Brendan Wood International announces TopGun Turnaround CEO worldwide precious metals

first_imgBrendan Wood International (BWI) has announced that Anthony Makuch CEO of Lake Shore Gold, achieved the TopGun Turnaround CEO designation. According to BWI this unique recognition is due to Lake Shore Gold’s value appreciation of approximately 187% achieved over the last 18 months, as well as the simultaneous improvement of Lake Shore Gold’s position on The Brendan Wood Shareholder Confidence Index. Lake Shore’s BWI Index improvements in shareholder confidence across a spectrum of management skills and accomplishments underpin sustainability. The TopGun Turnaround CEO designation is achieved by a CEO who has combined a compelling upward valuation of his/her company with similarly marked improvements on the BWI Shareholder Confidence Index, the latter representing a shareholder view of stable repositioning as opposed to a price improvement event alone.“It is an extraordinary feat to raise a company from its lowest ebb and simultaneously lead investors to a change of mind about that company’s future. Tony Makuch did that and more for Lake Shore Gold last year” said Brendan Wood, Chairman BWI.Asked about how often it happens, Wood explained, “It is very rare and the reasons for that infrequency are easy to understand, especially in Tony Makuch’s case. A year and a half ago shareholder confidence ratings on Lake Shore Gold were deeply disheartening. Tony did not have any investor fans, quite the reverse. He somehow set pessimism aside and went to work to create extraordinary cost efficiency at the mine sites. To say Tony’s boots were on the ground is an understatement”.Shareholder Confidence ratings for Makuch improved by approximately 40% over the last 18 months while confidence in Corporate Strategy and execution increased by 30%. Both metrics are now in-line with the sector averages whereas two years ago these particular ratings were over 20% below the industry. In first quarter 2015 Lake Shore shareholders expressed increasing confidence in the CEO for the year ahead.Particular achievements celebrated by Lake Shore Gold investors include:Demonstrated operational efficiencyPotential extension of reserve life through explorationA focus on growthDebt reductionCash flow generationConsistently meeting targets and expectations.Shareholder ratings identified four potential candidates for the TopGun Turnaround CEO designation 2014/2015, however, in comparison; Lake Shore Gold’s Makuch quickly rose to the top of this group.TOPGUN TURNAROUND CEOsAnthony Makuch, Lake Shore Gold Corp.Brad Gordon, Acacia Mining PLCGeorge Ogilvie, Kirkland Lake Gold Inc.Scott Caldwell, Guyana Goldfields Inc.last_img

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