Student stabbed with scissors during school brawl

The injured schoolboy showing where he was stabbedHe was then rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital, and his mother was informed of the incident.INews understands the teen received one stitch and two x-rays were conducted on his body.The matter was reported and is being investigated. INews will bring an update on this story in a subsequent report. (Ramona Luthi) A fourth form Kingston Secondary School student was yesterday morning stabbed to his abdomen by another student following a scuffle. According to the 17-year-old teen who spoke to INews, there had been an exchange of words between him and a 15-year-old student since Monday. However, he relayed that yesterday the 15-year-old resorted to physically attacking him, and the duo fought.“He point up he hand in meh face, and I lash it away and then we start fight. Choke up and thing,” the teen explained.He further relayed students and teachers tried to separate the fight, however while the teachers pulled him away, the teen said that the other student managed to get hold of a scissors and swiftly dealt him a stab to his left side abdomen.The fourth form student said that his opponent then ran downstairs into the school yard and grabbed a bottle, broke it and attempted to attack him further. However, the young man said that this time, he armed himself with a wood, while the teacher who was holding on to him, ran away.The 15-year-old, in the company of his friends reportedly ran out of the school compound.Meanwhile, the 17-year-old said that he only became aware that he was injured when his teachers started shouting at the sight of blood oozing from his side. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Related17-year-old charged with attempted murder of 15-year-old schoolmateJanuary 26, 2018In “Court”Teen stabbed in scuffle on Norton StreetAugust 13, 2017In “Crime”Schoolgirl stabs 14-yr-old boy to neck – at Charity Secondary SchoolFebruary 4, 2016In “Local News”

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