Liberia Immunization Platform Trains 55 Anti-Ebola Awareness Workers

first_imgThe Liberia Immunization Platform (LIP), in partnership with the Catholic Relief Services-Liberia (CRS),  has trained 55 anti-Ebola health workers intended to help kick the deadly disease out of Liberia.Speaking at the LIP’s official launch yesterday on the Old Road in Monrovia, the health entity’s board chairperson, George Stewart, pointed that though the deadly Ebola virus is in the country, Liberians should remain hopeful and prayerful.Board Chairman Stewart also reminded Liberians and support partners that one day the Ebola virus crisis will come to a permanent end and closure and Liberia will  bounce back in triumph and strength.He also explained that the LIP is a health- related entity that is heavily involved in extensive immunization of children and child bearing mothers throughout the country.Mr. Stewart also intimated that by virtue of the universal convention of the United Nations International Children Fund (UNICEF), every child and child bearing mother should have the right to effective and sustained immunization in Liberia.But Mr. Stewart indicated that Liberia and its people have found themselves in a crisis that has taken precedence over every situation in the country.The LIP’s board chair noted that right now in Liberia, the Ebola virus is killing people indiscriminately, and these include rich, powerful and poor.  The disease is indeed capable of bringing untold misery, grief and tears upon all.He further disclosed that the Catholic Relief Services, considering the sensitive nature of the Ebola virus,  decided to provide funding to LIP and its affiliates to get involved in kicking the deadly disease out of Liberia.“We have come on this stage to fill gaps and engaged five communities in more sustained grass root  support, an approach that enables you all to visit homes and exercise your interpersonal communication,” Chairman Stewart asserted.The LIP boss urged the 55 anti-Ebola campaigners and awareness carriers to take all health-related  precautions that would ensure their protection and security during their face to face interactions with Liberians.Mr. Stewart also underscored the fact that denial factor is still entrenched in the hearts and minds of some Liberians and community residents in Monrovia and its environs.He further disclosed that LIP and partners have secured 2500 prepared buckets for distribution to homes and institutions that are in dire need sanitation and Ebola virus materials.Mr. Stewart stressed the need for the campaigners to teach the recipients the best practices in the use of the sanitation and anti-Ebola buckets and chlorine.“Serve as goodwill ambassadors of LIP and its support partners as your actions on the field of duty could have the same effect on all of us in the fight against the deadly Ebola virus in Liberia,” Mr. Stewart stressed.In closing, Chairman Stewart intimated that LIP membership comprised of 22 civil society organizations working together to ensure the successful implementation of the anti-Ebola awareness in LIP’s areas of operations.For her part, the Program Manager of the CRS and Global Alliance Vaccine Immunization (GAVI) Madam Suene Flomo told the LIP’s anti-Ebola volunteers that it was praiseworthy that they have taken up their times to assist Liberians.As a result of the current Ebola crisis in Liberia, CRS as a reliable and sustained partner cannot sit idle but get involved by supporting local partners in the fight against the virus.Madam Flomo also reminded the volunteers and Liberians in general that the fight against the Ebola virus is the sole responsibility of the Liberian Government.She also stressed that there is still greater need for sustained education and awareness amongst the greater population of the country.In brief remarks, Mrs. Danietta Richards, senior staff at LIP,  extended thanks to the 55 Ebola virus-trained volunteers and stressed that the Ebola virus is real and kills. She also urged the Ebola virus volunteers to not engage the community dwellers in confrontation but work with them to ensure that their lives are protected and secured in Liberia.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more