It was only a matter of time: Airbnb became the official sponsor of the Olympic Games

first_imgSo this is where Airbnb plays a key role, which will help host cities because cities no longer have to promise to build new hotels or accommodation, but can (instead) refer to the number of hosts Airbnb offers. Smart, isn’t it? In addition, the local economy and the host effect will certainly be triggered. The agreement includes cooperation in offering accommodation through the Airbnb platform, which will reduce costs for organizers and stakeholders of the Olympic Games, minimize the need to build new accommodation infrastructure for the Olympic Games and generate direct revenue for local hosts and communities. Also, Airbnb will promote accommodations that support access for people with disabilities. Zanimljivo, Katar koji će biti domaćin svjetskog nogometnog prvenstva 2022. razmišljao je o tom problemu, te planski gradi stadione, a čak jedan dio stadiona će se cijeli razmontirati i iskoristiti za neku drugu primjernu. Također, u Katru su se sjetili i zanimljivog rješenja kako smjestiti milijune navijača koji će doći na EURO 2022. Neće graditi hotele koji će kasnije biti prazni, nego su se sjetili genijalnog rješenja – izgraditi će kruzer s 20 tisuća mjesta ili 40 tisuća navijača. Tako se Airbnb pridružio “visokom društvu” i našao se među glavnim sponzorima, uključujući Coca-Colu, Panasonic, Samsung, Alibabu, Visa, Toyota… a samim time naglašava imperativ pozicioniranja kompanije kako bi postao jedan od glavnih igrača u iznajmljivanju soba. The partnership will generate hundreds of thousands of new hosts over nine years, giving community residents the opportunity to earn extra income by providing accommodation and local experiences to visiting fans, athletes and other members of the Olympic movement. For visitors, the Airbnb community will offer a more local and authentic way to immerse themselves in the host cities and socialize with local communities. For the cities themselves, the Airbnb community is a more environmentally sustainable way to accept the increase in visitor numbers. The nine-year partnership in five games is designed to create a new standard for the household that will be a win for the host cities, and a win for spectators and fans and a win for the athletes. The aforementioned collaboration covers the next five Olympics starting with Tokyo next year, including the next Winter and Summer Games in Beijing, Paris, Milan and Los Angeles. By the way, five cities are among the largest markets of Airbnb for renting private accommodation in the world. But let’s get back to the topic. Namely, there is one catch in the whole story. The IOC requires that candidate cities, ie hosts, guarantee a minimum of 40.000 rooms, in order to accommodate all athletes and support staff, and with additional investment in the entire infrastructure, from the construction of new stadiums and new transport infrastructure, household profitability has been called into question in recent years. Especially if the new infrastructure after the Olympics becomes a dead city and is left to decay. As was the last case in Brazil, which in the end when the line was drawn ended in the red, and the vast infrastructure stands and collapses. Kvaka 40.000center_img EURO 2020: MORE THAN HALF OF FANS PLAN TO TRAVEL TO WATCH THE TEAMS OF THEIR TEAM Creating new Airbnb hosts Interestingly, on the other hand, Booking com has become an official partner of the European Football Championship UEFA EURO 2020 ™ in the segment of accommodation and attractions. In any case, a smart move by Airbnb as well as a great collaboration that solves more problems or a win-win for everyone. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Airbnb have signed a $ 500 million deal to make Airbnb the official sponsor of the 2028 Olympics. RELATED NEWS: Let the games for each guest and global dominance begin. last_img

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