BioteQ agrrement with biggest Mexican mining company for water treatment solutions

first_imgBioteQ Environmental Technologies, a leader in the treatment of industrial waste water, has come to an agreement with Minera México, a subsidiary of Grupo México, to provide water treatment solutions that support Minera México’s commitment for the sustainable development of its mineral resources. The two companies have agreed to develop projects where BioteQ’s technologies can be employed in the recovery, recycle and treatment of industrial waste, waste water and by-product management.The framework agreement provides the commercial basis to develop waste treatment projects that are technically and financially attractive using BioteQ’s technology while meeting Minera México’s sustainable development objectives. Under the agreement BioteQ will provide process design and commissioning services as well as plant equipment on a process fee basis, in return for a license to use BioteQ’s technology for each treatment project. Minera México will provide for construction of the treatment plants.The companies have initiated the review of the first ten potential treatment projects at three of Minera México’s sites in Mexico with the objective to develop waste recovery and recycle projects focused on existing waste management opportunities in smelter dust treatment as well as copper, molybdenum and zinc recovery from historic waste water sources. Updates for individual projects will be provided as details are available and definitive commercial agreements for each site are completed.Minera México is Mexico’s largest mining company with very large copper reserves and is a leader in low cost production. Grupo México operates 19 sites in Mexico, the US and Peru with fully integrated operations in mining, smelting and refining to produce copper, molybdenum, silver, gold, zinc, and lead. The company is committed to sustainable development of their mineral resources with a strict respect for the environment while striving for the advancement and development of the people.BioteQ creates custom water treatment solutions to recover dissolved metals and remove sulphate from water impacted by mining, energy and industrial activities. The company’s clean technologies convert wastewater into a useful resource while delivering lower life cycle costs for water treatment. BioteQ has designed and built 14 plants at sites in Canada, the US, Mexico, Europe, Australia and China, with additional projects in development.last_img

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