Protesters question Govt’s faith in Guyana’s healthcare institutions

first_imgDeaths of 3 children at GPHC……“show us that you have confidence in your system as well,” – protester“Quality health care is not a partisan issue” and “poor lives matter” were the signals being sent on Wednesday by a group of protesters who stood outside the Public Health Ministry on Brickdam, Georgetown, calling for a thorough investigation into the deaths of the three children who died allegedly as a result of negligence on the part of the Georgetown Public Hospital.A section of the protesters who gathered at Brickdam on WednesdayThe voices of those persons echoed for transparency and accountability in the health sector as they questioned the Government’s faith in the health care they are offering to Guyanese, since they rush to seek medical attention abroad.One protester, Sherlina Nageer, said “because its mostly poor people using the public health facility, we feel like poor people’s lives don’t matter so the other thing that can be done is if all the politicians (and) all the parliamentarians let us see them using the public health facilities; not flying out to other countries when you need care.”She added that Guyanese, who cannot afford such expensive medical treatment, are forced to make use of the services being offered locally while their hard earned tax dollars would finance trips for those in Government.“Show us that you have confidence in your system as well,” she added.Meanwhile, Susan Collimore, another protester, said she believes the persons who were responsible for the deaths of those innocent children should be held accountable for their actions. According to her, the Public Health Ministry seems to be sweeping these and more incidents under the carpet, which paints a bad example for young medical practitioners.“I don’t think enough is being done but before you transfer a person that made a mistake you need to punish them in some way or the other, either revoking their licences or something… you move me from one department and you put me to another department, what example are you showing to the others so there is no justice… when you do something like that, it giving other doctors and nurses the privilege to say well it’s okay to do wrong and get off with it,” Collimore told Guyana Times.She called on the Public Health Ministry to conduct a proper investigation to appease the parents who are still mourning the loss of their children.One mother, Christina Scott, who lost her child at the West Demerara Regional Hospital, said she stands in the gap for all hurting mothers who lost their children at the hands of medical practitioners.She also noted that she is calling on the relevant authorities to provide answers on the death of her child, who died during birth on October 23, 2018.Scott said while she went to also make a complaint to the Guyana Medical Council, she is still to hear from them on the matter and much to her disappointment, three months later, the GMC has not contacted her.Another activist said he was specifically sick of the drug shortage which continues to plague the country, saying this matter needs to be addressed by the administration.One protester remarked that all politicians should seek medical treatment locally at Guyana’s public health care facilities. She added that if politicians can take taxpayers money to travel abroad for medical services than that consideration should be extended to all Guyanese.The protesters called for swift actions to be taken and justice for all the innocent lives that were lost at national institutions.Major public outrage was sparked recently after three children lost their lives under questionable circumstances at the Georgetown Public Hospital.They are six-year-old Sharezer Mendonca, three-year-old Roshani Seegobin and Curwayne Edwards.While in Opposition, the now governing coalition parties had heavily criticised members of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic for seeking medical treatment overseas, instead of utilising the nation’s facilities.However, now in Government, A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change Ministers have been flying to Ireland and other overseas territories in a bid to access medical treatment. It has also been disclosed that a health insurance policy has been prepared for Government officials.last_img read more