Dornsifes inspired by Nikias’ inauguration speech

first_imgWhen Dana and David Dornsife returned to their hotel room after President C. L. Max Nikias’ inaugural speech in October, they both had one thing on their mind: naming the College of Letters, Arts & Sciences.Benefactors · David Dornsife graduated from USC in 1965. He and his wife, Dana Dornsife, both sit on the board of the USC Brain and Creativity Institute. They donated $200 million in unrestricted funds to the College of Letters, Arts & Sciences. – Courtesy of Philip Channing “We were staying at the Radisson across the street, and we both kind of simultaneously brought out, ‘Wouldn’t that be exciting if they announced in the future ‘the College of Letters, Arts & Sciences,’ but instead they said ‘the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts & Sciences?’” David Dornsife said. “That was the first time we saw each other [that day] and we both had the same idea.”Further talks with Howard Gillman, dean of the College of Letters, Arts, & Sciences, as well as meetings with Nikias led to the Dornsife’s $200 million unrestricted donation to the College of Letters, Arts & Sciences, which will officially be renamed the USC Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts & Sciences on March 23.“We’re thrilled to be able to do it,” Dana Dornsife said. “And we feel very blessed and fortunate to have the financial resources that allow us to do things like this to help make the world a better place.”The Dornsifes’ pledge is the largest single donation in USC’s history. They credit Nikias with motivating them to give during his inauguration speech.“He put a challenge out to the audience to have the courage to explore boldly and he really put forward a very aggressive agenda on the things that he wanted to do to improve the quality of the education at USC and to attract highly sought after professors,” Dana Dornsife said. “Dave and I really took that to heart.”The donation will also create a Dornsife Scholars Program, given to graduating seniors in the College who plan to continue with the research they began at USC on a national or global scale.“The idea of the Dornsife scholars is to take top performers and incentivize them to go on further, and in particular, look at those that feel that they can change the world as a result of the scholarly work that they could continue to do at USC,” David Dornsife said.At a Visions & Voices event about two years ago, the Dornsifes were invited to talk about water-well drilling in Africa and their involvement there. They left impressed by the students’ reaction, which gave them faith in the students to make a difference in the world.“We were overwhelmed with the students who were very eager to do what they could do to change the world and were asking us if we had any ideas for them,” Dana Dornsife said. “That mindset, coming from the heart, and being passionate about helping their fellow man, David and I are very impressed with them.”Because the $200 million is an unrestricted endowment, the College can use the money in any way it sees fit.The Dornsifes are not worried about the different ways the money will be used.“We have a lot of faith in the individuals running the College,” David Dornsife said. “We’re not concerned about mistakes being made because they’re good people and they know a lot about education.”David Dornsife graduated from USC’s business school in 1965 and is currently a USC trustee and chairman of the USC Brain and Creativity Institute in the neurosciences. His parents were also USC alumni. Dana Dornsife also sits on the board of the Brain and Creativity Institute.Their involvement in the neuroscience program provided opportunities for the Dornsifes to meet faculty in the College, as well as the dean.“We think the fact that the neuroscience program is funded and working is an example of what could be done when you really focus on an area,” David Dornsife said. “All that exposure with the neurosciences started getting us interested in broadening out to the rest of the members of the college, so that was the catalyst that got us a chance to be involved intimately with other disciplines.”Dana Dornsife said they are proud of the interdisciplinary studies taking place at USC, and donated specifically to the College because they feel it has more interdisciplinary opportunities for students.The Dornsifes plan to continue their support of both neuroscience and the College through meetings with Gillman and continuing their positions in the Brain and Creativity Institute.“We think this is the right time to be supportive of the school,” David Dornsife said. “We think they’re doing a great job and we hope this helps lift them to a higher level.”last_img read more

Women of Troy revel in upset role

first_imgEleven minutes.That’s how close the women’s soccer team was to pulling off a minor miracle last Friday night.The Women of Troy were facing off against crosstown rival UCLA and came into the match as heavy underdogs. USC is a relatively young team with a first-year head coach in Keidane McAlpine, and the Bruins came into the matchup as the undefeated defending national champions. It was the final game of the regular season, and with the football team on a bye week, the rivalry was played out in front of about 10,000 fans under the stadium lights of the Coliseum.Just short · Sophomore Kayla Mills (18) and the women’s soccer team fell short in their upset bid of No. 1 UCLA last Friday night. USC’s women’s volleyball team will now try its hand at upsetting top-ranked Stanford tonight. – Mariya Dondonyan | Daily TrojanThe Bruins controlled possession for most of the game and had numerous opportunities to break through, but the USC defense held tight for all of the first half and most of the second half. But the Women of Troy couldn’t hold on for a full 90 minutes as UCLA found the back of the net in the 79th minute. The Bruins added a second goal in the 87th minute to seal a 2-0 victory.The defeat brings up some bad memories from other sporting events in the same venue this year. It also gives me somewhat of a bad feeling as the women’s volleyball team goes into a very similar challenge tonight against Stanford.But I’ll stick by my assessment that fans should be proud, not disappointed, by the soccer team’s performance. Likewise, though my expectations might not be high, I absolutely plan on seeing the volleyball team play tonight in the Galen Center because the Women of Troy’s match is sure to be exciting regardless of the outcome.If you didn’t see the soccer game Friday, you’ve probably seen at least one similar result on a Saturday. The USC football team has had two of those kinds of losses in conference play, first against Arizona State and then against Utah, where a Pac-12 rival just barely snuck past the Trojan defense to steal a victory at the end of the game. Not only was the soccer team’s result very similar to those of the football team, but the game plan and general style of play was as well.The soccer team by all means played a very conservative game against UCLA. It seemed like the Women of Troy played the entire game with only one forward positioned relatively high on the field and five midfielders positioned relatively low alongside the four defenders. Almost every soccer team plays with four defenders, but teams will commonly play with two or three forwards instead of having so many players in the midfield.Not only did USC drop nine of 10 field players into defense when the Bruins had the ball, but the Women of Troy looked equally cautious with the ball. McAlpine didn’t just concede that the Women of Troy weren’t going to score barring a major defensive blunder from UCLA, but it didn’t even look like USC was trying to keep possession. An old sports adage is that the best defense is a good offense, and maintaining possession for an extended period of time prevents an opponent from scoring during that time. But the Women of Troy thought the best strategy on defense was to “park the team bus in front of the goal,” as the saying goes in soccer, instead of trying to keep the ball away from the Bruins. Though the Bruin outside defenders were very involved on offense and pressed forward when UCLA had the ball, USC almost always kept all four defenders behind midfield. Instead of supporting the ballcarrier while USC had possession, the outside defenders helped protect against an uneven attack the other way.Yes, it was frustrating seeing the game plan fail so close to the finish line. But as I’ve consistently said when looking at the football team, playing conservatively is not inherently flawed. There are reasons why teams do it, and there are situations as well as opponents in which it really makes sense.The simplest and most accurate explanation for why the soccer team lost to UCLA is that UCLA was the better team. The Bruins were not only faster, but also better ball handlers. There’s very little the Women of Troy could have done against such a task.If opponents have much more speed, it’s almost impossible to beat them with aggressive, quick-strike counterattacks — in fact, those just leave you vulnerable to their counterattacks in return. But if a team also has much better ball control, it’s very hard to keep possession for large chunks of time. Bringing outside defenders forward to support possession on offense just opens up the opportunity for more counterattacks. It’s obviously much easier to defend a team with nine defenders in a tight space than with just your two center defenders in an open field.After watching the soccer game Friday, I’m particularly cautious about any optimism going into the women’s volleyball game today because it’s particularly hard to engineer an upset in that sport. Unlike in soccer, volleyball teams can’t just sit back and hopefully wait to capitalize on one big mistake. UCLA ultimately avoided any major errors, but one bad turnover midway through the second half could have been enough for USC to take the lead and change the dynamic of a game. In volleyball, you need more than one mistake and one point to steal a match. You need at least 25 points just to win one set, and it takes three sets to claim a match. One big point certainly can be the difference between a win and a loss in volleyball, but it can’t wash away an otherwise completely dominant performance like it can in soccer.But I wouldn’t say the volleyball team is severely outmatched going into the Stanford matchup. Yes, the Cardinal are undefeated on the season and ranked as the No. 1 team in the country, but the Women of Troy actually took a set of Stanford in a 23-25, 25-22, 25-20, 25-19 defeat earlier this season in Palo Alto.Despite the disappointing result at the Coliseum Friday, it was a tremendously exciting fan atmosphere to be a part of and totally worth the trip. Not only was the record-breaking turnout — mostly local youth soccer league players and their parents, along with a fair number of students — exciting to experience, but the game itself was fantastic. The Women of Troy didn’t have a ton of scoring chances but they fought valiantly with their backs against the wall all game. I left the Coliseum proud to call those student-athletes my classmates.I’m equally excited about catching the volleyball game tonight. I’m hopeful for a classic upset, but there’s also something inherently awesome about watching USC athletes representing our school.I won’t go as far as predicting an upset like I did before USC’s trip to Washington this year — the team lost to the Huskies in straight sets. But I urge anyone reading this to join me at 7:30 p.m. in the Galen Center.Maybe all the Women of Troy need to engineer an upset is some good ole home-court advantage.Luke Holthouse is a sophomore majoring in broadcast and digital journalism and policy, planning and development. His column, “Holthouse Party,” runs Wednesdays.last_img read more

Real Madrid trophy embarrassment shows Premier League is streets ahead

first_imgWhich differed from the sponsor’s version on standby at Upton Park… Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates with a bottle of water, Chelsea with a trophy 11 …only for dramatic events to see Man City lift the silverware moments later, 140 miles away at the Eihad Stadium. 11 If the Premier League could do that 22 years ago, why can’t Spanish football organise something similar in 2017?LaLiga may boast many of the world’s best footballers, but this trophy debacle is an embarrassment for the Spanish game. 11 11 11 It got worse because, though Madrid continued their celebrations back in the capital city in front of thousands of fans, they were forced to parade a mini replica of the wrong trophy.This is due to the fact that a new LaLiga trophy was unveiled last July, replacing the old one which Real have as a replica.Having come from the Premier League, where even the departure of a player can be highly choreographed, Bale and Modric were understandably perplexed by this shambolic organisation.Three years ago, when there was a possibility that Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea could all go into the final day of the season with a chance of winning the title, contingency plans were put in place by the Premier League for three trophies to be made available for the campaign climax, and orders were placed for sufficient winner’s medals to be on hand.In 2012, when the title race went down to the last seconds of the season, preparations were being made to present Manchester United with the trophy at Sunderland, as they were on course to claim top spot… The official then explained that it would be presented next season. This was because Blackburn were presented with the Premier League’s original version of the trophy, while United would have received the sponsor’s copy.Note the engraving on the silverware clutched by Rovers manager Kenny Dalglish: ‘The FA Premier League’.center_img Real Madrid may have won LaLiga for the first time since 2012, but incredibly they won’t receive the trophy until next season.The Spanish giants needed a win from their final game of the 2016/17 league campaign to seal top spot, and duly wrapped up the title with a 2-0 win at Malaga.But remarkably Real won’t receive LaLiga’s trophy until the start of the 2017/18 season, when some of their squad may well have left the club.This is because the trophy is the property not of the league itself, but the Spanish football governing body, the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), and any presentation date is reportedly dependent on the availability of RFEF president, Angel Maria Villar.Three years ago Villar was unavailable to present Atletico Madrid with the trophy when they were crowned champions on the last day of the 2013/14 season, meaning Diego Simeone’s men had to wait a ridiculous 105 days to lift their prize.And two years prior, on the last occasion Real were LaLiga winners, Villar reportedly refused to present the trophy to the champions on the Bernabeu pitch, despite a stage being constructed for that very purpose. Instead, Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos had to collect it from the stands.It’s not certain Villar’s presence is required for the trophy presentation, and elsewhere it’s suggested that the champions are required to receive the silverware at their next available home game, but whatever the reasoning, it remains ridiculous that it takes so long.The lack of trophy presentation this year came as a shock to Real players Luka Modric and Gareth Bale, who were celebrating winning their first LaLiga title.After full-time at Malaga and with his team-mates in jubilant mood, Modric, with a quizzical look, motioned lifting a trophy to a club official. Even as far back as 1995, when Blackburn Rovers and United battled for the title until the last seconds of the season, the Premier League was well prepared. As the full-time whistle blew on Rovers’ season, ending with a 2-1 defeat at Liverpool, the Red Devils needed to score a late winner away to West Ham to snatch top spot.Andy Cole had two late chances to claim victory for Man United, but it wasn’t to be and Blackburn were able to celebrate becoming champions, with the trophy. 11 11 The Croatian midfielder, along with his Welsh team-mate, reacted with incredulity when he was informed there was no trophy. 11 11 A disbelieving Bale sought further confirmation from Cristiano Ronaldo, who again explained there wouldn’t be a presentation. 11 Meanwhile, at West Ham’s Upton Park, a trophy and presentation boards lay unused as Man United were forced to settle for the runners up position.last_img read more


first_imgMarie Fleming and husband Tom. Marie passed away in DecemberRIGHT to die campaigner Marie Fleming has left behind a remarkable book about her early life in Donegal – and how her mother left her family for a Fianna Fail Senator.Ms Fleming, originally from Lifford, passed away in December. She had been suffering from MS.She penned an incredible biography in her final years, which is being serialised in the Irish Independent and the Sunday Independent. In the first extracts from An Act of Love published on Saturday Ms Fleming had written about how her mother left her, her four siblings and her dad Danny Brolly in 1969 to have an affair with Donegal Senator Patrick McGowan.The affair became a national scandal in 1970 when Mr Brolly took a civil case against father of eight and hotelier Senator McGowan.Ms Fleming recounts the court case and how her father won IR£3,800 in damages when the case was settled out of court.Her father had accused McGowan of “debaucing and carnally knowing” his wife, “unlawfully procuring” Mrs Brolly in Lifford, Dungloe, Bundoran, Rossnowlagh, Sligo and Dublin. The story was front page news at the time.Ms Fleming recounts how their mother left her five children on several occasions, the last time whilst pregnant with Senator McGowan’s baby.The series continues in today’s Sunday Independent. MARIE FLEMING’S ASTONISHING BOOK: HOW MY MUM LEFT US FOR A FIANNA FAIL SENATOR was last modified: February 16th, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more