India can try and throw Pakistan out of World Cup but it won’t happen: Sunil Gavaskar

first_imgSunil Gavaskar said India can try to keep Pakistan out of the 2019 Cricket World Cup but doubted that would actually happen. Speaking exclusively to India Today, Gavaskar said India would lose out if they conceded the match to Pakistan in Manchester on June 16.COA chief Vinod Rai has asked BCCI CEO Rahul Johri to write a letter to ICC asking the world governing body to throw Pakistan out of the World Cup. Several voices in India want Virat Kohli’s team to either concede the match to Pakistan or use BCCI’s influence to throw Pakistan out of the tournament.Rahul Johri will represent India in an ICC meet on February 27 and it is expected to be a stormy affair. Gavaskar said he doubted the other countries would fall in line with BCCI’s demand given that the India-Pakistan issue is an internal problem.”They can try but it will not happen. It will not happen because the other member countries have to accept that. I can’t see other member countries accepting that. India can go ahead and try do that [stop Pakistan playing the World Cup],” Gavaskar told India Today.”The right forum is at the United Nations. I am not too sure the International Cricket Conference is the right forum to bring this up. We are all down with the tragedy. I am not too sure it will work because the other countries might say it’s an internal issue between two countries so please don’t involve us,” he said.Pakistan get 2 points if India don’t play them: GavaskaradvertisementGavaskar said not playing bilateral cricket hurts Pakistan but giving away two points in a tournament like the World Cup would end up hurting India.”If India decide not to play Pakistan in the World Cup, who wins? Pakistan get two points. We have beaten them every time in World Cups. We can play them and beat them and make sure they don’t reach the semi-finals. Not playing bilateral series vs Pakistan hurts them.”I know India are strong enough to qualify by not playing Pakistan. Not playing bilaterally hurts them. But it’s a World Cup, it’s two points…,” Gavaskar said.He added: “If they were no points given, if there were zero points for not playing, I would say don’t play them. My best response as a player would go and play them and beat them and deny those two points.”Politics was never away from sport. I am not talking about direct politics. I am with the country. Whatever the country decides, whatever the government decides, I am totally behind it. Not playing them will hurt us, because it’s a world Cup. We lose two points, Pakistan will get those two points.”Not playing bilateral series is hurting them. All those peripherals that help swell the kitty – the TV rights and other things have been cut off.”Former India cricketer Chetan Chauhan, who spoke to Aaj Tak today, had a more hardline view and said BCCI should use his influence to keep Pakistan out of the World Cup. Hours later, India Today revealed the Indian board’s intentions to do just that.However, like Gavaskar, Chauhan did not want India to forfeit their match against Pakistan.”World Cup, Olympics are all decided years ahead. We don’t play bilateral series with Pakistan. The best thing to do is to throw Pakistan out of the World Cup. Every country is worried with the growth of terrorism in Pakistan. It’s a problem for everyone. We should exert pressure on ICC to throw Pakistan out of the World Cup,” Chauhan told Aaj Tak in an exclusive interview.”If Pakistan do not play the World Cup, it won’t make any difference. If India do not play, the ICC will suffer losses. India bring in 65 to 70 per cent of the sponsorship,” Chauhan said.Also Read | Sunil Gavaskar to Imran Khan: Let Pakistan take the first few friendly stepsAlso Read | Diana Edulji denies differences with Vinod Rai on ousting Pakistan from Cricket World CupAlso See:last_img read more