Help Young Long Islanders Find Places Here They Can Afford

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York By Shuprotim BhaumikMore than ever, Long Island residents are struggling to pay for housing. Since 1980, the Island has lagged behind regional competitors like Northern New Jersey and the Hudson Valley in residential construction. With comparatively little new housing stock and variety, home prices and rents in Long Island have soared. That has made those other areas more attractive to workers—especially younger ones—and the companies that seek them. According to the Long Island Index 2015 Survey, 62 percent of Long Islanders find it difficult to pay their monthly housing costs. That’s the highest percentage in 10 years of surveys. Fortunately, there’s a way to address the problem.The solution focuses on building multifamily housing in downtown areas, especially transit-oriented ones. Demographic projections show that more than two-thirds of new renters and buyers will want homes in mixed-use communities that are near shopping and public transit. Recent research that my firm conducted for the Long Island Index—contained in a new report titled “Long Island’s Needs for Multifamily Housing”—highlights strategies specific to the  communities of the Village of Babylon, the Hamlet of Hicksville, and the Village of Valley Stream, that, taken together, can provide a model for the rest of Long Island’s towns and villages.The case studies reveal that modest changes in zoning regulations would allow for higher density and smaller apartments. These zoning changes are just exemplary and do not assume that these three individual communities would necessarily make these changes. But they demonstrate the potential impact that modest changes in individual communities could have if implemented broadly enough. In addition to providing apartments at lower rents, these strategies also have the benefit of producing significantly more multifamily units than currently planned or proposed in Long Island, thereby making a dent in the estimated gap of up to 94,000 multifamily housing units needed on Long Island in the next 15 years.In Valley Stream, for instance, modest zoning changes could create almost 800 new, more affordable, multifamily housing units on just seven sites in the downtown area. The changes include establishing a minimum unit size of 850 square feet that responds to the needs of singles and smaller households, increasing maximum lot coverage to 60 percent, and increasing the maximum building height from three stories to four stories. These changes could potentially result in reductions in rent of nearly 50 percent by giving a young couple the option to rent an 850-square-foot apartment that is more appropriate for their lifestyle and needs instead of a 1500-square-foot unit that’s mandated under current zoning.In Hicksville, rezoning several commercial areas as multifamily residential ones, applying 50 percent lot coverage, and establishing new minimum unit sizes could generate over 1,900 new, more affordable, multifamily units. Similarly in Babylon, minor zoning changes—such as increasing density to 20-24 units per acre, establishing a building height limit of up to three stories, and increasing lot coverage to 50 percent—could provide room for more than 200 new, more affordable, multifamily units. The combined effect of these zoning changes could result in the reduction of rents of up to half, a significant economic boost to families in Long Island that are struggling to cover their housing costs.These are modest changes that are consistent with Long Island’s history of developing multifamily rental units in downtowns before the 1960s. Such developments today would help revitalize those downtowns and make them even more attractive to young people as well as businesses.Each community on Long Island must decide what course it will set. But failing to respond to the region’s high housing costs will mean that jobs and young people will continue to go elsewhere.Shuprotim Bhaumik, a resident of Syosset, is a partner at HR&A Advisors, which conducted research for the Long Island Index’s recent report, “Long Island’s Needs for Multifamily Housing.”last_img read more

Heisler: Your NBA favorites have 2019 New Year’s resolutions to share

first_imgWalton – But you said I was Laker Family and this season was about being patient. Wait a minute, I’ve got your quotes right here:“I think the one thing that we have to, and the fans have to, be patient about is the chemistry on the court, because we’re putting together basically all these guys who will be new to each other, right?”Magic – Hey, times change. I owe it to Lakers fans to proceed according to my vision.Rich Paul, Klutch Sports agency – OK, here’s the next thing we want. Tyson’s been great but here at Klutch, we, er, I, think that we, er, you, still need more veterans.Magic – Wait a moment, I’m still writing it down.Paul – Carmelo Anthony’s out there and he’s not only one of LeBron’s best friends, but he can help us, er, you.Magic – Just so I understand: You want me to pick up Melo, after the Rockets shelved him with no one else interested in him, even with his minimum salary?Paul – That’s Fake News. We picked that phrase up following politics. Comes in handy a lot.We have our own vision at Klutch. We won’t rest until LB’s playing alongside the entire All-Star roster and his best friends.Chris Paul – I hope Melo helps you more than he helped us after I told the front office he still had it.James – What went wrong?CP3 – I don’t know. I pull a hamstring every time I think about it.Steve Ballmer – We have our own vision, in Clipper Nation! We’re going to sign two free agents whose names I can’t utter but sound like Kaui Lennard and Devin Kurant and move into our own building in Inglewood.Why would anyone want to be in downtown Los Angeles? No one goes there anymore.Jerry West – I keep telling you, the way it works around here, you go from Inglewood to downtown, not the other way around.Ballmer – But we’re downtown now and people barely know we’re alive!Donald T. Sterling – Thanks for the $2 billion, sucker!Ballmer – No problem, little guy. Took me about eight minutes to make it back in the market with my 339 million shares of Microsoft stock going up $65. That was $22 billion worth since I bought your team in 2014.With my personal fortune of almost $40 billion, I could have paid $2 billion per team and bought the entire Western Conference!Oops! Off $15 since our Oct. 1 high. There went $5 billion. … Oh well, easy come, easy go.Kawhi Leonard – Sorry, I can’t participate in tampering since I don’t talk about my plans … or anything, including the weather. Speak to my uncle, who’s in charge of my life.Ballmer – But he never talks, either.Kawhi – Exactly.Kevin Durant – There’s a place for me, somewhere a place for me.Steph Curry – Don’t leave, KD! We just won two titles together. Hasn’t it been fun?Durant – It was great fun, but it was just one of those things.Russell Westbrook – Don’t you know any songs from the last 50 years? And didn’t you just leave me in the lurch because you wanted to win a title and didn’t care how it looked?Durant – Word. And your point is?Draymond Green – Let that @$%$#! go, Steph. He was never really one of us.Curry – Thanks, Dray! Loyalty is so great. I know I can count on you to stay with me, even if your deal runs out in 2020.Related Articles Green – No comment. However, I’m totally committed to the Warriors, until then.Kyrie Irving – It’s way hard being an NBA star. You have to watch every word you say, like when Steph said we didn’t really land on the moon … or when I challenged everyone on Twitter to prove the Earth was round. Shouldn’t everyone be discussing world peace or something?Curry – Yo, Kyrie! I was kidding. I believe in science. Think of it this way, if the Earth was flat, as you propose, wouldn’t everyone on the other side just fall off?Knicks owner James Dolan – Is KD serious about the possibility of coming here? I’m going to reconsider my offer to sell the team!Knicks fans – No! No! Anything but that!Silver – And this is the most prosperous time in our history. Imagine what the other leagues are going through. Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook and other NBA stars pay tribute to Kobe Bryant For Lakers’ LeBron James, Jacob Blake’s shooting is bigger issue than a big Game 4 victory Portland star Damian Lillard (knee) to miss Game 5 vs. Lakers Video: What LeBron James said about Jacob Blake … ‘Black people in America are scared’ center_img Davis – Wait a moment, I’m still writing it down.Pelicans GM Dell Demps – The Lakers are doing it again! Tampering! Tampering! Tampering!Sign up for Home Turf and get exclusive stories every SoCal sports fan must read, sent daily. Subscribe here.Commissioner Adam Silver – No, no! LeBron’s just talking about real estate. Everyone out there does that.Luke Walton – I can’t comment but I’m excited about coaching whatever awesome combination we put together next season.Magic Johnson – Not so fast. Our NBA favorites have resolutions for 2019, even if those in Lakerdom are working on a happier New Year in 2020.Anthony Davis – Me, leave New Orleans? Never, or not until summer, whichever comes first.Of course, I’ll consult my principal adviser, who’s right here …LeBron James – Right. I’ve bought the mansion next door in Brentwood so you can have a place to stay while waiting to be traded, after you inform the Pelicans to do it or get nothing when you walk in 2020. On Mamba Night, the Lakers make short work of Blazers to take 3-1 series lead Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Errorlast_img read more