and the person using it. The other issue is battery life, but it depends on how much your phone is pushed to the higher speeds during regular use.last_img

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