A New Executive Committee For Emery County Republicans

By Julie JohansenThe Emery County Republican Party Organizing Convention for 2019 opened with nominations for executive officers as well as chairman, vice-chairman, treasurer and county representative (delegate at large). Treasurer Denise Chapman was nominated and voted in by acclamation. The other positions were voted by the convention delegates. Tom Hansen will serve as the new chairman, Joel Hatch-Jensen as vice chairman, Julie Oakeson as secretary and Katherine DeBry as county representative.During the nominations, a motion was made to suspend the rules and change the eligibility requirements of living in the county for one year to allow delegates with less residency duration to be eligible. This motion needed a two-thirds vote to pass and lacked that numbers of votes, so the rules remained the same.While the voting was counted, convention guest speakers addressed the audience. Speaking was Senator David Hinkins and Representative Christine Watkins as well as Emery County Commissioners Lynn Sitterud, Kent Wilson and Gil Conover. Kendra Seeley, who is seeking the position of State Republican Party Secretary, and Phill Wright, delegate for state party chairman, introduced themselves and asked for the support of state delegates at the state convention on May 4 at Utah Valley University.

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