Experts question worth of time-off guidance for URLs

first_img Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos. Experts question worth of time-off guidance for URLsOn 6 May 2003 in Personnel Today Guidance on the amount of time off Union Learning Reps (ULRs) are entitledto has been launched, but experts question its effectiveness. ULRs are to be given statutory powers to promote workplace learning underthe Employment Act. But Robbie Gilbert, chief executive of the Employers’ Forumon Statute and Practice, says the Acas code – which outlines the amount of timeoff ULRs are allowed – leaves questions unanswered. “There are a lot of gaps,” he said. “And, the legislationdoesn’t give any help.” He said organisations with good union relations will be able to manage, buthe suspects others will run into trouble. Ultimately, he said, rights will need to be determined by case law, andtribunals will have to deal with the problem. Gilbert said HR needs to ensure the ULR role does not clash with the maindrive of the organisation’s training programmes. The TUC and its member unions have already recruited almost 5,000 ULRs. TUCgeneral secretary-elect Brendan Barber claims that reps can help to plug skillsgaps.

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