Franklin Bowling Lanes by Pat Sides

first_imgThis photo of the Franklin Bowling Lanes was shot in 1943, a few months after the business opened at 1801 West Franklin Street. Soldiers who passed through Evansville during World War II, as well as throngs of people seeking work in local wartime factories, probably created a demand for more recreational venues.The building has undergone few exterior changes over the decades; the style is Art Moderne, popular from about 1930 to 1945, and distinctive for its rounded edges and lines, corner windows, and glass block walls. In the background of this photo, the spires of St. Boniface Church are visible, and the manufacturing company at left is now home to the Hoosier Stamp and Manufacturing Corporation.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img

Allergy laws enforced in restaurants

first_img Share Sharing is caring! HealthInternationalLifestylePrint Allergy laws enforced in restaurants by: By Smitha MundasadHealth reporter, BBC News – December 13, 2014 Restaurants will have to declare common allergens – including crustaceansRestaurants and takeaways across Europe will be required by law to tell customers if their food contains ingredients known to trigger allergies.Staff must provide information on 14 everyday allergens including nuts, milk, celery, gluten, soya and wheat.The new measures, which come into force on Saturday, cover meals served in bakeries, cafes, care homes and packaged produce sold by supermarkets.There may be fines for repeat offenders.According to the European Academy of Allergy, food allergies affect more than 17 million people across Europe.Fatal reactionsSome five thousand people need treatment in hospital for severe allergic reactions each year in the UK, and some cases are fatal – causing an average of 10 deaths annually.Experts say the majority of these deaths and visits to hospital are avoidable, and some are a result of people being given incorrect information about ingredients.Under the new legislation (EU FIC Food Information for Consumers Regulation), customers must be told if their food contains any of the following:• celery – including any found in stock cubes and soup• cereals containing gluten – including spelt, wheat, rye, barley• crustaceans – eg crabs, lobster, prawns and shrimp paste• eggs – including food glazed with egg• fish• lupin – can be found in some types of bread, pastries, pasta• milk• molluscs – mussels, land snails, squid, also found in oyster sauce• mustard• nuts – for example almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, macadamia• peanuts – also found in groundnut oil• sesame seeds – found in some bread, houmous, tahini• soya – found in beancurd, edamame beans, tofu• sulphur dioxide – used as a preservative in dried fruit, meat products, soft drinks, vegetables, alcohol.Nuts – such as almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts and macadamia – must be clearly markedOliver Bolland, 30, from Hertfordshire, is allergic to eggs, fish, shellfish, molluscs and soya.He said: “My allergies really became a problem when I became an adult – I can’t just pop out for a meal with my girlfriend, friends or family.“I had six allergic reactions in the course of a month last year and each time it was because I was told it was fine to eat something that it later turned out I couldn’t.“Often, waiters don’t take my allergies seriously, or they don’t know what ingredients are in their dishes.“I’ve had to leave important events, including a close friend’s wedding, because the waiter didn’t check exactly what was in the food and thought I was just being fussy.“I’ll always have to be careful about not accidentally eating something I’m allergic to, but now restaurants and takeaways can no longer say they’re not sure whether I can eat something, or that it’s probably fine.“This new law will make a huge difference to my life.”Business can provide information through leaflets or through conversationsBusinesses can choose how they give the information on allergens contained in their food – for example through conversations with customers, leaflets, food labelling or by highlighting ingredients on menus.But if allergy advice is not clearly given, the Food Standards Agency says there need to be clear signs about where it can be obtained.Lindsey McManus, from Allergy UK, said: “We hope that restaurants will see the advantage of going this extra mile as it offers huge benefits to the allergic customer and this will only encourage business.“It will enable people to eat out in confidence, knowing that allergens are monitored in dishes, and that the regulations are being adhered to.”Pre-packaged food bought in supermarkets must also have clear allergen information on the labels. Sharecenter_img 233 Views   no discussions Share Tweetlast_img read more

Badgers face stern test in Wazzu

first_imgView Gallery (2 Photos)All the offseason hype swirling around the Wisconsin football team is about to be tested for the first time. “It’s starting to get down to crunch time,” junior tight end Travis Beckum said. “I know a lot of people are expecting a lot out of us, and we’re expecting a lot out of ourselves. One of our main goals is to be better than in 2006.”Washington State makes its first appearance at Camp Randall since 1976, hoping to represent the Pac-10 well. “They’re going to come ready to play,” Beckum said. “I think out of all the opening games we’ve had, they might be one of the toughest.”But we’re not worried about it. We know we’re going to come in and play Wisconsin football.”Wisconsin last played a Pac-10 team in 2004, when it traveled to Tucson to play Arizona. Given the historic rivalry between the two conferences — they play each other in the Rose Bowl each year — UW head coach Bret Bielema played up this notion to his players. “I think that anytime you get an out-of-conference game scheduled you can build up to that,” Bielema said at a press conference Monday.As promised, Bielema announced his 2007 starters last week. Almost everything went as expected. Still, some choices were significant on an individual level.In what has been a long time coming — four years in fact — fifth-year senior Tyler Donovan is finally the primary signal caller. “It feels good,” Donovan said. “It’s a really great opportunity for me.”The difference between starting and not, according to Bielema, was Donovan’s experience. “I think that Tyler has definitely been able to show that he can win at this level, and I expect those same things to continue,” he said.Pushing himself to be a better, more aware player by going the extra step, studying film on his game and his opponent didn’t hurt either. “Tyler is who he is,” Bielema said. “[Sunday] night he was up there until, we got done with practice right about 7 p.m., guys had dinner, and I know I left the office about 10:15 p.m. and he was still down there with coach Chryst.”Donovan may be a new face under center this season, but he’s about the only one. Just four other players — left tackle Gabe Carimi, middle linebacker Elijah Hodge and safeties Shane Carter and Aubrey Pleasant — will be starters for the first time, giving Wisconsin the semblance of a team with more firepower.Perhaps the most surprising news surrounding the release of the team’s depth chart was that oft-troubled Jamal Cooper got the nod over Kurt Ware at left end. That experiment didn’t last long as Cooper was “suspended indefinitely for conduct detrimental to the team” at practice just two days later.Correcting his “poor English,” Bielema said during his press conference Monday that Cooper will not be back with the team. “I told my players last week this week when we met … I said, ‘the worst thing that happened was that it happened last Friday and the best thing that happened was that it happened last Friday. It’s not going to happen this Friday or the Friday after that.’ It’s behind us and we’re moving on.”The loss of Cooper should not be too disconcerting as the Badgers are two or three deep at the position. Washington State led the Pac-10 in passing yards per game, largely thanks to the play of its senior quarterback Alex Brink, a second-team All-Pac-10 selection in 2006. Brink enters the season primed to break nearly every team passing record. He threw for 2,899 yards and 19 touchdowns last season and is a force with the ball in his hands.”Offensively they have a quarterback in Alex Brink that as long as I’ve been here is probably one of the best ones we’ll see come into Camp Randall,” Bielema said. “He’s very accurate, strong, strong arm as well as a soft touch when he needs it.”Brink will have one of the Pac-10’s top tight ends, Jed Collins, to pass to and senior wideout Michael Bumpus is an All-American candidate. With two new starters at the safety position, Wisconsin’s secondary may appear to be susceptible to Brink and Washington State’s passing attack. According to Bielema though, that just isn’t the case.”Well it is except for when we go against our offense in fall camp you see about everything you can,” he said. “I really think as a whole there wasn’t a position that took the spring, summer program and fall camp … as serious as Shane Carter and Aubrey Pleasant take it.”I think the two took a huge step in what it takes to be a good football player and more importantly, a successful starter at this level.”Defensively, the Cougars lost two of their best players from last season, Mkristo Bruce and Eric Frampton, to the NFL. Additionally, a suspect secondary last season — the Cougars gave up 243 yards per game through the air, second worst in the Pac-10 — will get tested Saturday as all but two of their linebackers and defensive backs will be first-time starters Saturday. But their size up front could prove advantageous for the Cougars. Three players on their defensive line are 6-foot-7 or taller. Anchoring the unit is senior tackle Ropati Pitoitua, a 6-foot-8, 290 pound behemoth who, in an injury-riddled season, finished with 7.5 tackles for a loss and 2.5 sacks. With strong fall camps, several members of the 2007 freshman class look to make an immediate impact this year for the Badgers. Wide receiver David Gilreath will see time right away returning kicks. “I think David has the possibility of being a really good player,” senior wide receiver Luke Swan said. “A guy like Nick Toon, he’s from here, like right away, the first thing you notice about Nick is he always wants to be out catching the ball.” Cornerback Aaron Henry and wideout Kyle Jefferson played well enough in fall camp to make the two-deep depth chart as true freshmen.Although the preseason hype won’t go away and the speculation about the team earning a BCS bid lingers, the biggest thing for Wisconsin right now is to just go out and play the game.”I think all those guys will be excited and ready to hit a jersey other than Wisconsin,” Bielema said.last_img read more

Column: Clumsy words tarnish the LeBron brand

first_img First Published: 16th October, 2019 15:51 IST WE RECOMMEND Associated Press Television News 10 months ago LeBron James reaction to Morey’s tweet draws extreme reactions SUBSCRIBE TO US WATCH US LIVE Demonstrators hold up photos of LeBron James grimacing during a rally at the Southorn Playground in Hong Kong, Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2019. Protesters in Hong Kong have thrown basketballs at a photo of LeBron James and chanted their anger about comments the Los Angeles Lakers star made about free speech during a rally in support of NBA commissioner Adam Silver and Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey, whose tweet in support of the Hong Kong protests touched off a firestorm of controversy in China. Demonstrators hold up photos of LeBron James grimacing during a rally at the Southorn Playground in Hong Kong, Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2019. Protesters in Hong Kong have thrown basketballs at a photo of LeBron James and chanted their anger about comments the Los Angeles Lakers star made about free speech during a rally in support of NBA commissioner Adam Silver and Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey, whose tweet in support of the Hong Kong protests touched off a firestorm of controversy in China. LeBron James had time to figure out how best to answer the questionsLeBron James had time, and plenty of it, to figure out how best to answer the questions he knew were coming. Long days in hotel rooms in China and a long flight home gave him every chance to carefully craft a response to a controversy he had no part in making but one that directly affects his bank account. Instead, James chose to wing it. He blamed the messenger instead of addressing the message. And the LeBron brand may never be the same. He’s still one of the greatest basketball players ever, that hasn’t changed. But in the space of just a few sentences Monday night James may have abdicated his spot as someone who should be listened carefully to when it comes to social issues.No one was asking James to come out in support of protesters in Hong Kong. That was always a bridge too far for a player who makes millions in the lucrative Chinese market. But a player who has always prided himself on speaking out on issues ranging from Trayvon Martin to Colin Kaepernick should have made sure in this instance that he was speaking out the strongest in support of free speech.James wanted to start the NBA seasonJames didn’t, at least when it comes to Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey and the firestorm Morey set off with his tweet in support of Hong Kong protesters. In his first comments since returning from China, James cast Morey as being “either misinformed or not really educated on the situation” in Hong Kong and not understanding how many people in the NBA could be affected by his tweet. While James mentioned free speech, in his bungled attempt to chastise Morey what people heard was human rights are great. But don’t let them get in the way of the NBA’s China cash cow. The words were clumsy, almost as if James himself was misinformed or not really educated on the situation. Seemingly realizing that James followed them with a pair of tweets that did little other than riling up people even further on social media. He also riled up some protesters in Hong Kong, where on Tuesday some were seen stomping on — and in one case — burning his jersey. Not exactly the way James wanted to start the NBA season. Up until a few days ago, the biggest thing James had to worry about was meshing with new teammate Anthony Davis and finding a way for his Los Angeles Lakers to beat the Golden State Warriors. Now he’s under fire from both sides in a dispute he had no part in making, but one where he will pay a price — and not just in endorsement opportunities in China.No one expects James to be an expert on the dispute in Hong Kong, where protesters are chafing under increased Chinese control. But they should expect him to do what NBA Commissioner Adam Silver did last week in China — acknowledge that everyone doesn’t look at things the same but that everyone has the right to express their opinion and just leave it at that.Those opinions were hard to find across the NBA Those opinions were hard to find across the NBA on Tuesday, a week before the opening of the 2019 season. That was especially true in Houston where Morey has yet to resurface and players like James Harden and Tyson Chandler joined coach Mike D’Antoni in either declining comment or saying basically nothing. Even Steve Kerr, the Warriors coach who has an opinion on most issues of the day and seems to relish sparring with President Donald Trump, is keeping relatively quiet. Kerr demurred last week when asked whether he thought Morey was wrong in sending out the tweet, saying instead that basketball “should be a force for the greater good.”That earned Kerr a tweet from Trump, who said it was “So funny to watch Steve Kerr grovel and pander when asked a simple question about China.”Indeed, James is not the only one caught in a heated dispute where the middle ground will be hard — if not impossible — to find. He’s not the only one who stands to lose money — and a lot of it — should the damage to a relationship carefully cultivated over three decades be undone by a Friday night tweet.He’s got a right to market himself in China without getting involved in the country’s internal politics, and that’s fine. Few begrudge James his millions, and few — at least on this side of the world — are particularly interested in what he thinks about the relationship Hong Kong has with China. Words matter, though, and so does the right to voice them. Free speech may be an empty concept in China, but it’s the very bedrock of democracy in the United States. Like a lot of us, James is lucky to live in a country where that right is a given. Hopefully, he’ll be thinking more about that the next time he speaks up. FOLLOW US COMMENT Last Updated: 16th October, 2019 15:51 IST Column: Clumsy Words Tarnish The LeBron Brand Demonstrators hold up photos of LeBron James grimacing during a rally at the Southorn Playground in Hong Kong, Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2019. 10 months ago LeBron James says Morey was ‘poorly informed’ on NBA-China dispute LIVE TV Written Bylast_img read more

“Please don’t turn your back on us”- Edward Odoom begs Hearts of Oak fans

first_imgHearts of Oak head coach, Edward Odoom, is pleading with the team’s fans to keep faith despite the poor run of results in the last few weeks.In the last 6 matches Hearts have won 2 of their last 6 league with the others ending in draws. They beat Dreams FC 1-0 and Bechem United 3-2 but they dropped points to AshGold, Aduana Stars, Karela and Elmina Sharks.The scored 5 goals in that spell of matches placing them 9th on the league table; 6 points off the three teams leading the table (Aduana Stars, Berekum Chelsea and Medeama).Odoom wants the fans to keep cheering the team because their support holds a place of important for him and the players. He made his thoughts known an in exclusive interview with Citi Sports.“The fans have supported us very well since the game at WAFA. They have devoted their time to being with us wherever we go in the country. We are begging them to keep supporting us.We really appreciate what they do for us. The league campaign is not over. We will bounce back I am pleading with them to keep following us and it shall be well with the team.”Hearts will hope to experience better fortunes when they take on Inter Allies in Week 13 of the Ghana Premier League at the Accra Sports Stadium.After that, Hearts face city rivals, Olympics, King Faisal and Eleven Wonders to close out the first round of the league.last_img read more