Opposition MPs irritated over unpreparedness of Govt members

first_imgOpposition Members of Parliament (MPs) grew infuriated over the unpreparedness of Government parliamentarians in the National Assembly.During the sitting of the National Assembly on Thursday, the Opposition MPs raised concerns over the answers provided by the Government members to pertinent questions being asked on public affairs.The Government MPs would respond by promising to deliver the requested information at a later date, claiming that the data is not available at hand.PPP/C MP Juan Edghill questioned whether the Government MPs are diverting from parliamentary practice to bring along technical personnel in order to provide information to the National Assembly.He contended that if they continue in this vain, then no information would be disclosed for the public.Subsequently weighing in on the situation, PPP/C Chief Whip Gail Teixeira contended that such occurrences never prevailed in the House before.“Your inability to answer questions is not fair… These are simple questions being asked and the Ministers are totally unprepared,” she expressed.She reminded that the Government Ministers are accountable to the taxpayers of this country and therefore they have a reasonability to answer the questions posed by Opposition MPs who represent the rights of a significant portion of the population.Teixeira asserted that the Government MPs’ approach in the National Assembly sends the wrong message. “(It is) a level of arrogance… it’s like you’re saying we don’t have to answer you, we don’t have to account to nobody,” she said.Teixeira added, “When the Ministers answered this way, we have to be irritated, we aren’t fools sitting in this House.”last_img read more