Jay Selectboard readdresses two articles

first_imgJAY – The Selectboard readdressed two warrant articles from last week’s budget meeting.The chosen image for this year’s town report.The town’s administrative ordinance states that the board must act with a quorum of three members. The board must act by majority vote and if only three members are present at a meeting then they must vote unanimously.At the Feb. 2 budget meeting a board member was absent, meaning all decisions had to be made unanimously for action to be taken. Two warrant articles, Paving Capital Reserve and Curbside Collection, passed 2 – 1, but are technically invalid because the vote was not unanimous.The board voted again Monday evening with all four members present, passing both articles 3 – 1.The Selectboard unanimously approved Jay resident Stacy Greenleaf’s sewer abatement of $314.16. Because her winter quarter reading was more than 20 percent higher than the average of the past three quarters she was able to request a modified billing format to determine her sewer fee.There are three properties that are in danger of being foreclosed because of unpaid taxes or sewer. Town manager, Shiloh LaFreniere believes that two of the properties will be able to pay in full by the March 3 deadline, but thinks an apartment building who she’s had no luck contacting will be foreclosed.If there are any foreclosed properties the board will discuss possible actions to take on their March 8 meeting.The town is currently taking bids for replacing the town office generator. So far they have received two bids, and may have a third tomorrow. The bids are due by Feb. 17.Board member Gary McGrane suggested the town look into getting a solar powered battery for the office. McGrane cited the 26 percent federal tax rebate as a strong incentive for looking into going green.The town office is getting an energy audit that will specify how much energy they are using which will help them make a decision on what path to take regarding their back up energy.Unfortunately, because of limited time in the classroom the RSU 73 art contest didn’t work out this year. This left the town report cover blank.Lisa Bryant, the town Finance Director designed a few logos for the board to choose from.For the back cover the board decided to go with #AndroStrong logo that was designed by K&J Couture Designs after the Verso mill explosion last year.The inside cover will feature the recipients of the Spirit of America award.last_img read more

Backlash from Australia against transgender weightlifter

first_imgNewsTalk ZB 24 November 2017Family First Comment: It was always going to end in tears…#DenyingBiologyAustralia’s weightlifting chief says New Zealand’s selection of transgender athlete Laurel Hubbard will create an uneven playing field at next year’s Commonwealth Games.Hubbard, who will compete in the 90kg-plus division on the Gold Coast, will be the first transgender athlete to represent New Zealand at a Commonwealth Games.As Gavin Hubbard, the 39-year-old was a national junior record-holder in the male 105kg class before she transitioned into a woman in her mid-30s.Rival athletes complained that she had an unfair advantage after she won gold at the Australian Open this year, lifting 123 kilos in the snatch and 145 kilos in the clean and jerk.Australian Weightlifting Federation chief executive Michael Keelan on Friday claimed Hubbard would have both a physiological and mental edge over her rivals.“We’re in a power sport which is normally related to masculine tendencies … where you’ve got that aggression, you’ve got the right hormones, then you can lift bigger weights,” he told AAP.READ MORE: http://www.newstalkzb.co.nz/news/national/backlash-from-australia-against-transgender-weightlifter/Teammate unhappy with inclusion of transgender athlete in NZ teamRadio NZ News 24 November 2017The selection of transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard for the Commonwealth Games doesn’t sit well with one of her teammates.Hubbard, 39, is the first transgender sportsperson to represent New Zealand.She was cleared by the International Olympic Committee and International Weightlifting Federation to compete against other female lifters.Hubbard, who will compete in the 90kg class, became the first transgender athlete to win an international weightlifting title for New Zealand in Australia earlier this year but her victory didn’t go down well with rivals who said she had an unfair advantage having previously competed as a man.Earlier in her career she was a national junior record-holder in the male 105kg class before she transitioned in her mid-30s.Tracey Lambrechs, who won a bronze medal at the Glasgow Games, has been forced to drop down a class with the arrival of Hubbard on the women’s weight lifting scene and Lambrechs was also uncomfortable with Hubbard being able to compete.“I feel there is an unfair advantage even though it is within all the regulations… all I can hope is that they look into it and make a more educated judgement,” Lambrechs said.Lambrechs is disappointed the selection of the 12-strong weighlifting team is being overshadowed by the inclusion of Hubbard, but accepts it is an unusual situation.“I am glad that people can come out and live their lives and be happy but when it comes to a professional sporting environment it gets a bit trickier.“[She] is lifting a lot more than what the other women are… so personally I do think there is an unfair advantage.”Lambrechs was also concerned about the impact the international media attention could have on the team at the Games.READ MORE: https://www.radionz.co.nz/news/sport/344652/teammate-unhappy-with-inclusion-of-transgender-athlete-in-nz-teamlast_img read more