Papuk Nature Park was visited by more than 10.000 visitors this year

first_imgJudging by the number of visitors who decided to visit the Papuk Nature Park this year, then we can say that Papuk has become perhaps the most desirable continental destination. Thus, 2017 with a little more than 7 visitors was the most visited so far, but 000 will surely set a new record because so far Papuk and Jankovac Forest Park have been visited by more than 2018 visitors.This week, Sara Horak from Daruvar also visited the Jankovac Park Forest, thus becoming the ten thousandth visitor to the pearls of Slavonia – Jankovac. “Following the activities of the Park on social networks, I decided to visit Jankovac for the first time, whose beauty really intrigued me. I am pleasantly surprised by the welcome and in the end I can only say that I will recommend Papuk to anyone who wants to spend their vacation in untouched nature.Said Sara Horak.The director of Papuk Nature Park, Alen Jurenac, presented a gift to the ten thousandth visitor, emphasizing that it is obvious that Papuk is becoming an increasingly important destination for many tourists who discover its beauties. “The ten thousandth visitor who was welcomed in the Jankovac Forest Park is an indicator of how protected areas can significantly contribute to tourism and the development of the local areas in which they are located. The park has places for everyone who wants to come and enjoy nature, and it is up to the Park administration to provide the infrastructure and offer that will balance the interest of visitors and the protection of nature. That is why investments in visitor infrastructure and expansion of content and offer are important. ”said Alen Jurenac, director of the Park.The strongest tourist asset of the park, Jankovac Forest Park, this year again attracts the largest number of visitors, of which the largest share is domestic guests, and most of them are school excursions. In order to standardize the status of visitors, the payment of individual tickets has been introduced since the beginning of this year, and only for the area of ​​the Jankovac Forest Park, and the ticket price is a symbolic 10,00 kuna.Related news:PAPUK RECEIVES FIRST ACCOMMODATION CAPACITIES, DUBOKA CAMP-REST OPENEDPAPUK NATURE PARK THE FIRST CROATIAN GEOPARK UNDER UNESCO PROTECTIONlast_img

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